What is a Website Portal Design? A Definition and How to Create One

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Everyone knows that there is no site without design, so the visual design is something you cannot do without. The design has a specific content, which includes photographs, images, graphic elements, icons, fonts, colors, backgrounds, shades and other components. The main task of a website design solution is to provide information to each user in such a way that he can easily figure out where and what to find. The format, in fact, should be convenient, attractive, light. Moreover, design is able to set the style of an online resource, which means that the more pleasantly it is made, the more the target audience will appreciate it. Only portal development company Fireart will be able to perform work at a high level, taking into account all the requirements, as well as fashion trends in this direction, so that the result will pleasantly please even the most demanding customers.

How is web design developed?

On the one hand, the concept of web design should have an attractive touch, and on the other hand, it should not be too catchy or intrusive. It is worth remembering that people go to websites in search of information, which means that information should be emphasized accordingly when developing the actual design. Among the main nuances to consider:

1. Visual design. As soon as the specialist takes up the design, he must draw up the structure. In fact, the structure includes all links, menu items, icons, buttons, fields, and so on. If there are non-clickable elements on the visual background, then they should be such and intuitive that they cannot be clicked. Otherwise, the concept should be thought out so that the person understands that the click will be followed by the opening of a new web page.

2. Design exclusivity. In the course of creating an actual solution, professionals often use templates or write them from scratch. If we talk about templates, then in fact the specialist takes the project that is ready and brings it into line with the needs and wishes of the client. This work can be done in the shortest period, and special experience is not needed for this. But if you create a concept from scratch, then a design layout will be created for quite a long time, but at the same time, exclusively for the brand.

3. Compliance with modern requirements. People use the World Wide Web through a computer and mobile devices, which means they understand what it means when the design of a website or web application does not hurt the eyes, and what it means when it is too clumsy and it is very difficult to find something on it. In addition, any site must be adapted to different screen sizes – this is another technical and modern requirement when developing web design. Last but not the least; a website design MUST abide by all the web accessibility guidelines, in order to make its pages easily accessible to individuals with physical handicap. Here, an expert like “Accessibility Spark” can be of great help in understanding the web accessibility laws & rules for helping a company or business escape from lawsuits.

The main stages of web design development

In fact, each of the stages has its own characteristics, let’s sort it out in order:

1. Terms of reference for web design. They usually start with it. In the TOR you can find information about the structure of the online resource, about the corporate style that the client prefers, as well as read information about the client’s wishes, the expectations of the target audience. TK sets the direction in which the designer should be guided.

2. Structuring an online resource. At this stage, a specialist can begin to develop a rough structure of web pages. Sketches will allow you to start and place content, attributes, elements, meaningful icons in the right places. This approach really allows you to save time resources and immediately make changes to the created prototype easier than to the finished web design.

3. Work on the layout. When there is a structure and technical specifications, the developer must take care of creating the design of the online resource. The made layout must be sent to the client, and he must approve it or not approve it. Often the layout is approved by the client, but it happens that there are requests for minor adjustments. It is very rare that global rework or the creation of a completely new web design layout is required.

4. Layout and programming. The stage is the most important, because it already refers to the direct development of an online resource. When the web design is done, the specialist uploads it to the content management system of the online resource and, accordingly, performs the work of hosting the web design. The result is a ready-made online resource.

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