Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: How to Meet Ukrainian Women for Marriage

Ukranian Bride

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Ukraine may not be the country everyone in the Western part of the world can point to on a map, but it’s a country that has gotten pretty famous in the past decade for several reasons. Among other things, Ukraine is famous for its incredible population of beautiful Ukrainian brides who are attractive, clever, loyal single women perfect for starting a family. Here is what you need to know about mail order Ukrainian brides and to meet them online.

Best sites to meet Ukrainian bride online

  1. BravoDate — best for finding a future wife from Ukraine.
  2. UkraineBride4you — legitimate Ukrainian dating site.
  3. JollyRomance — designed for serious relationships.
  4. AmourFactory 1000s of beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage.
  5. FindRussiaBrides — safe and effective online dating.
  6. AmourFeel — your best option for a serious relationship.
  7. UkraineDate — one of the most reputable Ukrainian dating sites.
  8. Generation Love — lots of fresh faces for those who love Ukraine women.
  9. KissRussianBeauty — get to know Ukrainian mail order wives.



BravoDate is one of the best dating sites for singles looking for matches in Ukraine. It’s easy-to-use, mobile-optimized, and of course, there are a lot of great features to use. Messaging, live shows, unlimited access to profiles are available to newly registered and regular members (most communication tools like live chat and mails can be used only by members who have enough credits) Of course, the site has its advantages and drawbacks, but pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

Pros Cons
Most women are looking for marriage opportunities Paying members can’t highlight their profiles
The profiles appear to be genuine and meticulously filled out Mobile apps are still being developed
The site looks good both on desktop and mobile devices



Though the name of the site suggests that it connects you with Ukrainian women, it’s also a great platform to meet Slavic ladies from other countries, in particular, from Russia and Belarus. What makes this site stand out? Plenty of things, but the main advantage of choosing this site is that you can contact ladies in a lot of ways—via text chat, by email, have video chat and also make calls. What about other benefits of using UkraineBrides4You? You’ll find them in our list of pros and cons. 

Pros Cons
Very detailed search and profiles Customer support is only available during business hours
Women often contact men first Paid options are not cheap
Mobile apps are available




JollyRomance is one of the fast-growing online dating sites that can connect you with Ukrainian singles. Men can join the community in a few minutes, but the registration process is more complex for ladies who need to prove their identities to make their profiles validated. The platform has free as well as premium features—non-paying users can browse profiles, use search, send winks, and those who buy credits can send messages, files, and watch live shows.

Pros Cons
Women actively reply to messages No mobile apps yet
Wide range of contact features The search is not very detailed
Bonus credits for new members



How does AmourFactory work? It uses pretty standard but effective algorithms. Slavic ladies send applications, pass some tests, prove their identities and create detailed accounts. Men also answer some questions about themselves and their ideal matches. They meet each other on the platform where they can stream (ladies can start live shows and men can watch them), have live chat, send files, send winks, add each other’s profiles to favorites. And these are not the only advantages of using this site, but like any other website, it has some cons, too. 

Pros Cons
Thousands of genuine profiles No mobile apps are available yet
Detailed search and filters Not much you can do as a free member
Bonus credits for new members



Is FindRussiaBrides the site where you can meet Russian women, and no one but them? Not really. It also has a lot of members from Ukraine. Special attention should be paid to the variety of features—on this site, you have everything you may need to have the best international dating experience, from time zone converter to the Smart Matches feature. As for communication tools, there are a lot of them. You can use the CamShare feature, send text messages, receive Admirer Mails, send and receive electronic letters, and make international calls. 

Pros Cons
Dozens of search parameters Sometimes there are too many chat requests
The profiles contain all the information you need Not all profile photos are visible to free members
Ukraine brides often reach out to men first



AmourFeel is another great dating site with thousands of Slavic ladies. A lot of them are from Ukraine, and nearly all are super-motivated to date a foreign man. The response rate is high, women are incredibly attractive, and the profiles are very detailed. Members need to purchase credits to interact with others (the Wink feature is an exception), but the good news is you don’t have to spend money right after you sign up—there are bonuses that let you test the best features for free. Take a look at the pros and cons to learn more about the site. 

