Top payment mediums that form the backbone of online gaming industry

The way technology has been constantly disrupting all industries world over, online gambling too has been impacted by it over the years. Gambling on the Internet is expected to cross $ 94.4 billion revenue by the year 2024 and one of the factors that will decide if it actually accomplishes that target or not, is the variety and reliability of the payment methods offered to the customers.

Payment processing is one thing that can even make the most sane-minded player blow a fuse. Unwanted delays and withdrawals in deposits/withdrawals can frustrate any player, no matter how long he/she might have been playing with the platform. Often, reputed casino platforms provide multiple payment methods that cater to the needs of different customer requirements. To give you an example, for some players a high withdrawal/deposit limit is a priority while for others processing speed is the key, yet for many players anonymity of the transactions is of utmost importance., a leading Playtech casino is one of the many reputed online casino platforms that actively uses many such payment methods to make online gambling a hassle-free experience for its customers. Let’s go over the top 5 of these deposit/withdrawal methods below:




Considered the most popular electronic wallet in the world today, PayPal offers for easy and quick money transfers, and has muscled its way to the top of the digital money stack today. It is ideal for online casinos, provided they are allowed to use it as a valid funding method in their country of operation. If you stay in the UK, you might find a handful of online casinos that offer PayPal as one of the payment methods, else you can always opt for e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill.


Bank Transfer

Transferring funds through this medium is also extremely popular, although it involves a small fees. The money is directly received into your bank account without passing through different providers, which seems preferable to many customers. Deposits can take 3 to 5 working days, while withdrawals get processed in up to 10 working days, depending upon where you stay and the bank you do business with. This is the most commonly used option by high rollers who need to transact in thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.



A quick payment medium, Neteller enables you to move funds in and out of your account in a very smooth way. Majority of the transactions done through it involve no charges and are processed right away (maximum within 24 hours).



One of the two most commonly used debit/credit cards in the world, MasterCard is a legacy brand which has led the finance industry to success over a period of time. It is widely used as the most preferred funding and withdrawal method at online casinos throughout the world. Usually, no fees is charged on both deposits and withdrawals.



The other popular debit/credit card, Visa has the largest financial network in the world, with 30 million+ transactions processed every single day. It’s a multipurpose card that enables you to move your money around in the swiftest manner possible. The deposits/withdrawals are processed without any charges and the company uses multiple firewall systems and failsafe practices to ensure the safety and security of its customers’ data.

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