Top 5 Staffing Software of 2022


With a wide range of disjointed, complex hiring activities that take place simultaneously, there is no denying the fact that your hiring agency can come across challenging times. Fortunately, rather than wasting your valuable time and efforts going through a number of resumes or screening candidates, your organization can leverage high-end staffing and recruitment technology to handle recruiting tasks for you. 

There are several traits that aim at setting a relevant staffing software solution apart from the available options in the market. The best solutions out there are scalable as the per the organizational needs, easy to use, and help in quickly coming across the right candidate for the open job positions. 

What is a Staffing Software?

A staffing software or recruiting software solution represents a variety of tools used by organizations of the world to automate as well as optimize the day-to-day tasks. Staffing software tools or solutions can help recruiters ensure seamless coordination with both the corporate clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Benefits & Uses of Staffing Software Tools

Staffing tools or systems help recruiting managers of an organization achieve a wide range of business-critical activities. The systems allow its users to ensure reliable relationships with the applicants while improving the overall candidate experience and increasing employee & client engagement in the most sensible manner. Some benefits to expect are:

  • Automating recruiter workflows
  • Decreasing hiring costs
  • Organizing and storing applicant data
  • Decreasing or eliminating manual work
  • Increasing efficiency and applicant volume 
  • Shortening the hiring process
  • Expanding business
  • Increasing communication 

Top Features of the Best Staffing Software

  • ATS or Applicant Tracking System: The ATS is capable of taking care of the bulk recruitment-related tasks, including:
  • Applicant evaluation
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate tracking
  • Resume management

In its basic format, the ATS is responsible for managing the entire recruitment process. Such solutions by leading providers like FutureSolve make use of automation and Artificial Intelligence to achieve the same. 

  • CRM or Candidate Relationship Management: Quite contrasting to the Customer Relationship Management, the Candidate Relationship Management solution assists businesses to retain top talent by emphasizing positive candidate experiences and boosting relationships. By allowing CRM solutions, you can think of storing as well as obtaining core resources like resumes, applicant profiles, interview scores, and contact information to aid comprehensive decision-making.
  • Payroll & Accounting: Features like accounting and payroll handle two distinct streams of finance-related activities within organizations. The accounting feature will help in managing client billing while automating the invoicing process. At the same time, the payroll feature of the staffing software solution handles the management of employee payroll within the organization. 

Top Best Staffing Software 2022

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn features an active community of highly engaged members. It is estimated that over 25 million individuals apply for jobs using LinkedIn every week. Therefore, it is a great solution for recruiting.

LinkedIn comes forth with two effective recruiting plans for businesses -Recruiter Corporate and Recruiter Lite. There is the offering of a separate Recruiter Professional Services plan that is available specifically for staffing organizations. 

If you wish to post job openings on LinkedIn, but do not have ample budget or requirement for LinkedIn Corporate or LinkedIn Lite, you can also make use of the pay-per-click option of the platform.

2. FutureSolve

FutureSolve is a pioneering HR tech service provider that comes forth with comprehensive staffing solutions. The company emphasizes core values like high caliber and integrity to come up with the best-in-class technology solutions for organizations of the world. In addition to staffing solutions, FutureSolve extends its HR tech solution range to other categories, including learning, leadership, people analytics, performance, payroll, talent acquisition, talent management, and so more. 

An event staffing agency or organizations of the world can depend on the intuitive range of recruitment services offered by FutureSolve to provide aid across different stages of the recruitment process.

3. ZipRecruiter

The recruiting software of ZripRecruiter makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you come across reliable candidates for open job positions. All recruitment plans with the software solution are available with an intuitive dashboard along with the ability to distribute the job postings to over 100 job sites. 

There is the delivery of both Pro and Premium plans that deliver access to the database of the software featuring more than 36 million resumes. The high-end quality scoring algorithm of the software solution helps in automatically assessing resumes of the candidates depending on how well the resumes match the respective job requirements. 

4. JazzHR

One of the most determining traits of the recruitment software solution is its intuitive and interactive interface. It helps in delivering a user-friendly experience throughout. Some of the additional top features of the staffing software solution are email alerts for new candidates, postings to job boards that are free, customizable job applications, searchable resume database, resume parser and uploader, and so more.

JazzHR comes forth with monthly contracts. There is the presence of premium plans that feature Workflow Helpers, knockout questions, tools for job question approval, interview guides, background checks, and so more. The Pro plan is also available with improved user experiences, hiring template management, and access features for improved compliance, security, and customizations.

5. Zoho Recruit

It is a popular cloud-based staffing and ATS provider used by agencies of the world and HR departments. With the software tool, it is possible to manage the entire hiring process. The software is also capable of integrating effectively with other Zoho apps, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and Google Workspace. 

Some of the top features of the staffing software solution are pre-screening assessments, background checks, resume management tools, social posting, recruiting task automations, employee referral functionality, and so more. 

6. HiringThing

It is yet another cloud-based recruitment and applicant tracking system that comes forth with a wide range of features to facilitate the staffing process. The platform features calendar sync & management, candidate tracking, customized rejection and approval emails, and so more.


Make use of the best staffing software solution to ensure the best decisions with respect to recruiting the right talent for your organization.

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