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How popular are Latin women for marriage? According to statistics, 43% of interethnic couples in the US are Americans married to someone from South America and the Caribbean, and a lot of them found their spouses online. In this guide, we’ll talk about the best dating websites that connect singles with Hispanic brides in 2022. 

5 Best dating sites to find Latin women 

So, here are the top 5 online dating platforms with a lot of attractive single Latin girls. 



Best for Men looking for the most beautiful Latin women
Monthly visitors 160k
Male to female ratio (%) ~45:55
Free features Browsing profile, swiping feature, search


Read unbiased La-Date review to learn everything about members, services, features, and average prices. 



Best for Singles looking for a site with live videos (not CamShare)
Monthly visitors 170k
Male to female ratio (%) ~30:60
Free features Winks, browsing profile and public photos, support


Read unbiased LoveFort review to learn everything about members, services, features, and average prices. 



Best for Men looking for an ideal Latina wife
Monthly visitors 180k
Male to female ratio (%) ~50:50
Free features Smart Matches, search, browsing profiles


Read unbiased ColombiaLady review to learn everything about members, services, features, and average prices. 



Best for Singles who’d like to make phone and video calls
Monthly visitors 160k
Male to female ratio (%) ~40:60
Free features Greeting messages, extended search, Favorites

Read full LatinWomanLove review here.



Best for Men looking for serious relationships with Latin American women
Launched 1998
Monthly visitors 180k
Male to female ratio (%) ~35:65
Free features Matching service, the Say Hi feature, basic and extended search

Read unbiased LatamDate review to learn everything about members, services, features, and average prices. 

Find your best Latin bride: Profiles of Latin women on dating sites

Who can you meet on one of these platforms? We’ve chosen three random profiles from the top dating sites. 

So, meet the first lady from

So, meet the first lady from

Name, Age Lauren, 20
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Occupation: Student
About girl: “I am a selfless woman, because I always like to give my best without having to receive something in return, that is why I hope to meet people who think similar but not equal to me, because it is good to be able to complement and know the thinking of someone intelligent.”


Here’s a regular Latin bride from LatamDate.

Here’s a regular Latin bride from LatamDate.

Name, Age Mary, 26
Location: Envigado, Colombia
Occupation: Manager
About girl: “I grew up with a family full of love, with very deep principles and values ​​in my personality. I dream of having a beautiful family full of care and devotion.” 
Site: LatamDate


Looking for hot Latin girls? You can find a lot of them on, too. 

You can find a lot of them on, too.

Name, Age Johanna, 32
Location: Buga, Colombia
Occupation: Public accountant
About girl: “Many stories are told and written by sensation authors, but I would like to write my own love story. I would like to have a sheet and paper to start building my life, all I want is to experience a new path towards the future…”
Site: LoveFort

Top 10 things to know about Latin brides: Popular questions with answers

There are good dating websites where single men can meet South American brides. But the question is, why so many single guys love the idea of getting a Latin wife. 

Don’t they face any challenges? What about cultural and language barriers? What are the Latin mail order brides prices and can men really choose a Latin bride in an online catalog? We’ll answer these and many other popular questions about Latin women below.

Latin brides: Who are they? 

Latin brides Who are they

It’s no secret that there are a lot of stereotypes about Latin mail order wives. Some believe that the only reason why they are looking for foreign men is the desire to have a better life in a more developed country. However, there are some facts that prove that their motivation has nothing to do with financial stability. 

Here are the reasons that most Hispanic mail order brides mention when they are asked why they migrate to get married:

  • Machismo. Even the word “macho” itself is often associated with masculinity and sexuality, but in fact, ladies from many Latin American countries believe this is a problem. 

Lack of respect, inequality, inability to compromise, the desire to control a woman, all these things.

  • Domestic violence. Latin America actually has the highest rate of gender-based violence in the world, with Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, and Bolivia representing 81% of global cases. 

No wonder many Latin brides just view marrying a foreigner as the way to escape such problems.

  • Unmet fertility. Many countries of South American and the Caribbean fall under the category of developing countries that struggle with a lot of economic difficulties. 

They, in turn, cause a lot of problems, including unmet fertility—Latina girls who want to have big families just understand they won’t be able to raise their children in such conditions, provide quality education, and high living standards overall.

  • Attraction to men from other countries. Many Latin girls just think that western guys are better-mannered, better-educated, and well, that makes them more attractive.
  • Inequality. We have already mentioned that in some Latin countries, men don’t treat women with the respect they deserve. Many Latin women want to marry foreigners for this very reason as they believe mutual respect is the key to a happy relationship.

So, yes, in a way, Latina brides are seeking better life and stability, but it’s related to much more serious social issues than just lack of money. 

Latin brides are single women who believe that they have a better chance of finding a decent man abroad and use international dating sites to meet this goal. It’s really that simple.

