Top Tips for a Perfect Proposal

wedding proposal

You’ve been together for a long time, and you’re planning to tie the knot. The natural first step would be the proposal, but it’s difficult to plan a proposal to remember.

Whether you’ve just started thinking about proposing or you’ve got the ring in your pocket, here are some of our best ideas for making it a night to remember.

Talk about the proposal beforehand

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but if you’ve ever seen a proposal go wrong, you know there’s nothing worse, or more embarrassing, than that. Even though you’d want the proposal to be a complete surprise, you don’t want the prospect of marriage between the two of you to be a shock.

Talk about getting married at least once, if not more, and know when the right time is for you. If your partner has made it clear that they need to reach certain goals before they can even think about getting married, proposing too soon may feel like a slap in the face. Your partner may feel as though you haven’t listened to or honored their wishes very well. It takes two to dance, so before you pop the question, make sure your significant other shares your enthusiasm.

Get the most gorgeous ring

Knowing your loved one’s ring size is the first step before shelling out big bucks for an extravagant engagement ring. You may be wondering, “Can’t we simply have the ring sized after the fact?” Whether or not a ring may be adjusted after it has been bought depends on its construction, the kind of metal used, and the size down (or up) it has to go. When a ring has to be resized, the side stones and other details of the setting may be lost if the band is very elaborate.

Now comes the exciting part! It can be hard to shop for an engagement ring if you don’t know much about diamonds or jewelry and don’t know much about diamonds. Nonetheless, have no fear; we explain everything you need to know about diamond cuts and shapes here. The stone’s cut is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the ring; therefore, it’s necessary to know which cuts your significant other prefers before you shop (and which to avoid). You should also have a firm grasp on the kind of metal they’re interested in (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, etc.) and the aesthetic they want to achieve (timeless and traditional, minimalistic, modern, vintage, etc.). To get some inspiration, we suggest you take a look at the emerald jewelry, which has been a very popular choice this season.

Think about your partner’s wishes

You have the ring, now it’s time to start thinking about the proposal. Plan a way to propose that your partner will cherish, whether it’s a big show of affection, a quiet moment, or a surprise for the whole family.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend. The most important thing is to choose a beautiful, meaningful location. Even if all you have is a simple living room, a few well-placed candles may make the area seem much more intimate and welcoming. Our tip is to talk to your future fiance (covertly, of course) and see if they have ideas for a dream proposal location. Tailoring your approach to your loved one instead of using a cookie-cutter approach is always a plus.

Add some music

Is there a particular song that has special meaning for the two of you? Does she recall the first time you two slow danced? You may ask her casually without giving away your strategy. Your proposal will really be unforgettable if you play a romantic song in the background.

Don’t stress yourself out

A proposal does not have to be perfect by some outside standard. The most memorable marriage proposals are those that are uniquely tailored to you two. The greatest thing to do when something unexpected happens to disrupt your plans is to laugh it off since it will make for a terrific tale to tell your friends and family later on.

The two of you will be happiest if you can forget about everything else and just enjoy each other’s company for the rest of your lives. Calm down, breathe deeply, and keep in mind that you and your forever love are only at the beginning of an amazing experience!

We get that planning a proposal might seem overwhelming, but try not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure of arranging the ideal proposal and lose sight of what’s really important: that you’ve discovered your lifelong companion. You should go into the proposal with the attitude that whatever happens, that’s all that truly counts. We hope you hear a loud “Yes!” when you pop the question!

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