Unveiling the Best 5 Bitcoin Mixer Choices in 2023/24


Bitcoin mixers are called differently on the network: tumblers, mixers, blenders. However, they all mean a tool for mixing coins in order to break the connection between a transaction and its sender. Thanks to this, the owner of Bitcoins does not have to worry about third parties monitoring his operations.

The Essence of How a Bitcoin Mixer Works

The Bitcoin mixing service makes it possible to combine user coins with the coins of the service itself and its clients into a single pool. Upon completion of the mixing process, the Bitcoin mixer sends the specified number of ‘mixed’ coins from the common pool to the address specified by the user. Thus, it completely breaks the connection between the user’s initial coins and those that were remixed.

Although there are many Bitcoin mixers, they vary in quality. Some of them are known to be less reliable, while others charge high fees, making it difficult to choose the right option. A carefully selected list of the best Bitcoin mixers is presented, describing their features, advantages and disadvantages, technical specifications and cost of services.

The Best Bitcoin Mixers

Bitcoin mixer Fees Min amount Key features
Tumbler.io 0,4-5% 0,001 BTC • Commitment to a policy without logs and devoid of KYC checks

• Pioneering mixing algorithms in use

• Outstanding privacy-meter scores

• Advanced approaches to data encryption

• Lowest fees available in the sector

• Optimal performance features

YoMix.io 0,7-5% 0,001 BTC • Cost-effective transaction charges

• JS-free browsing experience

Cryptomixer.io 0,5-3% 0,001 BTC • Trustworthy safeguarding

• Robust economic support

Coinomize.biz 1,5-5% 0,0015 BTC • Easily navigable and responsive design

• Supports communication in 11 languages

Unijoin.io 1-3% 0,001 BTC • Integration of CoinJoin approach

• Non-retention of logs

1. Tumbler.io

VIDEO Best Bitcoin Mixer 2024 – Tumbler.io

A completely new Bitcoin mixer, which can rightfully be called the best. This is due to the fact that it uses unique innovative technologies. Also found a solution to most common problems of popular Bitcoin mixers. The service has an active thread on BitcoinTalk.

Thanks to feedback and communication with users, it constantly improves its functionality. The level of security also increases, which ensures the highest quality services.

The service has three levels of privacy protection. Its operating principle is based on the No-Log policy. This means that the service does not store any information about users and does not carry out verification. It deletes absolutely all data that can connect the user with the mixer.

Since the coins end up in a common pool and after mixing can remain in the system, there is a risk of them being returned to the same user. Therefore, the system flags them. The user is given a Tumbler code, which contains a list of coins he has previously used. It is completely encrypted with cryptography, which eliminates the risk of third parties obtaining information from it. When used again, the user enters this Tumbler code, the system decrypts it and receives the data. At the same time, it generates a new code with updated information. Thanks to this service, there is no need to store a database to provide discounts and save information on coins.

In addition, the Bitcoin mixer provides a guarantee that its obligations will be fulfilled. For this purpose, the user is provided with a Letter of Guarantee. It is proof that he sent funds to the service for further mixing. If difficulties arise, technical support will first of all ask about this Letter. Therefore, it is important to preserve it.

The service automatically deletes the transaction details. This is done within 24 hours from the moment of mixing. In this case, the deletion period does not depend on whether the user set a transaction delay or not. Additionally, the mixer is protected from analytical services, for example, DDoS-Guard.

Let’s add other features of the best Bitcoin mixer Tumbler.io:

  • Unique new mixing technology.
  • Application of heuristic methods of protection.
  • Deletes all data within 24 hours.
  • Providing guarantees.
  • Commission variability: from 0.4% and above.
  • Availability of a reserve for service of 500 BTC.
  • The minimum for mixing is 0.001 BTC.
  • Possibility of output to 10 addresses.
  • Postponing the transaction for up to three days.
  • Availability of TOR version of the site.
  • Availability of FAQ and blog.
  • Adaptive website in several languages.

The new technology is based on combining traditional mixing methods and CoinJoin. This ensures that the user is disconnected from the transaction as much as possible.

Tumbler.io  TOR MIRROR:
Clearnet: https://tumbler.io/

2. Yomix.io

A Bitcoin blender service was recently launched, which has already gained a good reputation and popularity among users. This is due to the variety of features it offers. It supports many types of cryptocurrency addresses, constantly expanding them, which allows it to serve a huge number of people without restrictions.

Among the key features it is worth highlighting:

  • Low commission: 0.75% plus miner’s commission.
  • The minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC.
  • No restrictions on maximum limits.
  • No-Log and No-KYC policy.

The service provides access both through Clearnet and through a link to TOR. Its website is user-friendly, with simple navigation making it easy for users to understand its functionality.

3. Cryptomixer.io

This is a fairly old platform designed to provide anonymity when conducting Bitcoin transactions. It uses unique Bitcoin mixing techniques and has a significant reserve of 2000 BTC. This indicates that the service does not depend on the number of participants when mixing, since it has its own coins.

Cryptomixer offers low commissions and a flexible system of discounts. The standard fee is 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC service fee. Users have the ability to independently distribute funds between different output addresses and specify the delay time for each transaction.

Platform features:

  • The minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC.
  • There is no maximum limit.
  • Supports use on mobile devices.
  • There is a flexible system of discounts.
  • It is important to note that there is a No-Log policy.

This Bitcoin mixer is active on the BitcoinTalk forum and has a positive reputation for its good privacy features. The use of unique Bitcoin mixing algorithms and the presence of a solid cryptocurrency reserve allow this platform to provide a high level of anonymity and security for users, despite its old experience.

