Video Slots Strategy & Tips to Employ

Video Slots

Video slots are the main type of slot machine which players will encounter in today’s casinos. Gone are the days of slot machines with mechanical parts, they have been replaced with technology which gives slots pay by phone bill the chance to have more bonus features. 

What are Video Slots 

Video slots are a type of slot machine. They are the most common real life slot machines that players will encounter, they offer the same experience as slots of the past whilst taking away the older slot machines mechanical parts. Indeed, the reels of video slots are not real. Video slots display their reels on a video screen, they don’t have any inner mechanical parts or a level. Due to their nature, video slots often have a much higher winning potential that their mechanical counterparts. Video slots offer many more paylines and bonuses. The very first video slot was created in 1975, it was created by Fortune Coin Company and it was called Fortune Coin. Despite this, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that video slots really became popular with players. 

Video Slots tips 

When playing video slots, there are a variety of tips and strategies that players can employ in order to maximize their chances of winning. 

  • Research before you play

Perhaps the most effective strategy. Instead of choosing a slot based on what looks cool, players research aspects of the slot to make an informed decision. Always make sure to look out for things such as RTP, volatility and what bonuses are available.

  • Don’t max bet on every spin

A common mistake that many players make is to think that betting big results in bigger wins. Instead players should focus on making smaller bets, this strategy will pay off for players in the long run as long as they are patient.

Things to Avoid 

While video slots can be incredibly fun slot machines, there are still some things which players should be aware of. There are certain things which players should avoid. 

  • Poor RTP

The RTP stands for return to player and it is a percentage that can be found in the paytable of every slot game. The percentage sits around 95% on average, however some slot games vary. There are a few slot games which offer an RTP as high as 99%. A slot game which offers a low RTP is rare and should be avoided at all cost.

  • Poor reviews

If fellow players and reviewers are continually saying that a video slot is poor, sometimes it is best to trust their opinion. Although critics are not always right, your fellow players will generally have a good perspective on the quality of a slot game. If they are saying that a game should be avoided, it is best to avoid it. 


Although there is no way to guarantee a win when playing a video slot, there are several strategies and tips which can put a player in a better position to win. Players should always remember to research a slot before they play it and try not to max bet on every spin.

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