Top Software for Technical Analysis in Stock Trading in 2022

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Technical analysis is a method for trading stocks based on statistics and financial charts. It doesn’t rely on the company’s financial statements. Instead, technical analysis involves analyzing charts of the market or individual stocks.

Technical analysis differs from the fundamental analysis since it deals with stock prices. Whereas fundamental analysis deals with a company’s financial statements.

The best software for technical analysis in stock trading depends on which tools you need to perform your trades. Actually, it will allow you to read stock charts and analyze them. This gives you helpful insights into which stocks are performing well in the market.

Why Use Stock Screener for Technical Analysis?

Traders believe that all relevant information about a company is at its current price. Thus, it may not be necessary to look at a company’s fundamentals when buying and selling shares of stock.

Companies like Stock Rover and Trade Ideas have advanced charting features. They allow you to customize your charts with indicators. They also provide paper trading accounts to practice your strategies without risking real money.

Now let’s look at the top software for technical analysis in stock trading in 2022.


StockRover is an excellent stock screener. It features powerful research tools, including a ranking system and technical indicators. The interface is beginner-friendly. This software is also available as an app on mobile devices.

The only downside to StockRover is that it lacks a good stock analysis feature. This makes it challenging to analyze stocks before purchasing them.

The company has recently launched a new version called StocksToTrade Pro. This version includes a stock analysis feature. It also has many other improvements over the previous version of the software.


MetaStock is one of the most popular stock analysis software available. It focuses on technical analysis. The program offers a wealth of analysis tools in a user-friendly environment.

MetaStock lets users analyze stocks, options, and futures. They use more than 300 technical indicators, fundamental analysis tests, and real-time scanning of the global financial markets.

It includes fundamental data on international exchanges. Also over 40 built-in technical indicators that are customizable. MetaStock is not simply a stock screener. It also provides powerful charting features and expert advisors to help you;

  • Spot trends
  • Determine entry and exit points
  • Manage your risk.

The software provides real-time data for stocks, options, and futures. You can also use the software to watch markets such as currencies, commodities, and bonds.

Trade-Ideas Stock Screener

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Trade-Ideas has everything you need if you’re looking for the best software for technical analysis in stock trading! Stock screener from TradeIdeas provides real-time information on stocks, options, futures, etc. The company offers many services, including its flagship product: TradeIdeas Pro.

This program helps traders make decisions based on technical indicators such as price action and volume. Users can use these tools to identify trends in the market before others do so they can profit from them!

The best part about TradeIdeas is its simplicity. There isn’t much learning required if you already know how to read charts. It’s a bonus if you can use other trading tools like Fibonacci retracements or pivot points. It’s also an excellent way for newbies who want an easy introduction to technical analysis. That is without learning an entirely new skill set from scratch.

The company offers two different versions of its software: Basic and Pro. Both are available at different prices depending on which features you need most often. If you’re interested in using Trade Ideas, you must understand all the features and options available.


TrendSpider is an automated technical analysis tool. It helps traders identify the best stock trading opportunities.

With TrendSpider, you can save hours of manual work. This means you’ll have more time to do what matters: trading. TrendSpider’s innovative trading tools help traders of all levels. They can automate their technical analysis and shorten the learning curve.


TradingView is a website that provides free real-time charting. It also includes demo trading with advanced technical analysis tools. It is considered to be the best free web-based charting software available.

The site offers almost everything one would need to perform technical analysis, including;

  • Many indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Trend lines
  • Ability to import custom indicators or build your own
  • You can even use it for automated trading!


NinjaTrader is a powerful and advanced online trading platform for traders in the stock, futures, and forex markets. This software is from NinjaTrader LLC in Denver, Colorado. The company started in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the online trading industry. It also provides brokerage services to clients with an interest in making trades.

The platform’s charting capabilities allow users to view real-time data on price movements, volume, and other technical indicators. Besides, several social media tools allow users to share information. This includes news feeds and tweets from other traders.

One of the best features of NinjaTrader is its ability to provide live streaming video of market activity.

Get the Best Software for Technical Analysis In Stock Trading Today!

Technical analysis is an excellent skill to have. It takes time and practice to master. But, the more you use technical analysis, the better you get at understanding stock charts. The software programs we above are among the best on the market for traders. They are especially useful for beginners who want to learn about technical analysis.

The best software for technical analysis in stock trading depends on the trader’s needs. For example, some traders may need real-time access to data. Others may not need such precision and can settle for end-of-day data.

Some traders enjoy various charting tools, while others may only need simple line charts. Also, some traders may prefer a web-based platform, while others use a desktop program. With so many different software options available, you need to know your needs as a trader before making any decisions.

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