What Distinguishes Ukrainian Female Residents, According to Foreign Visitors

Ukrainian Female

Ukraine is a unique country located between East and West. And it is possible to feel it in many aspects of life. On the one hand, Ukrainians are modern, follow fashion, dress well, hold senior positions, and can earn money. But, on the other hand, they have an “Asian” mentality: I want to be with a strong man, to have compassion and support, and so on. In this way, they sit on two chairs simultaneously; they want everything at once, but it does not happen. However, young Ukrainian ladies tend to combine many different roles.

Popular opinion about women living in Ukraine

A Ukrainian woman has become the heroine of a widespread myth about some “wise” beauty who can be a business lady, a sexy pussycat, a housewife, a mother, a wife, a friend, and a companion for her man at the same time. In other words, about a young lady who combines a lot of everything. However, if something suddenly went wrong in the relationship, the lady was “not wise enough.” A woman’s wisdom should always be there. However, the desire to embrace immensity rarely leads to the results that would be desirable. However, ladies strive for the ideal: they actively study, start a career, create a family, conduct household chores, raise children and try to be good wives.

Features of character and behavior

Foreign visitors see the women of the beautiful green region from the outside. They single out some features that fascinate them, namely:

  • sincerity towards the interlocutor;
  • hospitality and warmth of heart;
  • ability to cook delicious food (not only local dishes);
  • education: women often have 2-3 higher education degrees and know several languages;
  • good manners;
  • the ability to carry on a conversation in a captivating way;
  • entrepreneurial spirit and the skill to survive even in the most challenging circumstances;
  • a desire for freedom and private property;

Ukrainians are a united nation proud of their country, nature, culture, and traditions. They broadcast this always and everywhere. They share this with anyone who visits them for work or as a traveler.

Pros and advantages of ladies from Ukraine

According to the same guests, this beautiful land’s inhabitants are first distinguished by beauty and incredible charm. Arriving in the country, you feel like you are in a flower garden, where you meet beautiful faces and magnificent figures at every step. Foreigners also point out other attractive sides of Ukrainian women, such as:

  • intelligence and worldly wisdom;
  • kindness and ability to care;
  • a high level of self-organization;
  • ability to cope with any situation;
  • capability to listen and empathize;
  • practicality and thriftiness.

All over the world, Ukrainian women are also considered excellent mothers and beautiful wives who love their husbands and take care of them in every way. It’s a shame that their men take it for granted and often do not appreciate their beloved.

Another striking feature can be called all kinds of talents of Ukrainian women. These women sew, embroider, knit, create toys, and paint pictures. To admire the skills of the beautiful Slavic women, you can visit one of the exhibitions regularly held in significant cities or go to local websites with handmade products. 

The ladies are self-sufficient but have not been infected with the European and American feminism virus when a hand proposal on getting out of the car is perceived as sexual harassment, and the dinner payment at a restaurant is divided in half. A Ukrainian lady will take a man’s desire to buy her dinner or a cup of coffee as generosity and seriousness. She is pleased by the gentleman’s care.

What should they change about themselves?

While the facial features of Ukrainians are more beautiful than those of girls of other nationalities, their appearance often leaves much to be desired. The reason is that their beauty is hidden under fatigue, embittered, and often untidy. It certainly does not apply to all of the fair sex of this country, but look around. Not the most beautiful, but well-groomed, stylishly dressed European woman looks much more attractive than a gloomy beauty with an unwashed head in an old tracksuit with a worn-out backpack on her shoulders. The image is, of course, exaggerated but not far from the truth.

The exhausting work, lack of money, love, care, attention, and the endless cycle of household chores, children, and animals burden a woman so much that there is no time for herself. And sometimes, there is neither the strength nor the desire to dress up somehow and turn on that mysterious smile, which seems to light up from within and make a girl incredibly attractive.

It is more difficult, or rather sad, to compare women of Balzac age. In Ukraine, they do not consider themselves beautiful women and spend all their energy exclusively on family or work. They are like diamonds in the dust and look like uncut gems. They would love themselves a little more, feel they deserve the best, and create their image. In this case, they will become the ideal woman. And they can start with the simplest things – a smile on the world and people around them because it can change a lot.

To summarize, Ukrainian beauties are charming, sweet, gentle, and caring. They can give their last if their neighbor needs help. They are excellent housewives and can create a cozy and fantastic dinner out of nothing. However, they cannot appreciate themselves and look great in any situation.

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