Top 5 Mind-Blowing Facts About E-Mail Marketing


Email marketing is an online digital marketing platform used to send commercial messages. It makes the customer on your email list aware of your products and other services. But what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of electronic devices to send promotional messages. This kind of marketing takes many forms, including display ads and paid social ads. With the help of digital marketing agencies, your business increases its revenue. Organizations also get to have real-time measurable results and retain their customer base.

The best email marketing agency enables you to come up with a good email marketing platform. Many organizations are looking for effective and fast ways of positioning their brands. Choose to improve your search engine’s visibility with digital marketing agency Milwaukee. Their PPC management services will certainly help you get immediate results.

What is PPC? It refers to paid advertisements and helps in promoting search engine results. PPC marketing is ideal for small businesses. It helps them decide how they want to spend on every keyword. That way, they’re able to manage how much they’re spending.

Important Facts About E-mail Marketing

Email marketing goes hand in hand with web design. But what is web design? It refers to the different skills used in the production and maintenance of websites.

You must have killer content in your emails. But, how you design your content is even more important. That’s why you must seek web design services. Remember, e-mail marketing content must be designed in a way that encourages engagement.

Both web design and email marketing campaigns help to improve SEO. That’s important because it keeps visitors coming back to your site. And what is SEO? It’s an essential marketing activity that helps to improve the quality and quantity of web traffic.

If your business has a wide range of similar products, avoid giving each product a web page. Rather, use email marketing to raise awareness about some of the products. And as such, it’s important that you reach out to the digital marketing agency in Milwaukee for professional assistance.

Let’s find out about the top mind-blowing facts about e-mail marketing.


1. Mobile Email Marketing Accounts for 55% of Opened Emails

According to statistics, mobiles account for 55% of the total emails that get opened. Smartphone brands continued to witness an increase in the number of smartphone users. Thus, there’s no doubt that many consumers use phones for a lot more than just opening their mail. They also use them to make purchases.

Organizations must focus on reaching out to their email subscribers on smartphones. This helps to boost their business when done creatively. Statistics say that 85 percent of smartphone users use their phones to check emails. This makes e-mail marketing more impactful than creating and launching an app.

Businesses must also improve their email subscriber’s experience on mobile. They must focus on providing mobile users with a better experience. That is the key to getting new customers and retaining older ones.

2. There’s a Need to Optimize Mobile Devices

Optimizing mobile devices enables you to get the most out of the emails you send out. That’s because people use their phones and tablets when opening emails. These people are expected to continue increasing in number worldwide.

According to research, half of all the sent emails are opened on mobile devices. While 85 percent of the users use mobile phones, the number is expected to grow to 90 percent among 25-34-year-olds. As such, you must adopt techniques that will help create mobile-optimized emails. Create emails that will drive conversions and improve sales in organizations.

Email optimization is important because 70% of mobile users delete poorly formatted messages. This means that you’ll continue losing money if you don’t optimize your emails.

3. Automated Flows Account for 60 Percent of Email Marketing Revenue

E-mail automated workflows enable a business to turn leads into customers. The best thing about it is that you get to save time and generate more money. The following are the advantages of automated emails:

  • Eliminates manual work saves time and resources
  • Nurture leads and keeps them engaged to increase conversions
  • It leads to more awareness and understanding of the business
  • It improves relevance and strengthens messaging
  • It minimizes chances for errors
  • It leads to better targeting and segmentation of clients
  • It helps to boost revenue

4. Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Emails

E-mail subscription is a struggle faced by many email marketers. Granted, it’s normal to have a small subset of your email list unsubscribing. But if there’s a high number of users’ unsubscribing, say one percent per email, then there’s a problem.

In such a case, action needs to be taken to lower the unsubscription rate and cultivate a lasting relationship with subscribers. Here are some preferred recommendations:

  • Avoid sending a lot of emails
  • Don’t send irrelevant content
  • Send your subscribers important and customized emails
  • Ensure users know they are subscribing
  • Inform subscribers about the send frequency in your opt-in-form
  • The frequency of your emails should be based on the promise you made to subscribers
  • Sending a newsletter once a week will increase the number of leads you receive.

5. Using Emojis in Subject Lines Boosts Conversion Rates

The use of emojis in subject lines increases your email campaign’s success. Apart from saving space, emojis enable you to connect with your audience emotionally.

On mobile devices, businesses can use about 30 characters before the text gets cut off. To get a message across in fewer words, use a few relevant emojis.

Note that you must understand your audience before deciding to use emojis. It makes you relevant with the emojis you choose to use.


There are a lot of mind-blowing facts about email marketing. These 5 facts will help you to improve your strategies and metrics.

It’s also important that you get guidance from an experienced person. That’s because it helps to come up with customized strategies for your business. This in turn leads to improved sales for the business. It also increases the success of automated flows and email campaigns.

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