If you are looking for someone of a specific geo, there may be a perfect site for what you’re looking for. We have included links to the best dating sites by geo:

What makes a Latin woman a great wife?

A lot of men say South American wives are just the best. But why? What can you really expect if you marry a Latin girl? 

Here are some things that make these women so attractive in the eyes of men.

1. Looks. 

If you take a look at the profiles on any good Latin dating site, such as La-Date, you’ll see hundreds of hot Latin brides. No, they are not carefully selected—it’s just a fact that Latin girls are naturally beautiful, and most of them also make a lot of effort to become better versions of themselves. 

By the way, contrary to popular belief, not all of them are curvy brunettes—Latin women say it’s nothing but a stereotype.

2. Passion. 

Everybody knows that a Latin woman is likely to be emotional and passionate. Is this another stereotype? Not really, the chance of meeting such a woman is pretty high, and a lot of men actually like that.

3. Desire to start a family

The vast majority of Latin women want to have families. A lot of them want to have children. Yes, they have careers (most Latin brides looking for husbands are employed) and understand the importance of self-development, but it doesn’t mean that they are ready to abandon the idea of having a family to meet their other goals. On top of that, many of them want to have both.

4. Ability to assimilate. 

A Latin wife is likely to be a bit conservative when it comes to gender roles, family responsibilities, etc. However, there is also no denying that western culture impacts Latin societies a lot, and that’s actually the good news both for a Latina wife and her husband. 

The thing is girls who get married to Americans assimilate much easier and faster than women from some Asian and Eastern-European countries.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why a man may start looking for a bride. But where can he meet her?

Where to meet Latin brides for marriage? 

Can you find a Latina wife online? 

  • Yes, that’s absolutely possible. 

Can you meet an ideal Latin girl in real life? 

  • That’s possible but a bit harder. 

That's possible but a bit harder.

Let’s analyze both options in a bit more detail.

Of course, in theory, every man can migrate to one of the countries of Latin America to meet an ideal Latin lady. However, in practice, it’s a problem for the vast majority of men who don’t want or just can’t go to another country for a long time (at least a couple of years). Read suggestions about the best country to find a wife.

There is another option—men can go on romance tours, individual or group ones, to meet Latin brides in person and maybe start dating one of them. That’s a more expensive option than looking for Latina wives online, and unfortunately, the agencies that arrange such tours don’t give any guarantees. Still, there are men who met their spouses on romance tours, so if you don’t like online dating and don’t mind paying more for real-life interaction, you can give it a try.

Most men, however, prefer to look for a perfect Latina bride online. It’s easier, it’s cheaper and it’s more convenient. A good dating site, for example LatamDate, has real profiles of Latin women looking for serious relationships and provides all the members with various tools that help them find, contact, interact and build a relationship with each other. After a couple’s relationship gets deep and serious, they just meet in real life (in most cases, a man buys tickets, books a hotel room, etc., and that costs less than buying a romance tour). 

However, all men looking for a Latin wife should consider that their success largely depends on the platform and the quality of services it provides. Choosing a bad website will worsen the chance to meet a Latin woman significantly.

Is it difficult to date a Latin lady? 

It’s not, especially if you know something about dating culture in Latin America, are ready to accept another person’s values and views, and treat a Latin beauty with respect. 

Latin beauty with respect.

Here are some tips for men who are going to find a Latina bride—they can help you avoid mistakes that some western guys sometimes make:

  • If you like a Latin lady, just say it. Compliments are always appreciated, and their absence can be viewed as a lack of interest.
  • Don’t try to seem macho. As we’ve already mentioned, not all Latin brides like super-masculine men, especially if they only pretend to be incredibly confident and put too much pressure.
  • Avoid stereotypes. Most Latin women absolutely hate stereotypes, they don’t like the fact that the media hypersexualizes them, they hate it when men call them spicy, mamacitas, and so on and so forth.
  • Relax and enjoy the date—that’s how you can look confident enough to attract a Latin girl. Don’t let doubts and fears make you anxious or too shy—that won’t help you impress her.

South American mail order brides don’t demand or expect anything extraordinary. Just consider this information, treat your Latin mail order bride with respect, and you’ll win her heart.

We have included links to the articles about brides by geo:

What to expect when dating a Latina girl? 

What else men should know about dating culture in Latin America? 

Here are some interesting (and useful) facts:

  • A mail order bride from Latin America will expect a  man to pay the bill—it’s pretty common in most Latin countries
  • She’ll talk about her family a lot
  • She’ll talk about Latin traditions and Latin culture a lot (and you should listen carefully but never fetishize it)
  • She’ll expect you to give her flowers or a cute thoughtful gift (but she’ll never say it to you directly)

As for the rest, you can expect Latin American brides to be emotional and funny, optimistic and open-minded, feminine and confident, good listeners, and good talkers.

Is there usually a language barrier with Latina brides? 