Pros Cons
Focus on long-term dating and marriage There are no mobile apps to download
Most women visit the site regularly No opportunity to highlight your profile
Profiles are detailed and contain lots of photos



What’s UkraineDate? It’s a global dating website that connects men to Ukrainian and other Slavic women looking for serious relationships. The platform gives a user everything they may need to find an ideal date and start a real relationship online, from video chat and calls to advanced matchmaking features. This platform is not cheap, but it’s definitely one of the best sites in the market. Will it work for you? Take a look at the pros and cons to find out. 

Pros Cons
Solid reputation and safety features Only Android mobile app is available
All profiles are verified The interface hasn’t been updated in years
Multiple membership plans



GenerationLove is a relatively new but fast-growing platform that connects singles with Slavic ladies, in particular, ladies from Ukraine. It has a lot to offer to a dater: bonus credits, video chat, gifts, profile boost—all these features are available to newly registered, as well as to regular members. Profiles are very detailed, and the search works well enough—finding an ideal match on this platform won’t be a complex task. If you want to learn more about this platform, take a look at its pros and cons. 

Pros Cons
Dozens of search filters available There is no mobile app yet
Plenty of ways to discover the women Not a lot of communication features
Clear and eye-catching design



Though the site is called KissRussianBeauty, it can help you meet, date and yes, kiss a Ukrainian beauty one day, too. There are some basic features like search, Favorites, live chat, and emails, but this platform offers more than that. For example, if you want to see your match in real-time, you can use CamShare. If you want to hear her voice you can schedule a phone call. There are more benefits of using this site, but KissRussianBeauty has some cons, too. 

Pros Cons
Incredibly detailed profiles with multiple photos Customer support is not available 24/7
Plenty of ways to meet the girls New male users often get too many messages
Phone calls and video calls are available

Where to find Ukrainian brides?

Where to buy MOB Ukraine

As a man living in the US or another Western country, you probably don’t have a lot of options when it comes to meeting Ukrainian brides. You probably can’t just go outside your office building and run into a potential Ukrainian spouse or meet potential Ukrainian wives on your grocery run. Like most Western guys, you have two main options to meet Ukrainian brides:

  • Visit Ukraine. Ukraine is a lovely Eastern European country with everything you’d ever want to see: mountains, seaside, and stunning architecture. It’s also filled with cute and loyal ladies. However, a trip to Ukraine is not the best way to find a Ukrainian woman for marriage because women in this country have a hard time imagining a foreign tourist as a potential husband.
  • Dating services. Without a doubt, internet dating services are the most convenient, budget-friendly, and effective way to meet Ukrainian women for marriage. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and start or quit relationships whenever you want. Moreover, women on international dating services typically have serious intentions and won’t just play with your feelings.

How to find Ukrainian wives?

Where to Find MOB Ukraine

The Ukrainian brides you meet online will be as motivated to build a great relationship as you are, but you also shouldn’t expect the relationship to work out just because the two of you really want it. Here is how to achieve success on an Ukrainian dating site, even if it’s your first time:

  1. Take the time to fill out your profile. A lady is unlikely to pay any attention to a profile whose owner couldn’t spend an extra 15 to 30 minutes to complete every field and add some attractive photos.
  2. Utilize every site feature. Modern services provide plenty of opportunities both to discover Ukrainian women, such as detailed search, and to make a great start in your communication, such as various communication options. You can even send flowers thousands of miles away!
  3. Actively reach out to the girls. While many ladies on dating sites write to men first and don’t wait for guys to contact them, you shouldn’t count on it. Instead, you need to accept a proactive position and keep your options as broad as possible.
  4. Talk about everything in the world. Small talk and discussions about your tastes in music and movies are important for a budding relationship. Still, you should also discuss your views on family, marriage, household budget, and other important aspects of adult life, even her family members.
  5. Don’t drag out the relationship. Ideally, you should communicate with a bride for 6 to 12 months before deciding to move your relationship offline and possibly even marry each other. When you are stuck in the online realm, the future of your romance can look grim.

