Top 10 Blockchain Blogs People Should Read in 2022


By Harsh Agrawal 

The growth of blockchain is projected to soar to $67.4 bn by 2026. While many consider it a technology to trade cryptocurrencies, several industries have started leveraging it for enhanced processes and security. With time, we see more and more blockchain use cases in our everyday lives.

So there are more sources of knowledge on this technology online. There are countless blogs and articles online to sharpen your understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. But what matters is for it to be a reliable source of information that helps you grow with the right knowledge. 

Read on to get a compiled list of top Blockchain news and blockchain games blogs that help you better navigate the blockchain market. Stay updated by following these blogs as they offer information on current and future aspects of future crypto, blockchain, and NFTs.

1. CoinSutra

CoinSutra is one of the leading communities for crypto enthusiasts. It works as a great resource for beginners and advanced users who can stay updated with the blockchain industry.

This blog functions as a perfect resource to bridge the existing knowledge gap in the crypto market. You can follow their content to get comprehensive information about the blockchain economy from the industry expert. It is a highly recommended blog if you are specifically looking for blockchain and crypto tutorials.

2. Blockchain-Council

Blockchain Council is a team of subject matter experts with extensive experience in Blockchain Technology. On a worldwide platform, they want to make Blockchain expertise freely available. They aim at using blockchain technology to tackle all of the problems associated with a lack of content. There are a variety of training sessions, webinars, and other services available on their websites to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

3. BitMEX Research

Many first-time cryptocurrency investors don’t realize that BitMEX has one of the most extensive research blogs in the business. Their curated and well-researched pieces on blockchain technology provide comprehensive coverage of the industry.

You will get insight into how and why the current events have a particular effect on the industry and viz-a-viz cryptocurrency. Their work defining stablecoins is touted as one of the most trustworthy stablecoin projects. You can rely on this site for its quick, in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

4. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph has been functional since 2013. This site provides content about worldwide blockchain events, altcoin collection, and mining activities. You may get information about cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology coupled with market news around blockchain technology adoption. 

Moreover, they compare digital currencies to payment transactions, value measurement, and modes of exchange. The staff at Cointelegraph monitors the cryptocurrency industry’s newest advancements and looks for practical uses for blockchain technology.

This framework includes cryptocurrency ratings, regulatory information, and details on upcoming coin releases.

5. a16z by Andreessen Horowitz

In 2009, Horowitz co-founded the Andreessen Horowitz Venture Capital Company, which runs the a16z blog. This is a venture capital firm’s bitcoin blog that investigates early-stage and established startups. There are a couple of good reasons why you must follow the a16z blog.

They are one of the first institutional investors in Bitcoin who write eloquently from an institutional viewpoint on the crypto sector. Additionally, their content won’t shy away from presenting pertinent data on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Their goal is to provide one of the most balanced cryptocurrency blogs in the world.

6. Token Daily

Token Daily is unique as all its entries are devoted entirely to crypto and related topics. Additionally, they claim that they are the best source for people seeking continually trending information about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies.

As a result, although it may not solely cater to blockchain enthusiasts, it is likely to be the finest and a highly updated blog about the blockchain sector.

7. Bitcoin Tech Weekly

Bitcoin Tech Weekly is a blog site specifically catering to a knowledgeable audience. They offer a weekly newsletter loaded with updates for those who are working on blockchain technology.

Many of their blog archives pivot software development tools and networks in blockchain technology. Currently, their newsletters can help a knowledgeable blockchain investor to make the right choices.

8. Tony Sheng Blog

Tony Sheng is known for creating the virtual world known as Decentraland. It is a virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Similar to how Harsh Agrawal runs his personal blog along with a renowned blogging network known as ShoutMeLoud, Tony Sheng shares some amazing blockchain knowledge on his personal blog. As one of the most accomplished product managers in the blockchain industry, his thoughts are well-followed by the industry stalwarts and blockchain rookies alike.

Read his content to gain expertise in non-fungible cryptocurrencies, VR technology, and machine learning. He publishes frequent pieces on the blockchain industry’s most urgent issues. Investors interested in the rapidly growing area of decentralized applications may opt to start with this one.

9. Blockchain Unleashed

Blockchain Unleashed is an IBM-sponsored blog that is more reserved and technically focused on comprehensive blockchain industry updates. Follow this blog to get well-researched content written by the academics and engineers who truly bring blockchain technology to life.

Additionally, the Blockchain Unleashed blog does not focus on IBM or Hyperledger news; its writers cover news from every source to offer comprehensive information.

10. BlockchainHub

This blog was created to make technology more accessible to the general public. It was a Tumblr site dedicated to collecting, structuring, and sharing existing blockchain material.

At the time, BlockchainHub was the first site to collect and communicate Blockchain information to a broad audience. They began producing their material with a series of blog entries at BlockchainHub Berlin, which was eventually aggregated and is contextualized as the free “Blockchain Handbook.”


These blogs include valuable information for crypto aficionados, and if you’re interested in becoming a crypto blogger, you’ll find lots of inspiration on these sites. And consider keeping a detailed record of every learning while browsing these interesting bitcoin blogs for later use.

So, which ones do you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments!

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Author - Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is the Founder of CoinSutra,  an online resource helping everyone to learn about decentralized finance and get started with it. Harsh is an international speaker and author who loves blockchain and the crypto world. Harsh is featured on Forbes, Microsoft, IBM, INC, and many well-renowned publications. Connect with Harsh Agrawal on Twitter at @denharsh.

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