Trending Products to Sell Online: 2023 Predictions

Trending Products to Sell Online

If you own an e-commerce store, you’re likely researching, learning, and preparing yourself continuously. But even with devotion, it can be difficult to identify the most popular products to sell and bring about success. Consumer tendencies are changing quickly and trending items seem to rotate even faster, especially during the last few years. But to ensure e-commerce success, you will have to select the most high-demand solutions. To help you out in this process, here are some predictions for the trendiest products you can sell online in 2023:

Vinyl records

While many of us thought that digital solutions are the only way to move forward, younger generations proved us wrong. Vinyl records are back in style once again, gaining prominence for their unique sound and interesting aesthetics. In fact, vinyls were among the best-performing products this year, with indie retailers selling nearly half of their entire vinyl collections. Evidently, records represent a great opportunity for online shops, whether you decide to resell newly released and popular albums or rare vintage tracks. If you’d like to expand your offerings, related items such as headphones and record players will likely perform well next year also.

Cleaning supplies

Household cleaning supplies grew immensely in 2020, a trend that only continued to rise in the following years, showing no signs of stopping. Actually, the global cleaning supply market is expected to surpass $320 billion in value by 2028. This is one trending product category you shouldn’t miss out on. You can choose universal cleaners or products for specific surfaces, but make sure to offer more natural and eco-friendly solutions, as well as sustainable accessories. The cleaning supply market is incredibly competitive, meaning you have to think ahead and offer products that follow more than one rising trend.


Although this may come as a surprise to many, dinnerware is slowly becoming an evergreen product category to sell online. It easily elevates table settings to make everyday dining more pleasant and entertaining, not to mention that it’s quite picturesque and makes for perfect images to share on social media. Dinnerware can also come in a number of different styles, from modern and classic to rustic and vintage. This means that you can attract a wide consumer base of different buyer personas by selling dinnerware online; just make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing enough to be shareable on social media as a free commercial.

Healthy supplements

As more and more individuals turn to healthy living and better nutrition, beneficial supplements slowly gain prominence. For instance, healthy protein powder has been a favourite among consumers throughout the entire year. This is likely due to the incredible benefits of protein, helping in weight loss, building muscle mass, etc. If you’re looking to sell profitable products online next year, consider supplements with similar benefits. Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that can help to support a balanced diet and healthy nutrition are bound to be popular.

Beauty accessories

Even though the beauty industry has historically been incredibly competitive, certain products tend to pop up once in a while with high demand and low supply. Accessories such as false lashes were such items this year, increasing in popularity across e-commerce platforms. False eyelashes present a great opportunity for online marketplaces in 2023, and they can come in a wide array of options, thus providing consumers with an extensive offering. However, these products might perform better when combined with related accessories such as brushes, applicators, and adhesives, being a perfect solution for creative product bundles.

Pet products

People love their pets. The younger the generation, the more likely individuals are to treat their pets as family members, wanting to provide them with only the best. With that in mind, it truly comes as no surprise that the pet supply market is rising rapidly, projected to reach over $850 million by 2028. Pet carriers, crates, and any related accessories are particularly popular, likely due to the fact that people are allowed to travel with their pets once again. If you’d like to get into the pet carrier niche as well, consider products such as carrier backpacks, car carriers, and airline-approved carriers.

Tech accessories

The rise in remote work also gave way to some unique trends. As consumers we’re forced to begin working from home and spent most of their time online, they also felt the need to beautify their office spaces. Practicality wasn’t enough anymore; home offices had to be attractive as well to boost motivation. As a result, the popularity of mouse pads and desk mats significantly increased over the last few years. These tech accessories are chosen according to personal style and taste, helping to enhance the overall interior design. If you plan on offering these products, consider providing a wide range of colours, materials, and designs to suit any consumer.

The products listed above represent some of the trendiest items to sell in 2023, but there are plenty of other solutions you could go for, depending on the type of your e-commerce store. Keep in mind that anything can sell, as long as you invest in good marketing.

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