Top 5 Cannabis Social Network

Cannabis Social Network

In today’s era, the industry of Cannabis is becoming immensely popular. The cannabis industry is quite huge and many parts of the United States have legalized cannabis, thereby increasing the chances of the industry to boom.

Trading of cannabis is gaining importance on social media too. Nowadays there is a huge scope of doing cannabis business through social networks.

Social networks can do wonders in any field. Any kind of business which gets connected socially can create magic.

People love interacting socially and that’s the reason why every 4 out of 5 are found active on social media in their phones and laptops every minute. With much more convenience and safety, people find doing cannabis business through social networks easy.

The sale of Marijuana is growing rapidly and has increased tremendously over the years. It is undoubtedly the booming industry to deal with. Cannabis social network is now generating its importance due to the rapid sale growth of marijuana.

In today’s date you will find endless new Cannabis social networks which will help you in connecting with different people who are dealing with the trading of marijuana or consume that. Cannabis based social connections can be developed for both personal and business purposes.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the social apps which you will find in people’s phones of almost all age groups. Among these specific social networks, you can consider trying out some of the cannabis oriented social networks.

Social networks give you an opportunity to directly get in contact with your suppliers, manufacturers of private label supplements, customers and cannabis connoisseurs. They offer an easy and low-commitment way for customers to express their interests.

There can be many cannabis driven social networks found on today’s date. So here Financeshed will have a quick view on the top 5 cannabis social networks.

1. WeedLife 

WeedLife is known to be one of the largest cannabis social networks in the world. It is accessed by more than 120 countries. The specific purpose of designing this social network was to expedite the growth of the cannabis industry and to provide users a better platform to target, connect and share products and services.

WeedLife, commonly called “the cannabis Facebook”, is an emerging cannabis social network which believes in giving an online social platform for the exchange of thoughts, availing products from different cannabis producers, distributors and also with companies who are supporting the industry.

Very smartly and creatively created, WeedLife creates an individual network which helps in connecting with other cannabis lovers. They believe in giving constant news feed updates which display everything related to cannabis news, reviews, photos and videos.

Both personal and business users can register on WeedLife but their main motive should be business-to-consumers.

2. GrassCity Forums 

Based in Amsterdam, GrassCity Forums is one of the world’s top online stores for providing smoking accessories and cannabis products. The site has around 700,000 customers in its database and generates over 90% of its revenue from the US customers

This social network is specifically created for those cannabis enthusiasts who love interacting passionately about the topic. GrassCity is one of the iconic companies who has an invaluable brand equity in the cannabis industry.

Over the years, GrassCity has developed into an all-encompassing network where people can share their thoughts, ideas and products, photos and videos. They have also launched GrassCity’s mobile app so that you can get easy access on your mobile.

Here, you can find all the latest information regarding the recent cannabis related politics and legislations and also users can get empowered about the world of cannabis.

3. LeafWire

LeafWire, a cannabis business social network, believes in creating an environment which has more professional orientation and less recreational aspect. With the growing sales of the cannabis industry, LeafWire believes in giving its users the best advantages as much as they can by providing a safe and welcoming platform for the cannabis business community.

LeafWire users can browse through a pool of potential users and those who are the investors can connect with cannabis business owners as well. LeafWire helps in connecting people to share information with each other and to collaborate to build their own successful businesses.

Their main motive and purpose is to help cannabis businesses to grow and prosper by providing them with the safest and comfortable platform.

4. Duby

Duby is indeed one of the leading cannabis business social networks which believes in promoting a clean and safe place where cannabis users can share their experiences and information with other people.

Duby has been successful in creating the world’s largest cannabis social network by giving unique and private experiences that users actually demand. All that Cannabis consumers demand is a greater level of privacy and the comfort of protected social accounts.

Duby works as a mobile app making it convenient for users to use it anytime, anyday. The features of duby quite resemble Instagram. Like Instagram stories, you can also see an option to share stories in Duby too. If you like any specific content on duby, you can pass it to others as well. .

You can share videos and information to other users and can save the content for later, if you like. Duby is a perfect place for cannabis businesses who want to promote their brands.

5. MJLink

Founded on Jan 1, 2013, MJLink is probably one of the largest cannabis networks for businesses and professionals. If you are looking for a social network which helps in connecting with potential business partners, MJLink is definitely the best option.

MJLInk is a cannabis social networking platform which consists of four separate and unique business networks. You can share pictures, videos , events and many more things related to the cannabis business.

You can connect with thousands of different business brands and entrepreneurs on MJLink website. They provide you with a wide range of other services like insurance, banking , accounting and many more.

MJLink is specifically designed for cannabis lovers who want to grow and prosper in the cannabis industry. They have a massive network which helps in connecting with other cannabis lovers.


Overall, these are one of the 5 best cannabis social networks found in the world today. If you are among those cannabis lovers who are looking for a social network to grow in these businesses, do consider these 5 best cannabis social networks.

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