Top 5 Best Free Crypto Trading Bots for Binance in 2022


The use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin trading bots has increased in tandem with the appeal of bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency market. These are pieces of software that connect to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges to analyze transaction information and then place buy and sell orders on behalf of the customer. The bots follow a set of pre-programmed rules to keep track of market activity.

Traders Union’s experts will provide an overview of all of the different crypto trading bots commercially available, with an emphasis on Binance. The trading bot for Binance helps you in buying and selling cryptocurrencies at the best time.


Pionex is the best cryptocurrency trading tool for both beginners and advanced users.

With 12 free trading bots, Pionex is one of the top binance trading platforms. Users can use this Binance trading bot to automate their trade without having to constantly monitor their wallets.

In comparison to most of the many crypto trading exchanges, this Binance trade bot has the lowest trading charge. The maker and taker each incur a 0.05 percent trading charge on this transaction.


Pionex provides retail traders with 16 free trading bots.

This bitcoin trading desk has a leverage grid bot that enables you to buy low and sell high in a given price range.

This Binance trading bot has a leveraged of up to 5x.


Cryptohopper is the best choice for investors who want to duplicate trade and pay a reasonable fee.

Cryptohopper is a Binance trading tool that helps you to manage all of your cryptocurrency exchange accounts in one place. It lets you exchange Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ether, Dogecoin, and other altcoins. This Binance bitcoin trading robot allows you to create your trading strategy.


One of the most user-friendly layouts may be found on the website.

This crypto trading bot allows you to use safe methods to protect your account.

The information you provide to these crypto trading bots is kept secret.


The Bitsgap trading bot’s algorithm depends on a basic but successful process known as GRID. Within a trading range selected by a crypto trader, it distributes money appropriately. Furthermore, the Bitsgap registration procedure is simple and takes only a few minutes to finish. To see the difference between kraken vs binance click the link.

When the buy limit order is filled, the bot immediately enters a new sell order directly above it. A fresh buy order is created below any filled sell order, and conversely. The bot will trade continuously as long as the price remains within the trade range’s limits.


By connecting a cryptocurrency trading account and configuring your investment strategies Botsfolio allows you to invest money in bitcoin. It is not necessary to have any prior trading experience or skills. To create and deploy trading bots, you don’t need any knowledge of programming. It functions by exchanging money for you. On the dashboard, you may track your betting progress and profits and losses.

It allows users with profiles on the Binance, OKEx, and Coinbase Pro crypto exchanges to trade immediately. API keys are used to connect them.

You can join your accounts to the bot after putting the money or crypto into multiple exchanges, and then determine whether and how to spend all your money among chopping, futures contracts, value investing, and hedged able-to-trade techniques. You will specify the amounts to be allocated to each method, and the bots will automatically apply the rules. The main difference between kraken vs binance is that the binance has no crypto conversion fee.


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Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin are all accepted payment options.

The software includes risk management intelligence.


Coinrule is the second Binance bot on our list, and what’s cool about such folks is that if you have a little bit of experience in this field, you can design your trading bot.

Even though you can configure your additional transaction, they still market themselves as a Binance bot for novices, which means you’ll be able to make the most of their crypto exchange strategies quickly, and their user-friendly functionality makes it simple to not only implement but also build the right additional transaction for your needs.

In terms of their repository, they have 150 predefined rules to help you create the best trading platform for your needs.

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