What Growth in The Health & Wellness Space Means for Franchising 

What Growth in The Health & Wellness Space Means for Franchising 

In the current economy, business trends can seem impossible to predict. With the world constantly changing, it’s difficult to know which industries will continue to grow, and which ones might flop unexpectedly. However, if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be mindful and proactive about our health. Accordingly, the health and wellness space has since exploded and shows no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for something to invest in, experts say that preventative health and wellness franchises could be a safe bet. 

Investing in Health

Like maintaining a car or a home, we always hear that it’s important to proactively address issues in the present to avoid larger problems in the future. The same is true for our health. As such, preventative wellness programs, ranging from fitness centers, vitamin therapies, and weight loss regimens, are gaining traction and making money for those who were wise enough to invest in them. Industry leading franchises like Liquivida, DripBar, and Restore Hyper Wellness have forged the route for others in the industry to promote health across the country.

Due to the increased demand, reputable businesses provide franchisees with the resources and research necessary to uphold the brand image and name. For example, with the initial franchise fee at Liquivida (which is discounted 15% for first responders, medical professionals, and military personnel), franchisees will be able to “tap into [their] corporate marketing, legal support, and management support to lower overhead costs.” The medical professionals at Liquivida have been experts in their field for a decade or more, and they hope that franchisees can learn from their journey. With the resources available, franchisees feel confident that they are set up for success. 

Leaders in the industry have created franchise opportunities that guide the franchisees through the process. Founder of DripBar, Ben Crosbie notes, “We have been able to develop a comprehensive system to support our franchisees.” The leadership at Restore Hyper Wellness makes a similar promise as they encourage people to “open a franchise and help make [their] cutting-edge services more accessible than ever, with guidance and support every step of the way.” 

Liquivida president and founder, Samael Amaury Tejada (Sam), says that his brand of franchise is organized and ready to go. “Everything is ready for you to go ahead and take it, run with it, and start making money.” These industry leaders are creating the most streamlined franchise process possible to accommodate the needs of the public and the investors. 

The Experts Leading the Way

Liquivida, DripBar, and Restore Hyper Wellness were all founded by experts in the wellness field. Liquivida president and founder, Sam Tejada, is a retired firefighter-paramedic of Broward County in Florida. During his time as a first responder, he learned the art and benefit of IV drips. Since its founding in 2013, Liquivida has earned the reputation as distributors of the highest quality IV products in the country. Their products are safe, sterile, free from preservatives, and compiled from the best therapeutic doses of nutrients offered intravenously. 

In addition to their aesthetic treatments, facials, weight loss programs, and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Liquivida’s licensed medical professionals also recommend IV therapies based on bloodwork to ensure that patients receive the care that’s best suited for their bodies. 

Liquivida’s reputation as a leader in the industry has earned them features in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance. Sam Tejada is excited to set the standard for the future of the industry. He loves to cite that wellness can be enacted on a larger level. “If you replace the ‘I’ in ‘Illness’ with ‘We’, Illness becomes Wellness.” With a Liquivida franchise, the whole community can focus on their wellness together. 

At DripBar, Ben Crosbie is a former personal trainer and is now using his experience to advocate for wellness in the community. Vitamin IV drips and the other services offered tend to be popular with athletes and the average population alike, and Ben knows how to optimize products so that clients can get the service that they want and need. “We take healthcare beyond diet, exercise, and traditional medicine and introduce our clients to the many benefits of IV vitamin therapy and how it can impact their health.”

Finally, Restore Hyper Wellness not only has their renowned CEO, Jim Donnelly, to advocate for health and wellness franchises across the country, but they also have some celebrity endorsements: Tim and Demi Tebow are Restore Hyper Wellness brand ambassadors. As a former multi-sport professional athlete, Tim Tebow can speak on the benefits of preventative health treatments and the recent growth of the wellness space. Industry leaders like Liquivida, DripBar, and Restore Hyper Wellness earn the public’s trust with knowledgeable founders who are revolutionizing preventative health practices. 

At the recent IV BIZ Bash conference that took place in October, Sam, Ben, and Jim  established themselves and their respective businesses as industry leaders in safety and compliance for the medical procedures their franchises provide. Growth in the health and wellness space has increased both competition and collaboration between the establishments. The leaders hope to learn from their peers so that everyone can work towards a healthier community. Liquivida explains it best when they say, “By focusing on the larger population, we believe we can proactively keep people healthy, so they can live more active and fulfilling lifestyles.”

Health and Wellness Franchise Opportunities

Because of the cultural shift in how we view health, the population is considerably more engaged in wellness products and services. Consequently, investment opportunities have exploded. Growing businesses are offering more resources for franchisees than ever before. Industry leaders like Liquivida, DripBar and Restore Hyper Wellness are setting industry standards for practices within and beyond their facilities. 

The focus on preventative health has opened a whole new world for interested investors. The health and wellness space is expanding, and Liquivida, DripBar and Restore Hyper Wellness are leading the charge for a healthier population. 

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