UX vs UI: How They Work Together in Web Design

Web Design Team

What is web designing? This is a web development process that focuses on factors like user interface and layout to reflect a company’s brand. It refers to the user experience aspect while embracing various skills in the production and maintenance of websites.

Some of the reasons why your company needs a website are as follows:

  • They set your client’s first impression of your brand
  • They aid your SEO strategy
  • They ensure there’s consistency across your page
  • They set the impression for customer service
  • They build trust with the target audience

Getting a web design agency is difficult especially because of the growing number of web design agencies. An experienced and well-established agency should provide details of their past projects. They should also be familiar with the latest design trends in order to create a responsive website.

Keep in mind that the website will be representing you online. It will also be your potential customer’s first interaction with your brand. That is why you have to find a good web designer from the best website design company. Search more about the top design agencies in the world.

Some of the best website designing companies are:

  • Deloitte digital web designing company in New York
  • Razorfish web designing company in Massachusetts
  • North Kingdom web designing company in Sweden
  • Grey Global Group in New York

A good web design firm must have professional web designers. They must be able to meet their client’s expectations by realizing his or her vision. The professionals must listen to the client’s ideas and bring more exciting ideas to the table. They must understand that content is key and have a portfolio of live websites for client review.

A strong social media presence is also an indicator of good website designing companies.

Once your website is ready and your business is up and running, the next step should be to think about the product. Think about how UX and UI designers can work together to create a good product.

So what is user experience? It refers to the quality of the end-user’s interaction with a product or service. This includes how users can navigate a product, the ease of use, and the relevance of the displayed content.

User interface refers to the process of anticipating the user’s needs and making sure the interface has elements that are easy to access.

While UX designers decide how the user interface will work, UI designers determine how the user interface will look. 

Web designers use the information gotten from the work done by UX and UI designers to make a website functional. This should be one that potential customers can interact with using a web browser.

It’s possible to have a web designer who is also a UI or a UX designer. However, web designers think more about the conditionals and tasks. They think in terms of code and content management systems and how to implement designs for the web.

UX and UI teams design and build products. On the other hand, web designers take care of introducing and selling that product to users through the website. They get information about the product and brand, and package it in a way that will educate customers and get them interested in the product.

How UX And UI Work Together

It’s no secret that UX design and UI design are important in creating a successful and quality product. But, you have to dig deeper to understand their differences. It’s also necessary to know how UX and UI complement each other to impact the complete development of a product.

 Here’s a look into how both UX and UI complement each other.

Web Design

1. The Discussion Procedure

It’s important to discuss with all your teams every time you introduce a new product. The teams to be included in the discussion are as follows:

  • The company’s CTO
  • The web design team
  • UI designers
  • UX designers

During the discussion, it’s the responsibility of UX designers to analyze the feasibility of the idea. The user interface designer’s role is to carry out research and share with the teams. They provide information on what users would like to have in the product and so on. 

All teams must discuss and analyze before launching anything new. It helps to save time and money.

2. Research in UX and UI Design Processes

What follows next is for UX and UI designers to talk about the scope of the project. They are also supposed to plan the work expected in the project. 

Research continues by UI designers finding out the user’s behavior, possible problems, responses, and demands. They gather data and conduct analysis through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. The type of project, target publics, their needs, and available budget determines the data that gets collected.

It’s important to know whether users will love the new product or feature. It’s also crucial to know the kind of user experience they’ll get from the product.

3. Presentation of Findings

Results get presented to the design team once UX and UI designers have completed their research. 

To come up with a strategy that leads to the development of specific UI and UX design, specific requirements of the client are considered. Results from the UI design team and suggestions from UX designers are also considered.

In the past, UX and UI designers constructed designs based on assumptions. Now they have to conduct research to aid with the production of quality products.

4. Design Testing

After a long period of discussions, research, and creation of the product, it becomes ready for use. The next stage is to find out what the user thinks of the product. At first, the product is only made available to a few users. The design testing is then conducted either on the internet or in person. 

The teams then receive feedback from the users about the product. They get to find out about the ease of use and other factors regarding the product. The feedback determines whether changes are needed to the UI design or the UX design. 

The teams must prioritize the users’ likes and dislikes when making the changes.

5. Deriving Final Design and Implementation

The final prototype gets prepared after the design testing. In case there’s a need for testing at this stage, it’s the role of either UX or UI designers to ensure the design is compatible with the feedback. 

With a focus on specific users, the final product is released into the market. The UX and UI designers must continuously keep in touch to avoid losing time in updating. 

It’s clear that UX and UI designers are closely linked. Once in the market, the product must be in existence. Every team must ensure the product is of high quality at all times.


User experience and user interface are unique roles associated with web design. It’s not right to say that all web designers are skilled in both fields. But, once you understand the difference, you’ll be in a position to look over their work and ask questions.

To get the value out of their strategies, brands must know they need the two professionals, despite their subtle differences.

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