We Won’t Get Fooled Again…Or Will We?

By Richard Westra

With the suspected chemical attack in the remaining rebel-held suburbs of Damascus on 4 April, it is apparent that the use of chemical weapons is indeed hard to solve. Needless to say, it is during these times that the citizenry needs to know better.


This isn’t happening, is it? Doesn’t anyone remember the British Iraq Dossier plagiarised from a U.S. doctoral student thesis? Or what about then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell making a fabricated presentation to the United Nations on the case for illegally attacking Iraq for its purported weapons of mass destruction? Fifteen years later Iraq, once a functioning, relatively well-to-do middle-income economy, is now a 21st century wasteland. Yet, somehow, so-called intelligence at that time dictated it was necessary to attack a sovereign state with a “preemptive strike” to forestall their attack on us.

Well, here we are again. But why now it may be asked? First, the world’s attention has recently been riveted on rogue state Israel unleashing its U.S. supplied military in a turkey shoot of unarmed Palestinian women and children protesting their lockdown in the giant open-air prison known as the Gaza Strip. So, while President Trump was trying to get back to his lost “America First” agenda, proclaiming an exit for U.S. involvement in Syria, guess what? There’s Israeli war mongering Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu braying in Trump’s ear, Israel first! And then we have the “Desert Stormy” factor to distract the U.S. domestic mass public from Trump’s alleged peccadillo’s.  

For his part, somewhat ironically, as he has been busy trying to bring France’s powerful unions to heel under the banner of fiscal prudence, French President Emmanuel Macron is now quick to squander the resources of his citizens on firing missiles into the air over Syria.

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About the Author

Richard Westra is Designated Professor in the Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University Japan. His recent books include Socialism in the 21st Century, Unleashing Usury, and Exit from Globalization.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.