Tutorial videos: Challenges and how screen recording tools can help overcome them

Making tutorial videos has its own set of benefits: it’s easier to explain things, it’s easier to understand new things, and the best part, you don’t have to write long manuals. Other than its benefits, its use is multi-dimensional too. Educators use tutorial videos to create learning material, marketers use it for product demos and support representatives create explainer videos to help customers with understanding features.

All of this works very well for them because people prefer watching a video than reading about it when they’re learning something new. However, there are a few things which come into the way of recording tutorial videos consistently.

Let’s talk about them in the next section.

Challenges of recording tutorial videos

Cost: The biggest dampener. If you’re on your own, you either have to buy new equipment or outsource it. Whatever you go ahead with your choice will be an expensive one

Training: Not everyone is an expert in handling light and camera. It can take months to be good at it and confident enough to keep recording videos regularly

Ease-of-use: Whether you’re making a whiteboard animation video or a 2-minute video, it’s not very easy to get started at an instant.

The challenges of making tutorial videos are grave, and it can easily discourage anyone to drop the idea of creating video content. 

But, there is hope.

What’s the best tool for making tutorial videos?

Screen Recorders

Screen recorders are made for tutorial videos. It perfectly overcomes all the challenges of making these videos.

It’s not expensive. There is no training required, you can download or install it almost instantly. And, it’s easy to use too. Screen recorders are great for sharing informational content because they can record your screen and webcam at the same time. This means you can share your screen to show a step-by-step process, and using a webcam you can record a face which will keep the video personalized.

If you’re using an advanced screen recorder like Vmaker (more about it in the next section), you can record your voice, annotate on the screen, and edit the videos too. Moreover, you can use an enterprise media asset management system such as Desynova, to keep different types of metadata as well as video content information in a safe place. To summarize, screen recorders have evolved as a complete video production tool which can be used by everyone to create informative content.

To go deep into this, let’s talk about one such advanced screen recorder which seems to have done its homework very well.

Introducing Vmaker – the only screen recorder you will need

Vmaker is a free screen recorder that is targeted at people who love to create content. To appreciate and support the unbridled energy of creative minds, Vmaker offers some of its best features even in their lifetime free plan.

For users who create tutorial videos, Vmaker seems to fall like the last piece to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Other than having a simple interface, it offers unlimited recording to the users. This means there is no limit on the number of videos you record and their duration too. This is available in the free plan as well; there are hardly any screen recording tools out there that give this same benefit.

What are the other features that make Vmaker a great tool for tutorial videos?

While unlimited recording is a showstopper, Vmaker has a lot more in its arsenal that will help you in creating tutorial videos. Here are a few of them – 

Recording dimension: You have the freedom to record your entire screen, a particular window or a customized area which you can select by just a simple click-and-drag

Smart highlights: Following a tutorial video can get tough for a viewer, so make things easier you can use annotations and mouse emphasis to highlight the right areas

Precise editing: The built-in editor can help you in trimming, cropping and resizing the video. Moreover, you can add transitions and audio between the scenes too

Easy sharing: Once your video is ready, you can share it from the dashboard to your social media accounts. Fancy uploading it on YouTube? Get it done right from the same window

Helpful customizations: Add more personalization to your videos by using a customized background, your company logo, brand colour and favicon too

There’s more about Vmaker, so if you want to learn more, check out their features page.

Final Note

Tutorial videos are great for creating learning material and keeping the audience engaged. It makes the creator’s life easier, and it’s easy for the audience to grasp the content. However, creating tutorial videos can get overwhelming especially if you have to do it consistently. Traditional video marking tools are expensive and difficult to use.

Screen recording tools are great as an alternative for these tools. They are simpler to use and easy on the pocket. Vmaker is one such advanced screen recording tool that offers a lot of benefits at lower cost. Its features like unlimited recording, screen annotation, social sharing, customization and others make it a great tool for content creators who make tutorial videos regularly.

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