Vape Like a Pro: Your Guide to Must-Have Vape Accessories

Vape Like a Pro Your Guide to Must-Have Vape Accessories

Vaping has evolved significantly over the last century, but within the last decade, this practice has truly gained momentum. Alongside this surge in popularity, a myriad of products and accessories have emerged to enhance the overall experience. As a result, navigating the ever-expanding market to find the ideal accessory can be an overwhelming task. Vape Store makes it easier with this comprehensive guide to must-have items that will elevate your vaping journey.

Chargers & Batteries

With so many vape accessories on the market, it’s important to prioritise essentials such as batteries and chargers for your specific vape device. The functionality of a vape relies on the battery powering the coil, which in turn heats the liquid and produces the vapour necessary for an enjoyable vaping experience.

When you purchase a new vaping system, it generally comes equipped with the relevant charger or battery. However, you can invest in rechargeable batteries, don’t forget to pick up a battery charger as well. A reliable battery is the key to a solid vaping experience, which is why you should always buy high-quality batteries.

A fully charged battery should last for around 300 puffs, but that all depends on how heavy your hits are. You should, at the least, replace your vape batteries after a year of use.

Spare Tank

You never know when disaster will strike, so investing in a spare tank is always a good idea. You shouldn’t wait until you run into a problem to purchase your spares; you should keep them on hand for when the worst happens. Of course, you can always size your tank up with a replacement tank so it holds additional vape liquid, which means fewer top-ups.

The right tank depends on your smoking style and device, so you might want to explore different options until you find the perfect option.

Vape Tools

If you want to build your own vape, you need the right tools to get the job done. You only need vape tools if you want to build your own coil, and a kit is a great way to handle repairs to a standard vape kit if the need arises. Vape cotton is also a necessary accessory because it wicks the vape liquid and is threaded around the coils. When the battery heats the coil, the cotton helps create the vapour. So, you only need vape cotton if you want to build your own vape device.

Vape Coil

All vaping devices rely on coils. The battery heats the coil, so the coil can heat the liquid to create the vapour you smoke. You have to change the coil fairly regularly, however, how often depends entirely on how much you vape. Heavy use typically requires a coil change every two or three days. If you are an average user, however, once or twice a week is more than sufficient. The vaping liquid you use can also impact the coil’s lifespan. If you don’t change it regularly enough you will notice the change. Often, the liquid starts to leak, and you may notice your throat feeling irritated.

A pod system makes the job simple – you just have to change the pod because the coil is built-in as part of the replacement. You don’t need to worry about purchasing the coils separately. When should you change the pod? When you notice a dry hit or a stale taste. If your vape liquid looks darker than usual or you can see a build-up on your coil, you should change the pod.

When shopping for vape coils make sure that your selection is compatible with your vaping device.

Final Thoughts

If you have been vaping for a while, you probably have a wide selection of vape liquids and you may have explored modifications. But vape accessories add a new element to the experience and can enhance it greatly.

As with any technology, there are plenty of options when it comes to accessories. It’s simply a case of finding the right option to work with your device and your style of smoking. With vaping growing in popularity, there is sure to be a spate of new accessories to choose from in the years to come.

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