A flexible system of commissions and discounts, the ability to use on mobile devices, and the absence of a hard limit on the transaction amount make this Bitcoin mixer an attractive choice for those who value their privacy when carrying out cryptocurrency transactions.

4. Coinomize.biz

This service for anonymizing transactions has already been operating for a considerable time. It does not store logs and automatically deletes them after completing the services provided.

Here are its features:

  • Loyalty program that returns 40% of the commission.
  • Instant mixing without the need for user intervention.
  • Possibility to choose a commission from 1.55%, plus 0.0003 BTC.
  • One confirmation is enough to complete the transaction.
  • The minimum amount for mixing Bitcoins is 0.0015 BTC.
  • Guaranteed flexible delay from instant to 72 hours for transactions.
  • Ability to use up to 5 output addresses (currently only 1 is available).
  • Has a modern design and an Android application.
  • Access via TOR is provided.
  • Lack of database storage.
  • Available in 11 languages.
  • Protection from ddosguard.net.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the use of Coinomize code, which does not change over time, which indicates that the mixer has a basic structure.

5. UniJoin.io

Bitcoin mixer with an interesting mixing method. It uses pure CoinJoin technology. Its essence is to combine several transactions into a common one. Thanks to this, it is impossible to calculate who sent what and how much. Such mixing has advantages: the more participants, the more difficult the tracking; There are also disadvantages: you need to wait for confirmation from everyone.

Additionally, the service uses security methods traditional for regular Bitcoin mixers. There is a delay in transactions, sending to several different addresses, etc. The approach to commission is also interesting. It is awarded randomly in the range from one to three percent. In this case, it may have four numbers after the decimal point, for example, 2.5436. This makes it difficult to determine whether a mixer is involved in a transaction.

Such mixers make it possible to completely maintain your anonymity in the blockchain network. The random commission carefully hides the participation of the mixer in its implementation. This increases the level of privacy.

It is also worth highlighting several key features:

  • Minimum mixing amount is 0.001 BTC.
  • Does not save logs and databases.
  • There is protection from analysts.

However, the mixer still has a privacy risk. It only outputs one mixing code. Therefore, it saves some kind of database.

Popular Questions

What Is a Bitcoin Mixer?

In fact, a Bitcoin mixer can be compared to an ordinary kitchen device. Coins are placed in it, and he mixes them, thoroughly crushing the coins. Afterwards, new Bitcoins are sent to the specified address in the required quantity.

The mixer works using different technologies. The point is to cut the connection. Since it is possible to track not only coins, it also provides additional services. When using them, it becomes impossible to track the movement of the transaction after the service.

What Are the Best Mixing Services?

In our opinion, here are the TOP 5 best:

  • Tumbler.io
  • YoMix.io
  • Cryptomixer.io
  • Coinomize.biz.
  • UniJoin.io

What Influences the Choice of a Bitcoin Mixer?

Let’s highlight several key factors:

Speed and accuracy of execution. The service should not carry out unauthorized delays, and the functions should exactly follow the requirements set in the settings.

Functionality. It is important that the mixer performs all the necessary functions to protect the transaction from monitoring. A good mixer provides a guarantee of clean coins.

Confidentiality. There should not be any data on the service. Databases should also not be stored. This is a guarantee of confidentiality.

Restrictions. The user should be comfortable using the mixer, regardless of whether the amount being transferred is large or small.

How to Use a Bitcoin Mixer?

The services are very easy to use. Proceed as follows:

  1. Fill out the request by selecting the functionality and indicating the parameters you need.
  2. Send Bitcoins to the specified address and keep the Letter of Guarantee.
  3. Receive untraceable Bitcoins to the new address or receive confirmation from the recipient.

The note. On average, services charge a commission from 0.001 to 0.003 BTC. However, keep in mind that the commission to miners is paid separately.

Top Best Mixing Services

Bitcoin mixer Fees Min amount Key features
Tumbler.io 0,4-5% 0,001 BTC • Commitment to a policy without logs and devoid of KYC checks

• Pioneering mixing algorithms in use

• Outstanding privacy-meter scores

• Advanced approaches to data encryption

• Lowest fees available in the sector

• Optimal performance features

YoMix.io 0,7-5% 0,001 BTC • Cost-effective transaction charges

• JS-free browsing experience

Cryptomixer.io 0,5-3% 0,001 BTC • Trustworthy safeguarding

• Robust economic support

Coinomize.biz 1,5-5% 0,0015 BTC • Easily navigable and responsive design

• Supports communication in 11 languages

Unijoin.io 1-3% 0,001 BTC • Integration of CoinJoin approach

• Non-retention of logs


Bitcoin mixers help maintain confidentiality when conducting transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is a necessary service for those who do not want to risk their funds. After all, information on the account balance remains public on the network. This carries significant risks. After all, if you wish, you can track the services or stores where the user left his personal information by address. Then the theft of Bitcoins from the wallet remains a matter of time.

Please note that crypto mixers are currently in no way connected with criminal activity. Analysts also confirm this. Criminals have long stopped using them, since mixers verify coins as they conduct transactions on exchanges.

In countries where cryptocurrency is completely prohibited, mixers greatly help miners maintain their incognito status. This also reduces the risk of funds being stolen from their wallets.

Navigating anonymity in Bitcoin proves to be a nuanced task, emphasizing the growing importance of dependable mixers. In the vast array of choices, Tumbler.io emerges as the best Bitcoin mixer. With cutting-edge technologies, a steadfast commitment to user privacy, and ongoing engagement on BitcoinTalk, it demonstrates unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service.

Safeguard your financial privacy by choosing Tumbler.io – the best Bitcoin mixer for secure and confidential Bitcoin transactions. Seize control of your anonymity and venture into the realm of cryptocurrency with assurance.

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