Why choose a Ukrainian wife?

Mail Order Bride - Ukraine

If you look at the statistics or the most popular international services, you will not have a single doubt that Russian women and Ukrainian mail order brides are some of the most desirable women in the world. There are thousands of men who dream about marrying a pretty lady from one of these two countries, and now that there are numerous dating services with real Ukraine women you can join, the quest to meet a Ukraine girl is easier than ever.

But what makes dating Ukrainian women such a popular idea among Western guys? Here are just five reasons why a Ukrainian woman is exactly who you need to be happy.

  • Ukrainian brides are visually arresting. Ukrainian beauty is as well-known around the world as this country’s rich history or delicious national cuisine. A typical Ukrainian woman has light skin with rosy cheeks, dark eyebrows and eyelashes that make her brown eyes even more striking, shiny black or brown hair, and a pair of plump, brightly colored lips. Slavic women are also known for their curvy bodies and toned figures, so they look simply stunning no matter what they choose to put on.
  • Ukrainian girls are caring beyond belief. One of the things that make your future Ukrainian wife such an incredible life partner is that she’s probably the most caring individual you’ve ever met. Compared to American women, who are often more self-involved and unwilling to sacrifice their personal freedom and time for a relationship, young women in Ukraine want to give their all to their partners. Like Russian brides, a Ukrainian woman considers it her top priority to take care of her loved ones and make their lives better.
  • Ukrainian ladies are smart and have a great sense of humor. If you know anything about Eastern European countries, especially those that used to be part of the USSR, you probably also know that these countries have strong school systems. Ukraine is no exception: education there not only has an outstanding quality but is also widely accessible. Ukrainian ladies are highly educated women who can support any conversation. They also have a fantastic sense of humor and are astonishingly witty.
  • Ukrainian wives also make amazing mothers. By now, you already know that Ukrainian women are ideal for family life, but there is an important thing to know about it. To these ladies, family is never complete until there is at least one baby, although most Ukrainian brides prefer at least two. A Ukrainian lady is a nurturing, attentive mother who maintains a perfect balance between raising children and her obligations as a wife. So you will never feel like you don’t get the attention you deserve in your own family.
  • Ukrainian girls will impress you with their cooking skills. Ukrainian cuisine is famous all around the planet, and you can find Ukrainian restaurants in the most unexpected locations. This is not a coincidence, as Ukrainian cuisine has the rare quality of being very filling without overwhelming you with flavors. We can confidently say that the majority of Ukrainian girls begin learning to cook even before their teens. By the time they become Ukrainian women for marriage, they can make a full meal for the whole family in under an hour and impress everyone with what they cook.

5 myths about hot Ukrainian brides

Ukranian Wife

Whatever online platform with Slavic girls you visit, you will see that Ukrainian women are one of the most popular types of ladies you can meet there. Many popular online platforms for online relationships have numerous success stories involving mail order brides from Ukraine.

Needless to say, this level of popularity leads to its own drawbacks. In addition to thousands of men who are convinced that a woman from Ukraine is their perfect match, there are many men who did not have a successful online experience and now spread some myths about these lovely women. Here are the 5 myths you can often hear about Ukrainian mail order brides.

Ukrainian mail brides are quiet and submissive

Brides from Ukraine are sometimes compared to Asian women, who are known for being obedient in a relationship and putting the opinion of their partners above their own. This leads to men from Western countries thinking that they can say anything to a bride from this wonderful country and have her agree with them no matter what.

In real life, things don’t work like that. It’s definitely in the blood of Ukrainian girls to highly value the opinion of the man they are married to, but they also have a lot of self-worth. They want their own ideas to be taken into account, and they will not hesitate to set the record straight if they feel like they are being underappreciated in their own relationship.

