Well-known Celebrities Who are Fond of Gambling


Even the most successful and wealthy world celebrities are not without risk and excitement. Find out what their names are.

Hollywood stars don’t just make money at studio venues. For them, it’s more entertainment than a way to make money. And besides, excitement, adrenaline, the desire to prove to the casino that customers can win. After all, casinos are arranged in such a way that many people lose money – since the advantage is on the side of the institution. Find out who of the famous celebrities is fond of gambling.

Benjamin Affleck

The same actor who played the superhero Batman in one of the films of the DC Universe happily visits land-based casinos, but also occasionally visits the best casinos for Canadian and US online players. Many casinos are ready to provide the actor with a free room, treat him in a restaurant and bar. Affleck’s presence improves the image of the establishment, thanks to the fact that he has millions of fans.

Tobias Maguire

One of the Spider-Man is a gambler. Repeatedly the actor visited the casino and won large sums per evening. In addition, Tobias Maguire was a member of an underground casino run by the same Molly Bloom. Tobias’ favorite game is poker, which he really excels at by training with the best players in the world.


Matthew Perry

Chandler from the series “Friends” is not in vain so willing to play poker in one of the episodes. The actor who played this character often visits the casino. Once even he appeared in the gambling hall at 6 in the morning, because an hour before that he woke up and realized that now is the best time to visit the casino, because the roads are free from traffic jams and there is almost no one in the casino.

Pamela Anderson

This world-famous Canadian loves to play in the casino. Excitement and emotions give her the opportunity to be an honored guest at the opening of new casinos. Once, the actress even launched an online gambling competition that many people participated in. Pamela has long dreamed of opening her own casino on one of the streets of Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton

The daughter of the heir to the Hilton hotel empire, Rick Hilton, also knows about the excitement from personal experience. She regularly visits trendy casinos and VIP level casinos. She often celebrates her birthday there. Having won a large amount, Paris shares her joy with fans on her social networks.

The recap

Often, celebrities visit gambling establishments for the sake of advertising. Of course, they like this pastime, but most often the casino encourages such visits, because this has a good effect on the popularity of the casino with the public. As in the case of Mr. Affleck, celebrities are provided with a full range of services and comfortable playing conditions. Those celebrities who just want to relax while gambling in close company pre-book private VIP areas where they will not be disturbed and their popularity will not be a magnet for attracting fans.

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