Top Performing UK Gambling Stocks

UK Gambling Stocks

You like gambling in two forms. You like to enjoy it and you would like to make a profit trading with gambling-related stocks. If the answer is yes, you will need to know which stocks are the best and the most are appealing right now. Below, you can see such a list where we will explain some of the best stocks to buy right now.

WEB (Webis Holdings PLC)

Webis Holdings PLC is probably the best option and the one that has been considered by countless investors. The company was founded in 1998 in the Isle of Man. The price gain is 144.12%. 

The current price of the company is GBX 4.15 and the market capitalization is £16.32 billion. The price range during 52 weeks has been 0.92 – 6.79 GBX so we can see an increase!

Gaming Realms PLC

Gaming Realms PLC is another operator among UK independent online bookmakers that is focused on gambling. They are responsible for promoting casinos to the UK players and also in provision. But, they are working with social gaming as well, such as gaming on Facebook. The company was founded in 2001. 

The price gain has been 83.03% while the current price is GBX 39.90. Market capitalization is £115.19 million. Their stocks have been reasonably low in the recent period of time.

Best Of The Best PLC

Best Of The Best PLC is an interesting company in the United Kingdom. They have been giving free cars to people since 1999. To this day, the company has given over £37 million in prizes. But, it can be one of the places worth investing in and we are interested in their stocks. 

The price gain is 72.88% while the current price is at GBX 2,550.00. The range of the price during the last 52 weeks was GBX 700 – 3600. The market capitalization of this company is £239.25 million.

Gamesys Group PLC

Gamesys Group PLC is a company that develops software and games. It has a revenue of over 727GBP. The price is slightly above GBX 1,868.00 at the moment and the market capitalization is impressive £2.05 billion. 

We must add that the company has an impressive stock range. Measured in the last 52 weeks, we can see it going between GBX 800 and 2005. 

888 Holdings PLC

The 888 Holdings PLC is from some, the best-known business on this list. Yes, they are behind 888 Casino you like so much. The company is located in Gibraltar and was founded in 1997. 

The revenue of the brand is over 849 million. There are over 1350 employees in the company. The price gain is over 34% while the market capitalization is over £1.4 billion. The price range in the last 52 weeks was GBX 129.8 – 456.

The Final Word

These are some of the largest and the most profitable companies related to gambling in the United Kingdom. They have been offering great ‘’odds’’ to all investors and they will continue to do the same. 

The UK is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world, hence we can see the presence of many, premium gambling-related brands. 

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