Top 5 Useful YouTube Channels for Business

YouTube Channels for Business

The Internet is the primary and most accessible tool of opportunity. Today, you can learn a profession from scratch without getting a second college degree to do so. Self-study courses and valuable business advice can be obtained online from reputable sources – and usually for free or at a relatively low price. No area of modern life is not available online. Here you can create entire companies and run large businesses, develop your strategies for attracting customers, and use a variety of tools and programs. For example, just as casinos use bonuses for deposit 10 play with 60 casino UK to attract new visitors, you can offer some kind of promotion or discount for your product and get significantly more customers. Do you want to start investing competently or expand your existing business? Numerous video blogs will give you insight into the process and point you in the right direction.

Here’s a selection of 5 popular YouTube blogs that provide authoritative information about different types of businesses, as well as more opportunities to run your business more efficiently and attract a new segment of customers.

Popular business channels on YouTube

  • Caitlin Shoemaker

The vegan diet is one of the most popular in the world. Vegan pastry shops, restaurants, and pizzerias are thriving in many countries. You don’t have to open a fast-food place consisting only of plant-based foods, but having a full vegan section on the menu is a huge plus for a high street establishment. Channel author Caitlin Shoemaker showcases hundreds of modern vegan recipes and shares the secrets to representative design, as well as comprehensive menu solutions: vegan sets, dinners, appetizers, and other popular options. This channel will be your go-to if you’ve decided to open your vegan establishment or change the menu concept that your restaurant already has but isn’t showing as well as it should.

  • Wrench

3D printing has long been associated with more than just entertainment or creating toys. It’s a full-fledged business field with an even bigger future ahead of it. Visit The Wrench channel and learn how 3D printing allows you to create objects of any complexity and functionality. It can be scale copies of gadgets and their working prototypes, parts for cars or machines, prosthetics, and even syringes. In addition, such a channel can inspire you to open your own business, because 3D printing is the future, besides, it allows you to create extremely complex parts, which will be much in demand in the market. Such videos are not only useful as a possible startup destination, but they can also introduce you to a niche that is not yet too well-developed, but certainly profitable.

  • LWT Trading and Investing

A free financial future is not about working in an office, but about investing wisely. In times of economic downturn, many are thinking about an additional source of funding that is not tied to a specific employer but provides the opportunity to work remotely and invest in different segments of the business. The author of the LWT Trading & Investing channel explains and shows in practice how to invest successfully, how the cryptocurrency market works, how to follow trends, and read charts. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on safe investing. That is, the channel will be able to help not specifically your business, but specifically, your finances grow. This is a great find, which is offered to you right now, it’s like winning the jackpot at! Take advantage of this opportunity so you won’t regret it in the future!

  • Methinks Media

While some internet users live on social media, others profit from it. You don’t have to have your website to have a steady income online. And this direction doesn’t require much investment. The author of the video blog Metics Media shows how to create pages in various social networks, quickly acquire an audience, promote the pages and, of course, effectively sell them. Be the first to learn about all the tricks of Instagram, the hidden features of Facebook, or the trends of TikTok. Methinks Media will help you move your business from offline to online and it will all be presented without a single expense. Oh, and if you’ve decided to change your line of business altogether and start blogging, the channel will be extremely useful to you.

  • YogaBody

“Free” sports are becoming more and more popular. Exercises such as yoga, stretching, and Pilates can help you get back into shape without the need for strenuous exercise. And opening a yoga studio is one of the most promising business opportunities. The studio owner runs a video blog called YogaBody. Its content is useful for both entrepreneurs and people who have just decided to start a practice.

In a time of self-isolation around the world, it is yoga that has come to the forefront as the most accessible and useful form of exercise that does not require the use of gadgets and machines.

What’s useful in the YogaBody channel:

  1. Examples of yoga programs and complexes that can be practiced in a studio;
  2. The challenges of opening a studio;
  3. What investments and basic expenses are necessary to run a studio;
  4. Breathing exercises and complexes;
  5. Online training with blog subscribers.


Valuable information obtained directly from experts can improve any area of business. And if you also receive it free, your finances remain in place, but the knowledge expands, which will surely lead to high results, sales, and the appearance of new clients. Check out any of the described Youtube channels and breathe new energy into the life of your business!

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