In fact, the English Proficiency Index in most Latin countries, especially in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile, is pretty high. So, you can expect a Latina mail order bride to speak English pretty well. 

Still, if you think that the language barrier could be a problem, you can choose one of the online dating sites that provide translation services.

Does an age difference matter to Latin brides? 

Can an older man start dating a much younger Latin woman for marriage? What’s the chance that an age gap would be a problem for a Hispanic bride? According to statistics, the spousal age gap in marriages with Latino ladies is about 6 years. 

On top of that, most South American women note that the personality traits, characteristics, and values of their partners matter more than age.

Still, singles should also consider that they can use various search filters to find ideal Latin wives. All good platforms accept Latino women of various ages, so finding a partner won’t be a problem for those who look for younger matches as well as for those who want to find a partner who’ll be the same age as they are.

How much do Latin mail order brides cost? 

First and foremost, Latin women looking for marriage, also known as mail order brides, are not for sale. Catalogs with Brazilian, Colombian, or Mexican brides just don’t exist, while dating sites where you can meet beautiful Latin women and start dating one of them do. 

Does it mean that you can date mail order brides for free? 

  • Yes and no. 

You don’t pay for a mail order bride, but you pay for the dating services and trips (yes, you’ll need to meet a woman in person before you’ll be able to marry her, we’ll talk about that in more detail later). 

So, what are the costs?

  • The cost of dating services varies from platform to platform. 

There are different prices for membership plans and credits, as well as for the services (video chat with Latin ladies, for example, is usually more expensive than text chat). That’s why we recommend taking a close look at the price list before you choose a website. Still, most singles spend about $100 on online dating on average.

Western men looking for Latin brides for marriage will also need to pay for trips sooner or later. Of course, a lot will depend on the number of trips, the destination country, and your traveling style. 

Still, here are the average costs of 2-week trips (tickets not included) to some most popular countries with mail order brides:

  • Venezuela—$1,600
  • Dominican Republic—$1,500
  • Mexico—$1,200
  • Brazil—$900
  • Colombia—$600

So, if we assume that you meet a Latina woman from Brazil, date her online for a year and then go to Brazil twice, you’ll spend about $3,000 + $1,000 on plane tickets. 

So, the total cost will be about $4,000 in total.

Are marriages with Latino brides legal?

Are marriages with Latino brides legal

Western men can meet Latin ladies on one of the international platforms with beautiful women from Latin countries. Dating online is completely legal, too. But what if you meet your future wife and decide to marry her? How can she enter the US?

All foreign fiance(e)s must apply for a K-1 visa or a K-2 visa (if a Latin lady for marriage already has children). In order to get it, you need to prove that you’ve met each other in person within two previous years (that’s why trips to her country will be a must), prove that you have an authentic, serious relationship, have an interview, and provide some documents. Most importantly, after Latin women for marriage get their fiancee visas, they must marry their life partners within 90 days after entering the US.

So, here is what you should know about international relationships that start online—they must start in real life one day, too, and you shouldn’t delete or get rid of any proof, whether your messages on a dating site, photos, plane tickets, videos, etc.

Note that the procedure in different countries varies, but in nearly all western countries international couples need to prove that they have an authentic romantic relationship. 

Find here mail order bride legislation in different countries.

How to marry a Latino woman?

To sum up, here is how the scheme of getting a wife from Latin countries works:

  • A man who has serious intentions chooses one of the safe and reputable platforms with Latin mail order wives, completes a profile, and uses search to find ideal matches
  • He meets a woman he likes and starts dating her online using the best features like calls and video chat
  • They decide to meet in real life, a man takes a few trips to her country
  • They decide to get married, and a bride applies for a K-1 (or a K-2) fiancee visa and enters the US to get married within 90 days

Basically, that’s what men who really want to find and marry Latin mail order women do to live a happy married life with one of the Latin girls.


Which Latin countries have the best mail order brides?

That depends on your values and taste. But if you consider the language barrier and assimilation potential, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Colombia are among the best options. Single women from these countries have moderate to high English proficiency facilitating communication.

What Latin country has the cheapest mail order brides?

Considering the immigration process is the same for mail order brides from all countries, the cost depends mainly on travel expenses. Colombia and Mexico are the cheapest options among Latin American countries, with airfares around $200 and daily expenses around $50.

How common are South American mail order brides in the US?

In 2019, the US issued 3,367 K-1 visas for women from Latin America, which amounted to 9% of all K-1 visas. Most Latina women came from Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. The Philippines remain the uncontested leader regarding the number of mail order brides, but South American countries may be catching up.

Final thoughts

South American mail order wives are real—you only need to know where and how you can find them.  What are real Latin mail order brides websites? 

We’ve listed the best of them at the beginning of this guide—feel free to use this information, as well as the tips that we provided above to find an ideal woman, of course, if you truly believe that a Latin girl is exactly what you need to be happy.

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