What Does the Best Food Liability Insurance Cover?

Food Liability Insurance Cover

If you own a restaurant, food vending truck, catering business, or any other food and beverage service, you need liability insurance to protect your business from unexpected risks. You see, in the food manufacturing and service industry, things can go wrong pretty fast, and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an expensive lawsuit.

Typically, food liability insurance is there to stand in for you in case a third-party, usually a customer, files a claim against you for injuries or sickness caused accidentally or from oversight on your part.

Depending on the specifics of the case, these claims can be financially devastating for your business. So, you want to get great liability insurance for comprehensive protection of your business and your peace of mind.

That said, what can you expect the best food liability insurance to cover?

Third-Party Injuries

The first and usually most critical coverage in food liability insurance is customer injuries. Injuries, in this case, refer to bodily harm sustained by a customer while at your establishment. This includes falling sick or experiencing an allergic reaction after eating your food or getting injured from an accident within your premises.

In these cases, your liability insurance provider caters to the customer’s medical bills and any cost related to the injury. You, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about digging into your business funds to foot these expenses.

Third-Party Property Damage

In some cases, a customer’s property may get damaged within your premises. And they may sue you for the damages. Depending on the value of the property and the extent of damage, this suit can cripple your small or medium-sized food business.

However, your comprehensive liability insurance should be able to cover the cost of third-party property damage associated with your business.

Your Legal Fees

Now, if you are taken to court by a customer for injuries or property damage, you will, of course, need a defense team to represent you. And that costs money. Good food liability insurance should be able to cover your legal expenses, too, for the duration of the suit.

Advertising Injuries

Sometimes, a third party may file a claim against you for damages incurred due to slander, libel, or even accidental use of their copyrighted material in your advertising. So, you definitely want to have coverage that will step in and pay these damages on your behalf. The best liability insurance should include this in their policy.

With that said, these areas are the main ones that general food liability insurance covers. For more coverage, such as lost income due to mechanical failure or the cost of food spoilage, you may need to add endorsements to your policy.

Get the Best Food Liability Insurance Cover to Protect Your Business from Third-Party Lawsuits

As a food and beverage service business, you face the risk of getting sued every day. So, getting food liability coverage is undoubtedly the best decision you can make for your business. Not only do you secure your establishment financially, but you also give yourself peace of mind.

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