Top 5 Sites to Conduct a Reverse Phone Search

Reverse Phone Search

There are several options when it comes to reverse phone search websites. But you should be aware of several factors. For example, some websites may take too long to load or may not deliver the results you want in time. You also need to choose the right service. If you are looking for a free reverse phone search website, the USPhoneBook is an excellent option. It works only within the United States and offers you billions of records to use. You can find out subtle details like the business they are in and the location where they live. You can even find their email address!


As far as cell phone number lookup services go, TruePeopleSearchFast is the best, offering quality, accurate results. Their database is vast and draws information from public data sources as well as social media profiles. In addition to cellular phone numbers, you can also access criminal records, birth records, and background reports. In addition to the basic report, full reports also contain the names and email addresses of the people involved, as well as the date and location of their last known addresses.

While it may be a little time-consuming, this service will provide comprehensive reports for a small fee. It has a huge database and ties together information across social media platforms, court records, and police reports. It even offers dark web scans for people’s identities. And because it is subscription-based, you can also check out the social media accounts of the people you’re interested in obtaining information on. You can also try to conduct a background check through this site.


Spokeo is one of the best sites for conducting a reverse phone search. The company is deemed the “people search engine” due to its ability to access and organize over 12 billion public records and social networks. Its user interface is streamlined and allows you to begin your search immediately. The results begin pouring in almost immediately. The search tool uses a vast database that includes information from over 600 million court records, 130 million properties, 120 billion social network IDs, and more. Its database also includes information from social networking websites, 89 billion business records, and six billion customer records. PeopleFinders is one of the oldest phone lookup providers and its emphasis is on convenience and professionalism.

This website has a good Better Business Bureau rating and offers a wealth of information with just a single search. Its user interface is easy to use and offers several options for searching. The mobile app is another great feature of the site, and the results are explained clearly. Spokeo is another great reverse phone lookup site that offers a lot more than just a reverse phone search. Customers can look up anyone’s name, email address, and social media profiles. They can also search property records to find out more about the owner.

If you’re looking for a thorough, in-depth, and reliable reverse phone lookup,’s can’t be beat. When you input a phone number, it’ll crawl through all the available public records connected with the person who owns the number. This means that, in just a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to address records, criminal records, and marriage records for someone. Plus, it’ll pull up multiple ways to contact them, including other phone numbers, as well as their email addresses.

What makes stand out is that, in addition to its public records search, it also performs a powerful internet search to find any trace of who you’re looking for. The results will include any social media accounts connected to the phone number, and even displays every dating profile they have. While sifting through the results can be a bit tedious, it’s absolutely worth it for the wealth of info you can find.


If you are interested in conducting a reverse phone search, Intelius is one of the best sites. Its database contains over 20 billion public records, making it one of the largest and most reliable sites for this type of research. It also allows you to conduct a criminal record search, background check, public records search, and even a reverse address lookup. These features allow you to learn a great deal about the owner of a particular phone number.

While Intelius is a great website for conducting a reverse phone search, it does have some limitations. Although it is only available in the United States, it does offer extensive reports, including Unclaimed Money, Vehicle Lookup, and more. Unlike other reverse phone search websites, Intelius offers a free trial. It is also one of the few sites that allows you to conduct a full background check for a minimal fee.


You can find out the details of any phone number by using one of the many reverse phone lookup sites available. Among them are WhitePages and AnyWho. These sites have vast databases that are updated regularly, making them excellent options for your reverse phone lookup needs. Using either of these sites will let you trace any spoof call or text messages. If you are wondering if one of these sites is right for you, then read on.

Besides providing the contact details of the phone number owner, these sites also provide social media information, address, and age. They also provide a list of related phone numbers. These details can give you an insight into the person behind a phone call. Some sites may not have the information that you want, but they offer a wealth of information. BeenVerified is a good example of this. Apart from providing accurate information, it also provides guidance on how to use the data. Moreover, its service includes information on car ownership, court records, and other personal details.

Instant Checkmate

When it comes to conducting a reverse phone search, one of the best sites is Instant Checkmate. This site has one of the largest directories of reverse phone lookups online, which means it can access almost every public database on the web and provide you with a detailed report on the person behind the phone number. Whether you want to find out who a person is talking to or need to investigate a potential employee, this site will make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Instant Checkmate is an alternative to TruePeopleSearchFast, and it offers a free five-day trial. The interface is easy to use, and you can even download its mobile app. The only downside to this service is the cost, but most people are satisfied with the customer service. Moreover, you can easily cancel your membership without any hassles. However, you should be aware that this site is not a consumer reporting agency, and therefore, you cannot use the information obtained for FCRA-compliant purposes.

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