Women from Ukraine only want to marry Western men for immigration opportunities

When you first create a dating profile on a popular online platform and begin exploring the site, you notice that the women there are very proactive. They have no problem being the first ones to start chatting and actively try to meet a suitable partner. This is why some men believe that a woman from Ukraine will do anything just for a chance to move abroad at a young age.

However, you shouldn’t think that Ukrainian brides are simply desperate to live in a foreign country and will agree to marry someone just to make it happen. These ladies are motivated to move abroad and start life with a clean slate with a man who loves and supports them, but they would never marry anyone simply to get a chance to move abroad. They will only do it when there is true love involved.

Mail order brides from Ukraine are only interested in money

The ambitious nature of Ukrainian women led to some men believing that money is the only thing that matters to these women in a relationship or marriage. We are not going to tell you that girls from this country are completely uninterested in money. They definitely want to live comfortably—it’s one of their personal qualities. Most importantly, they want to create a decent quality of living for their future kids.

At the same time, Ukrainian brides firmly believe that it doesn’t really matter how much money you have at the moment as long as you are a hard-working individual and are determined to achieve more for the sake of your family. So you don’t need to be rich—you just need to be motivated.

A Ukrainian woman never wants to work after the wedding day

Eastern European countries are very modern in many aspects, but there is at least one aspect where they are in no rush to make any changes. This aspect concerns women in the workplace. People in the West are convinced that Ukrainian girls simply want to be housewives, raise children, do household chores, and don’t really want to work after getting married.

In real life, this stereotype is partially true. Millions of women in Ukraine are thrilled with being stay-at-home wives and mothers and are not determined to have a career. However, more and more young and beautiful Ukrainian women understand the benefits of both spouses contributing to the family budget. They want to combine family life with work, and they are quite successful at it.

The appearance of hot Ukrainian women is not always natural

Even if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of female beauty, the stunning look of Ukrainian ladies can easily leave you speechless at first sight. Their strong facial features and feminine bodies are some of the biggest reasons men love them so much, but some men still wonder: are these features completely natural?

We are happy to assure you that the beauty of Ukrainian girls is as natural as can be. Sure, they can put on a little makeup or wear extremely flattering clothes, but you fully expect your Ukrainian bride to look as lovely in the morning as she did the night before during your date.

Are Ukrainian brides legitimate?

Ukranian Wife

We are writing this article with the sole goal of helping you find a wife from Ukraine and live with her happily ever after. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that the international dating industry, especially in Eastern Europe, has been notorious for its scam activities ever since internet dating became a thing. In fact, Ukrainian bride scams have gotten so bad at one point that they have become synonymous with online dating in this region. The good news is that the situation has changed for the better a lot in recent years.

These days, there is no shortage of legitimate brides from Ukraine—you just need to know where to look. Of course, you can find a Ukrainian legitimate wife on dozens of dating services, but some of them are still better than others. When looking for the right site to meet your Ukrainian girl, you have several possible strategies:

  • To use your intuition
  • To ask your friends for recommendations
  • To look for online dating sites reviews

In our opinion, the third option is the most reliable one. When you find out about other people’s experiences, you can know for a fact what to expect from a dating service and whether it can help you achieve your goal of marrying a mail order bride from Ukraine.

How much does a mail order Ukrainian bride cost?

Mail Order Bride Cost

Even if you’re new to the whole idea of seeking Ukraine women for marriage, you probably realize that this experience cannot be completely free. But how much do Ukrainian mail order brides cost exactly, and how is this cost calculated? The essential thing to understand here is that when we talk about the cost of Ukrainian mail order brides, we merely mean your overall expenses of meeting them. It goes without saying that there is no legal opportunity to buy yourself a wife from Ukraine and if anyone offers you a chance to do it, you should immediately consider it a red flag. At the same time, looking for Ukrainian wives does have its cost, and here is how it works.

