Translate Video Content into Different Languages – 5 Examples


It is seen as a special kind of translation: translation of video reels as well as audio recordings. Such translation is available in parallel with traditional interpretation and translation. Video content also requires globalization, which means that content needs to be available and translated into other languages. In order to do so, the choice of the target language or national languages of the target regions is important. However, more details need to be clarified.

Important matters concerning high quality translation solutions.

Increasingly, and especially youth, are trying to be video creators. In order to achieve a higher scope, it is optimal to present your results to as many people as possible. If the plan is to publish the video using YouTube and put it at the disposal of a global audience, solutions are needed in terms of translation and video dubbing services. The platforms described here offer a variety of options in the fields of translation, subtitling and transcription.

Where human translators were used in the past, businesses are now working with advanced technologies. Intelligence software based on AI is utilized, which is now considered the standard in video translation. Vendors Maestra, Papercup, Rev, Verbit and vidby provide solutions that help businesses, bloggers, influencers and other institutions when it comes to translating video content into different languages quickly, cost-effectively and, most importantly, with high quality.

One thing from the get-go: a particular provider stands out with a faithful translation, as the software’s language interfaces can distinguish between age, gender and mood.

Maestra – Transcription, subtitling and voice-over

Maestra is a platform specializing in automatic transcription, subtitling and voice doubling. The aforementioned services are available in a matter of minutes and in more than 50 languages. The basic system is a very fast and automatic video and audio-text converter.

Subtitles and legends are created by a generator specially designed for that task. For dubbing, the platform offers the possibility to choose between female and male vocals.

Subtitles in particular are useful for videos, as there is evidence that users watch subtitled videos longer and share them much more frequently. Furthermore, such video content has a significantly larger organic scope. Additionally, about 60 percent of all YouTube users do not speak English, making videos that are not translated or subtitled inaccessible to them.

Papercup – dubbing and synchronizing as IA solutions

The platform offers AI-assisted synchronization as well as AI dubbing to facilitate dubbing. This means that Papercup copies of the video into an upgradable translation option. One special characteristic is the natural, but synthetic voices which are used. Thanks to these, the platform can provide editing much faster and cheaper than traditional dubbing.

A professional translation team also verifies the accuracy of the automatically generated result, which increases the quality even more. An essential service offered by Papercup is an industry-independent video localization, which makes each video available to an even wider audience.

Verbit – Transcription

A platform specialized in subtitles and transcription is Verbit. The company is the leader in the $30 billion transcription marketplace. The Association’s work supports more than 3,000 institutions and businesses in their access and inclusion efforts. With multiple speeches, AI solutions, direct integration and the largest workforce in the world, access is easier than ever.

In particular, platform services mainly include live closed captioning and real-time transcription, audio and video captioning, audio and video transcription, audio and video description, translation and transcription for legal processes.

Rev – Word-to-text in 16 languages

The US platform, established in 2010, promises to be a place where the human voice is understood. This is what we call a voice company. Rev concentrates mainly on English subtitles, but also offers 15 other languages and also creates independent transcripts of the language.

Rev for Business is a special selectable feature within Voice IA. It supports clients who need to manage higher volumes and order over 100 hours of subtitles, transcripts or subtitles on a regular basis. 

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence for its transcripts and subtitles. By using automated transcription schedules, the company is able to finalize orders as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Vidby – High-tech translation technology

Founded only in 2021, vidby develops a translation program based on artificial intelligence. It is able to translate and dub in more than 70 languages. It takes only a few minutes and is able to achieve 99 percent precision. Besides the impressive precision of the translation, vidby convinces with easy handling and high user-friendliness. This is particularly demonstrated by the short time it takes vidby to translate a video file. For one minute of the video, the software needs just 2 minutes to translate. In addition, the software will be equipped with the ability to recognize the age and gender of the speaker and include them in the translation.

In the final analysis, Swiss startup Vidby stands out the most. In terms of price/performance and also user-friendly, the vidby tool can convince throughout the line. The accuracy of the translation is so high that even the Ukrainian authorities use the software to translate the speeches of President Selenskyi.

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