What CDL Job is the Most Profitable?


As long as 80% of cargo in the USA is moved by trucks, and the industry needs thousands of new drivers every year, a person who got professional truck driving training will never run out of job options. And truck driving industry is not just reliable and growing—it can bring you a good check with the right approach. Indeed estimated that the average annual income of an American truck driver is $81,669. The website calculated the number from the salaries posted by the companies and provided by the platform’s users. However, one can easily find on Indeed job offers with a weekly payment of up to $8,000. So, what specialty should you acquire to get to those heights? Here is the list of the most valuable positions for a skilled truck driver:

  • Team driving. If you are interested in the job, you probably know that in the US, truck drivers are paid per mile. And team driving is when you work in shifts with another driver making more miles in less time—exactly what corporations love. Longer routes are very profitable for a driver because the mile price is usually higher, just like the mileage itself. If you are ready for long journeys with another person in a tight space, this job might be for you.
  • Hazmat hauling. Hazardous materials, such as explosives, flammable gases, or other dangerous chemicals, requires extreme caution and liability. So, like every other demanding job, it is high-paid.
  • Narrow-specialization driver. Some companies need someone who knows how to handle specific delicate products, such as security equipment. Or oversized cargo. For such a job, one is going to need additional certification, corresponding skills, knowledge of the federal and state law on the topic, and perfect law abidance and driving record.
  • Private company fleet or white glove delivery driver. This is where premium standards enter the chat. These jobs have harsh competition no matter the job requirements because they are prestigious and well-paid.

Can you have decent profits right after truck driver training?

Why yes, you can! For example, the main requirement for team driving is your willingness to sacrifice precious time at home, not a TWIC card or something. However, we do recommend that you get an A-class CDL. It allows you to operate commercial vehicles of unrestricted size and capacity which expands your options significantly. And if you already have B class CDL, you can upgrade it in any truck driving school in the USA. For those who look for a training facility, we have a truck driving school USA to recommend. Start CDL proved courses for both A and B class CDLs, license upgrades and renewals, many practice hours, and a flexible schedule for your work-life balance! Here, you can finish your professional truck driving training and start working in the field in no time.

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