There are two main ways you can meet Ukrainian real brides: online, or through a Ukrainian marriage agency, and offline. Since most Western men now prefer to do it online, this is exactly what we will focus on. You will pick a dating website with the best selection of features and the strongest reputation, and you will cover several mandatory expenses. This is what they are and how much they cost for 1 month:

  • Premium membership — $50
  • Additional features — $100
  • Gift and flower delivery — $100
  • Translation services — $50
  • Romance tour — $500

If things go well for you at the dating agency and soon you meet a lady you can see as your wife, the next step is to meet in person. In most cases, Ukraine ladies insist on you visiting them simply because many of them don’t have an unlimited budget for visiting the US. This is how much a 14-day trip to Ukraine is going to cost you:

  • Plane tickets — $800
  • Accommodations — $500
  • Food — $200
  • Transportation — $150
  • Entertainment — $150

Total: $1,800.

How do you know if Ukrainian girls love you?

As an adult man, you are probably no stranger to romantic relationships, but most of them have likely been with local girls. Dating Ukrainian brides is something you probably don’t have a lot of experience with. So while you know that Ukrainian females are highly motivated to marry foreign men, navigating the relationship with a Ukrainian girl can sometimes be challenging.

One of the most common questions both Western and Ukrainian men have is this one: “How to know when women from Ukraine have genuine feelings for you?” Girls in Ukraine are extremely feminine and passionate, but they are also rather old-fashioned and may not feel very comfortable expressing their feelings openly, especially at the early stages of the relationship. Here are three ways to know when a lady from Ukraine is in love with you:

  • She reaches out to you. When a woman from Ukraine is romantically interested in someone, she doesn’t sit around and wait for you to contact her. She messages you, calls you, asks you out, gives you small but meaningful gifts, and generally pays attention to you. Ukrainian brides don’t do it all for some random men, and they reserve that behavior for someone special in their lives.
  • She wants you to meet her family. Ukrainian families are very tight-knit, and a typical young woman from Ukraine has a strong connection to her parents, siblings, and grandparents. In fact, the whole family may live together under one roof to help each other out. When you get an invitation to meet your bride’s family after a few months or even weeks of dating, you know that things are serious between you.
  • She talks to you about the future. Women in Ukraine take marriage and family very seriously. They have strong family values and approach choosing a future husband with care. When a girl from Ukraine starts discussing her idea of the future, family values, and other essential aspects of marriage, as well as the smaller things—for example, how she’s planning to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her husband and kids—you can know for sure that she wants to be with you.

How to legally bring a Ukrainian wife to the US?

After you meet your ideal Ukrainian bride, you should know that it’s only 50% of your success. The other half is safely bringing your Ukrainian sweetheart to the US, marrying her, and giving her legal status in your home country. It’s no secret that legally immigrating to the United States is extremely hard for single Ukrainian women. Luckily, things get much easier when Ukrainian women for marriage are accompanied by their American husbands. Marriage to Ukrainian girls can be more complicated than marrying one of the Western women, but it’s still doable if you truly want it. Here are the two options you have to get a Slavic woman as your wife:

  1. Consular processing. To be eligible for this solution, you need to marry your bride in her home country—in this case, Ukraine—and then apply for a green card through the US consulate in Ukraine. It means that you can meet Ukrainian brides online, develop a relationship with one of them, and then come to Ukraine to marry her and make it easier for her to get a green card. You will need to file Form I-130, Form DS-160, as well as have your wife complete a medical exam and go through an interview at the consulate.
  2. Fiancée visa. The K-1 visa, also known as the fiancée visa, has been designed specifically for foreign brides who want to marry American guys. The two conditions required for this type of visa are meeting each other in person at least once over two years and getting married within 90 days of the woman’s arrival in the US. The required documents for getting a green card with this type of visa include Form-I85, which should be submitted after the wedding, as well as biometrics and an interview.

MOB - Love

Now you know how to help your Ukrainian wife to immigrate to the USA, but it’s also important to know that there isn’t one solution that is better than the other. In most cases, it depends on where you want to hold the wedding. Many women in Ukraine are highly attached to their families, which is why they may want to have a big Ukrainian wedding and obtain a green card through the consulate.

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