Top 10 Tungsten Carbide Manufacturers in China

Carbide Manufacturers

Here are the list of top 10 tungsten carbide manufacturers in China

  2. Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corp Ltd
  3. Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co Ltd
  4. China Tungsten & Hightech Materials Co Ltd
  5. Zigong Cemented Carbide Co Ltd
  6. Zhuzhou Meetyou Carbide
  7. Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co Ltd
  8. Shandong AGrade Carbide Co., Ltd
  9. Guangdong Xianglu Tungsten Co Ltd
  10. Jiangxi Tungsten Holdings Group Co Ltd

What Is Tungsten Carbide Material?

Tungsten carbide is a hard metal that is used in manufacturing tools and wear-resistant ceramics. It can be combined with other metals to produce other types of carbides. One example of this combination is tungsten carbide-cobalt. Tungsten carbide is used in cutting tools, nozzles, and other equipment.

Tungsten carbide is typically specified for toughness, but its chemical compatibility can vary depending on the metal binder. Nickel-bound tungsten carbide, for instance, is more resistant to corrosion than cobalt-bound tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide can be bonded to other metals using three types of fasteners. It also offers low thermal expansion. Its composition and manufacturing process determine its mechanical properties.

The shear modulus is a measure of rigidity. It is derived from the same equations that determine the elastic modulus. The shear modulus of tungsten alloys is 80 GPa, while the shear modulus of most steels is around half of that. That makes tungsten carbide three times more rigid than steel.

Tungsten carbide is created by heating tungsten powder in combination with carbon and hydrogen. The result is a material that is highly resistant to heat, rust, scratches, and pitting. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials in the world. Its hardness is second only to diamond. Its strength is superior to steel, and it can be molded into many shapes.

Hardness is one of the most important properties when choosing a carbide material. This property helps you make an informed decision. The hardest materials resist surface changes, while softer materials are brittle and easily cut. Tungsten carbide has good surface hardness, making it a popular choice for carbide tipped bits.

Tungsten carbide is a hard metal that is used in many industries. Tungsten carbide is more rigid than steel and cast iron and is excellent for applications that require precision and durability. Its high Young’s modulus allows it to resist deformation and impact. This makes it the best choice for a wide range of applications.

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