Top Luxurious Mediterranean Family-Friendly Resorts


The Mediterranean is widely known for its amazing climate, clear blue water, fantastic cuisine and quite a laidback culture. The entire area comprises of many countries that all together provide a perfect holiday getaway if you yearn to immerse yourself in lounging on the beach, sightseeing, and nightlife. 

However, this gorgeous coastline is also known as the place where not only adults have the time of their lives, but children as well. It’s an ideal place for childhood vacations and creating lots of wonderful memories.

A vacation in the Mediterranean provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the top luxurious family-friendly resorts, so here are some you might consider for your next family adventure.

Marbella, Malaga, Spain

If there’s one Mediterranean country that is an absolute must-see, it’s Spain. Marbella, located in Malaga, is a quaint, colourful and charming place, especially The Old Town that dates back to the Renaissance era. There are lots of wonderful places you can visit, from numerous museums, parks, churches, to walkways that are all very family-friendly.

If you are looking for perfect luxurious accommodation, check out Puente Romano Beach Resort. This also has an equestrian centre and both you and your children can get riding lessons, which guarantees you’ll love your stay there.

Tivat, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in the larger Mediterranean area that is technically located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Tivat is a small, coastal town with its own international airport, which makes it a perfect destination for a family vacation. Since Montenegro is a relatively country, the best way to see it and visit all of its great attractions, interesting towns and historical landmarks is by renting a car.

If you fall in love with its local charm, as many do, and you want a more long term option when it comes to your stay, bear in mind that Montenegro citizenship can be acquired by investment in Montenegro, so you might consider looking into Porto Montenegro. This will give your whole family a home away from home in a gorgeous superyacht marina with luxurious accommodation options, high-end brand stores and trendy restaurants.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Another city in the vicinity that is frequently synonymous with Mediterranean culture, is Dubrovnik in Croatia. With its gorgeous architecture and ancient walls that were used in the filming of the TV series “Game of Thrones”, this city has become a go-to destination for many tourists, mainly the big fans of the show.

It’s also a popular tourist destination with quite a few family-friendly hotels and resorts, including Rixos Premium Dubrovnik and Royal Blue Hotel. They all have luxurious amenities that will perfectly fit the needs and requirements of visiting families.

Paphos, Cyprus

Going a bit further east, there’s Cyprus, another gorgeous island in the Mediterranean and a popular tourist destination. The city of Paphos, a UNESCO-listed coastal town, boasts many beautiful beaches, and ancient ruins dating back to the Roman period.

Paphos is also home to a large number of sea turtles that come out during the summer, so children will love seeing them in person. Naturally, a place so popular on the tourist map also offers a great choice of luxurious hotels and family resorts, such as Azia Resort & Spa and Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos. Azia Resort and Spa are known for offering high-quality babysitting services, which means all exhausted parents will be able to catch a break!

Valletta, Malta

Malta is a true gem among the Mediterranean islands, located between Sicily and Africa. Its capital city, Valletta, offers many interesting attractions such as parks, museums and churches. The biggest and the most stunning attraction is the 16th-century fortress that’s an absolute must-see.

As for the accommodation, you’ll find quite a few 5-star resorts, all of them offering a wide choice of luxurious amenities that are equally suitable for singles and families as well.

Lefkada, Greece

Vacations are very different when your kids are little and when you travel with teens. Teenagers want to feel involved and included throughout the whole trip, and they need activities to keep them entertained. Lefkada in Greece is a beautiful island often nicknamed The Greek Caribbean, due to its crystal-clear bright blue waters.

The place offers numerous water sports and activities that teenagers will enjoy as they perfectly combine fun and adrenaline. Lefkada also offers a number of top-notch hotels such as Secret Hill that are close to the airport and with private parking which is among the ultimate amenities that families require when travelling with kids.

Marmaris, Turkey

With its breathtaking scenery, Marmaris in Turkey is a perfect Mediterranean family resort. Located on the Datça Peninsula, within a nature reserve and surrounded by the most amazing beaches, D Maris Bay hotel offers quite a secluded and peaceful setting in the natural surroundings, making it a peaceful haven for its visitors.

The hotel has its kids club with many creative activities, such as t-shirt painting, and an active program with mountain biking and fishing. There’s a gorgeous swimming pool, a tennis school as well and plenty of water sports activities at 5 beaches, so family fun is guaranteed!

All of these places offer great amenities and attractions for a family-friendly relaxing vacation and it’s only up to you and your family members to pick the one you like the most! 

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