Vancouver Law Regulations You Should Be Aware Before Hiring a Mortgage Broker Company

Are you looking to purchase a home in Vancouver? Well, there are many homes for sale in this prime Canadian location. From flats to houses—there are numerous properties you can purchase in Vancouver. However, before purchasing your home in Vancouver through a mortgage company, it’s advisable to understand the rules that govern this industry. Understanding the rules will help you handle the whole process in an amicable and smooth way. Plus, understanding the laws will ensure that you don’t fall prey to scammers. So, before purchasing your home through a mortgage broker, familiarize yourself with the following facts.


Who’s a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers are professional companies who act as freelance agents. The work of a professional mortgage broker is to connect property buyers and lenders. They gain through earning a commission from financial lenders.


Why Own a Home

Owning a home is a dream for many. Becoming a homeowner comes with lots of advantages. They include:

• Source of saving
• Payment equity
• Value appreciation. Houses, unlike other forms of properties, increases in value. So, purchasing a home is one of the best investments you can take.
• Great return on investment
• You can use the equity of your home to secure loans
• Owning a home is the first step when it comes to climbing the property ladder.


Common Mortgage Legal Terms

A mortgage is registered in a legally binding document. A mortgage must contain the principal amount. This amount represents the actual amount you borrow towards purchasing your new home. You will be charged interest against this amount. Common factors that influence the interest rate include your credit history as well as the terms and conditions of the lender. Payment comprises the principal amount and interest. The mortgage law has clear guidelines when it comes to the amortization period—the time it takes to repay the entire law. It is also important to note that a lower amortization period means paying less monthly installments. However, you will end up paying more. Amortization periods must be within 15-30 years.

Your Vancouver mortgage broker will issue you with a payment schedule. You will have to make your payment based on the payment schedule. Common payment schedules include monthly, twice monthly, bi-weekly (you will make the payment every other week), and weekly. It’s also important to note that making prompt, frequent payments can lower costs commonly associated with interest rates. Important; be sure to through all the process of mortgaging. From pre-approvals, mortgage insurance, making a down payment, writing an offer, arranging for inspection, checking the house’s locks—following the right process will make things simple and straightforward.


The Bottom-Line

Don’t just purchase a home through a mortgage broker before understanding the laws and regulations in Vancouver. Understanding the laws and regulations will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Plus, this strategy will eliminate things like being scammed, overcharged, etc. So, before buying your home in Vancouver, understand the above laws and regulations.



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