Traits Of An Inventor Personality (INTP Personality) – Explained

INTP Personality

Of all the 16 personality types in the MBTI personality class, the one with the innovative mind is the INTP personality. A person with this personality is intuitive, introverted, thinking and perceiving at the same time. Furthermore, they are analytical, so they like to review and study trends to help them predict problems before they occur and come up with solutions.

INTP people are also deep thinkers who will prefer to shut themselves up in their world sometimes. We also know that they don’t normally have a large circle of friends but prefer to dwell among a select group of people.

The Logician

This personality is called a Logician because they base their actions on Logic. There are two subtypes to this personality which are as follows

INTP Subtype A: Subtype A people are Assertive Logicians who are far more comfortable being by themselves than INTP Subtype T people. These people lead contended lives.

INTP Subtype T: Also called a Turbulent Logician, they are not as content in their personal lives as a Subtype A person. They are also less confident too.

Traits Of The INTP Personality Type

INTPs are rare, so only a small fraction of the general population have this personality. Some analysts believe that only 1%-5% of the human population are INTPs. Here are key traits of INTPs:

Quiet And Introverted

People who are INTPs are very thoughtful. They are reserved and quiet and think before they speak. Their introverted nature makes it difficult for them to socialize and make friends like other extroverted personalities, so they have very few friends and keep a very small social circle.

Intellect Over Emotion

All humans are emotional, but some people are more emotional than others. INTPs may be emotional like everyone else, but they don’t make decisions based on emotions but on Intellect. They rely on objective information over their subjective feelings, which is why they will often make the right decisions under pressure. They are also highly logical when analyzing data and will rely on data to make judgment calls.

Outside-The-Box Thinkers

If there is one personality that believes in the bigger picture, it is INTPs. Even though they rely on data to make decisions, they also think outside the box and may look for information in unconventional places. Focusing on tiny details is not as important as looking at the bigger picture.

Strength Of INTP

They Are Logical & Objective

They hardly make wrong decisions, and if they do, they are quick to identify and correct them. Basing decisions on data helps them avoid mistakes caused by irrational behavior. When they set their mind on a goal, they pursue it with reckless abandon until it is achieved.

They Are Abstract Thinkers

INTPs are abstract thinkers, which allows them to detach themselves from a situation so they can analyze it without personal bias. This allows them to have a perfect view of the world.

They Are Independent

INTPs are independent-minded. They don’t feel comfortable relying on others to get things done when they can do it themselves. Since they keep a close circle, they are less likely to be affected by the excesses or incompetence of others when chasing their goals. They trust in their own ability to get the job done

They Are Loyal

INTPs are very loyal and dotting. If they make someone their friend, they will rarely break their word to such a person. They also make sacrifices for the people they love.

Weaknesses Of INTP

They Are Difficult To Understand

INTPs are very difficult to understand because of their extremely introverted nature. Others have a hard time predicting them or making them their friends. Their worldview is completely different from others, and they will shut others out if they are irritated or don’t get their way.

They Are Insensitive

Another weakness of INTP is its insensitive nature. Due to their goal oriented nature, they may trample on the emotions of others when chasing a goal. They are more focused on things rather than on people, and nothing matters more than the task at hand. Their insensitive nature is not deliberate but has to do with ambition. Furthermore, their workaholic nature makes them seem like slave drivers who will drive team members and subordinates to the brink to get the job done.

They May Suffer From Self Doubt

As charismatic as they may be, INTP people are prone to self doubt. Their inordinate ambition causes them to set high goals, some of which are unrealistic. Their perfectionist mindset makes them feel like they are not good enough when they don’t meet their targets.

They Struggle With Rules

INTPs are good at making rules but struggle to follow the rules made by others but their own. This makes it hard for them to work in a team, and they would prefer to work in isolation. They don’t do really well in a rigid group setting as this hampers their productivity.

They Are Not Good At Expressing Feelings

Putting their feelings in words is not down that comes naturally to INTPs. People around them may confuse their intentions or actions.

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