What Are Liberty Freedom Rounds? Find Out Here

Liberty Freedom Rounds

Like gold, silver is considered a safe-haven asset. This type of asset is an excellent choice if you are keen on finding an investment that safeguards your portfolio and preserves your wealth during uncertain economic times. But how do you invest in silver? Buying silver bullion is easily the most preferred option among investors who want to add precious metals to their investment portfolio.

Liberty Freedom Rounds, also known as Liberty Freedom silver rounds, are privately minted bullions you can invest in to diversify your investments and hedge against inflation. With that in mind, let us take a look at everything you need to know regarding this silver round:

Features Negative Space Design

Liberty Freedom silver rounds have an interesting negative space design. The negative space in front and back of these bullions provides a distinctive visual appeal that contributes to the rounds’ aesthetics.

Has a Weight of 1 Troy Oz with .999 Pure Silver

Every silver round contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. In the precious metals space, the term ‘troy ounce’ is often used and equals about 31.1 grams. The .999 purity indicates that the bullion is composed of 99.9 percent pure silver, the highest purity available, making it quite a great investment.

The Statue of Liberty is Etched on the Obverse

1 oz Liberty freedom silver rounds bear the Statue of Liberty, a recognized symbol of freedom and democracy, on the obverse. The image is from the head up and front-facing, with her right arm raised, holding a torch. The words ‘Liberty’ and ‘999 Fine Silver’ are also imprinted along with the Statue of Liberty on the obverse.

An Image of the American Bald Eagle is on the Reverse

You will see the American bald eagle on the reverse of the 1 oz Silver Liberty Freedom silver round. This is an iconic symbol of the US, portraying strength, freedom, and courage. The reverse design features the bald eagle with its wings outstretched, almost perching.

In the US, the eagle is considered to capture the spirit of liberty and American values perfectly. So, by featuring this bird on the reverse, the 1 oz Silver Liberty Freedom Round shows that it embodies liberty and freedom. Aside from the eagle, the words ‘Freedom’ and ‘1 Troy Ounce.’

The Liberty Freedom Round Is a Bullion

Liberty Freedom Silver Rounds are a type of silver bullion coin  A bullion coin is mainly minted for investment purposes. Being a bullion coin, liberty rounds have an intrinsic value based on their silver content and purity. Silver bullion coins are accepted and traded globally, providing a convenient way to invest in silver.

Buy Liberty Freedom Rounds to Secure Your Portfolio & Potentially Increase Your Returns

Liberty Freedom rounds are an excellent investment option if you want a tangible asset that can safeguard your funds in case of political or economic turmoil. Besides, they are cheaper than gold and have been used as legal tender for the longest time. So, investing in liberty freedom silver rounds might be the best move in your investment journey.

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