The modern financial economy has already exceeded the size of the real economy 4 times, and it is projected to continue growing steadily. If you are looking for significant profits within a short period, the financial industry, particularly the stock market, is a proper place to search. Trading stocks, futures, and foreign currencies can become a sustainable source of income if you choose a reliable platform. Fortunately, modern technologies allow you to trade from the comfort of your own home, which significantly simplifies the whole process. Tradelax is a decent choice for any trader, no matter how much experience one possesses. 


Benefits Offered to Tradelax Clients

A Tradelax review should begin with describing the registration procedure, which makes the company’s platform stand out from similar offerings. To create an account with Tradelax, you only need to provide the most important details, including the name, email, country of residence, mobile phone number, and preferred currency. Registering with Tradelax wouldn’t take more than several minutes of your time. In addition, an account can be set up absolutely free of charge. To register a new profile or review what the company has to offer, check out

Many inexperienced customers tend to ask the same question: “Is Tradelax a scam?” Well, there is only one definite answer – Tradelax is a perfectly reliable and trustworthy business. The company provides complimentary financial trading, which may vary depending on the type of account you create. A combination of guidance from the company’s experts and a wide array of trading tools allows you to gain your first benefits almost immediately after registration. There are more than 200 financial instruments available to the company’s clients. Tradelax allows you to exchange stocks, forexes, commodities, and indices. 


Unique Features of Tradelax Platform

Most Tradelax reviews mention the company’s unique Stock Screener, which is indeed worth discussing. This instrument provides users with an overview of the whole market within one window. The convenient interface of the Screener highlights necessary information without distracting your attention from the important parts. You can also sort out the needed stocks using numerous filters provided by the company. Tradelax also provides customers with a possibility to pick desired stock exchanges and observe a given stock’s performance over a certain period. All prices are updated live; so, you always have access to the most up-to-date information. 


Which Account Should I Set up? 

Depending on your experience in the industry and personal needs, you should consider picking one of the following accounts:

  • Starter. It is a perfect option for beginner traders or those clients who aren’t confident in their skills yet. Starter account provides you with a floating spread, personal account manager, and bonus policy, all for a deposit of 250. There are no additional fees or commissions whatsoever. 
  • Advanced. Customers who purchase this account type receive all benefits of the starter option. In addition, an advanced account allows hedging and provides you with access to Tradelex’s educational tools. You’ll also regularly receive emails with market updates. 
  • Expert. Unlike the previous 2 options, expert clients enjoy a fixed spread and get assistance from a senior account manager. Customers who purchase this package are provided with advanced trading from a Tradelex expert. Finally, you’ll be receiving live updates on the most important news impacting the market. 
  • VIP. This package is the best offer from Tradelex as it includes a comprehensive set of services. There’s a negotiable spread, executive account manager ready to assist you at any time, and one-on-one trading option.


How Is Tradelax Protecting My Personal Information? 

After reviewing the company’s approach to safety, you get an absolutely clear answer to “Is a scam?” question. All Tradelax’s servers are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL connection; so, you can transfer your personal information safely. 

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