Virtual Fitness – The New Reality of Gaming

Virtual fitness

Exercise allows you to keep your body and spirit in form, which undoubtedly affects your comfort and overall well-being. Daily routine teaches us discipline and develops a desire to improve our image. It’s no wonder fitness fashion is only growing, encouraging exercise from young to old. But something can broaden your horizons about working out and truly delight you. Fitness VR games are a logical continuation of the development of technology and a healthy lifestyle for active people.

Table games in VR give a total sense of presence, mainly since the game occurs in a real casino environment between real players. Playing with a real dealer, you can feel the cards in your hands, and the emotion of winning is impossible to convey with words. And best of all, you do not need to go to Vegas for all this. VR online casino gaming is the best gambling experience at your home. At, you can try out any virtual reality-supported slots.

VR workout games – a new level of training

An exercise plan for each day is quite a familiar concept, mainly if you are engaged in the gym with a trainer. Naturally, there is not always enough time to attend all the classes on certain days, and you have to exercise individually. With proper control and self-organization, you can train at home or on the playground in the yard without sacrificing quality. But it’s much more fun to try something different, which gives you a new experience in sports.

Using a set of virtual reality headsets, you will dive into your favorite hobby with a depth never seen before. What is a virtual reality game? It used to come to mind images inspired by 90’s movies, such as Lawnmower or Terminator 2. Big gaming halls in shopping malls and coins clinking to play classic Virtua Fighter machines. The excited cheers of teenagers and arguments about who would be the toughest in the next fight.toughest in the next fight

Modern interactive entertainment has stepped a million light years since then. Diving into a virtual world does not require a huge platform, and the detail and quality are barely different from reality. All you need is a game console or a modern computer that meets the requirements of virtual reality games and headsets. Consider the most popular solutions for immersion in VR workout games.

  •  Oculus
  • Valve index
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • HP Reverb

The giants of the computer technology industry create tough competition in the interactive entertainment market, which gives rise to a large amount of high-quality content, where there is a fight for customers and the creation of incredible products, including everyone’s favorite virtual reality exercise games.

The best fitness VR games

With computer fitness games, you can work out without limiting yourself to the gym or a special workout place. Freedom of choice means you can use any free minute to stay in shape, and the range allows you to diversify your activities. Become a better trainer for yourself with the best fitness VR games.

Name of the virtual game Description VR helmet support
Hot Squat An intense, fun workout is suitable for fitness beginners. Squat to get around barriers in your way. Allows you to keep yourself toned, and with the use of a weighted vest, additionally trains the calf HTC Vive
Holopoint Practice shooting with an archery gun. Ideal for movement control develops quick reactions. Reliance is on the lower part of the body, focusing the entire process on the back and arms. Critics praise the game’s potential, comparing it to swimming HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
Beat Saber Feel like a Jedi with laser swords in your hands. Rhythmic fencing to the beat of the music extends the concept of standard cardio exercises. The game uses a licensed soundtrack and requires you to hit the appropriate dice with your red and blue sword. The process is most similar to playing tennis. HTC Vive, PS VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality
Superhot VR A virtual shooter where you can control time. You can dodge and use cover to destroy enemies. A great representative of fitness VR for fans of the usual video games. PS VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift
Soundboxing Smash hordes of enemies to your favorite music. Virtual boxing engages your legs and arms, giving you a full-body workout. Use combinations to increase efficiency and correctly calculate the timing of your punches. Upload your songs, so you don’t get bored quickly Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Sports and entertainment in one flacon is the best use of a media station for kids and adults. You can also always go to the game service, look for the best free VR games on Playstation or Microsoft Store, and try out the entertainment for free. Training in virtual reality goggles is not all the possibilities of modern gaming.

VR online casino – the new way of iGaming

You can relax if you have been on the tennis court or boxing ring using a virtual reality helmet. And if you combine leisure with the opportunity to win real money, the benefit of technology has long provided such an opportunity. Being in a comfortable place, you can easily be transferred to a luxurious room in online casinos and, simultaneously, be immersed in a whirlwind of gambling entertainment.

whirlwind of gambling entertainment

Only consistent and diligent training brings results. Using Oculus fitness games requires a severe approach if you want to have fun and benefit. The same applies to virtual gambling entertainment. The rules do not allow users under 21 years of age to bet. A training plan can be compared to a betting strategy; plan your actions to keep the game under control and the balance in the plus.

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