What Graduates Look For in a Job

Many employers are looking to employ graduates for their skills and knowledge, as well as how they can progress within the industry. However, to attract graduates to your workplace, you should also be aware of what graduates are looking for in a job. Now that graduate season is upon us, and there is a new batch of graduates are starting to apply for jobs, here are the top things that graduates look for in a job.


Technology-Based Work

Today’s graduates are one of the first generations to have grown up with technology, and for many, both their lives and even the degrees that they have earned are based on technology. Technology is constantly changing the way we work, and many graduates are excited about the potential changes that technology can make to the workplace. When looking for a job, graduates are looking for a modern career path that utilises technology in an exciting and innovative way and is at the forefront of its sector in gadgetry. This means that many graduates are looking to earn money online, through factors such as remote work, freelancing, and starting businesses online.


Flexible Security

Whether they are looking to travel the world or simply haven’t finished socialising yet, many graduates are not looking to settle down into a lifelong career, and are instead searching for the flexibility that will allow them to work alongside other priorities in their life. However, although many graduates are looking to work around other goals and commitments in their lives, your potential employees are also looking for job security in what are uncertain times, and this has led to many candidates being wary of new firms and job adverts to try to detect whether their job is secure once they are employed.


Career Progression

Many graduates have chosen to take a degree because they believe that this is the best way to progress in their career quickly without any potential academic barriers, and so the opportunity to progress is high on many graduate’s lists. Rather than wanting to serve the teas and coffees for as long as possible, graduates are seeking positions which can give them the experience and knowledge that they need to travel up the career ladder and achieve the job of their dreams. Many are also willing to look at lower paid jobs or less responsible positions if they offer training schemes or courses which can allow graduates to get the experience that they need to add to their education achievements.


Utilising Their Skills

Many graduates are also looking for jobs which allow them to utilise the skills and knowledge that they have learnt at university. Many individuals are looking for degree-specific jobs, which allow them to use their degrees, and this has become especially prevalent since university fees have increased. Graduates are also looking for jobs that stretch them, are willing to listen to their ideas, and put them in a position of responsibility where graduates can really feel as if they are making an impact, all of which most can determine from job descriptions


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