Top 10 Apps to Calculate a Loan Before Applying


If you want to find a way to save money, reduce unexpected and anticipated expenses, and have more in your pocket at the end of the month, then online calculator applications will come to the rescue! The loan apps will help you to calculate your loan before applying.

Certain loan applications are designed to help you figure out your personal finances, the fees you pay for loans to create your own budget, and track all your spending habits. These apps can shed light on your personal finances, and you might just get some extra cash. To help you make your choice, learn more about the top 10 financial calculators. Some of these applications are based on classic financial calculators designed for serious calculations.


If you are looking for an original and handy financial app that provides the same functionality as the original HP 12c financial calculator, then you should try the Vicinno loan calculator. It uses a record-back (RPN) system to get reliable lending results every time. Thanks to the Vicinno calculator, you can calculate TVM or bonds. You can also use it to estimate the depreciation of your assets or statistical analysis of lending data. Vicinno allows users to copy and paste calculation results.

Title Loan Calculator at MoneyZap

MoneyZap calculator is a practical financial calculator that concentrates on title loan calculations and gives users complete info on what they could expect they apply for one. It’s relatively new but completely free and based on the online platform which means that you do not even need to install anything.

Expense Manager Pro

If you need an effective app that helps you keep track of your expenses, ExpenseManagerPro is the right choice! Thanks to the expense and income calendar, it is very easy enough to achieve your financial goals. You can use the app to track your expenses and organize your bills and budget.

ExpenseManagerPro will also help you learn how to save money correctly. If you keep bills and receipts in different places, then this app will help you bring everything together in one place for easy access. It also makes sure you don’t miss out on a payment thanks to its payment notification feature.

To keep track of your expenses, the app records each item in a specific category along with the corresponding amount. This way you get an overview of your spending habits. ExpenseManagerPro will also help you decide where to cut and what category of expenses you are actually spending your money on.

EMI Calulator

To help borrowers more easily calculate how much they will need to pay for a loan on a monthly basis, the reliable EMI (Equal Monthly Payment) calculator is at the top of our list. This is exactly what this financial app offers. The app can calculate mortgages or other loans. The EMI calculator also allows you to keep track of all your current loans. EMI also has a payment reminder feature that alerts you when the EMI is due so you don’t miss a single payment.


Financial сalculator 10bii is an excellent and effective application. Bii has over a hundred advanced functions to calculate the financial, mathematical, or statistical answers you need. 10 bii is the app you need when you need accurate TVM calculations. The results are presented in the form of a cash flow diagram.

Other calculations that you can easily do with this financial calculator include loan payments, mortgage payments, interest rates, and investment costs. The financial calculator is great for finance and business experts. Bii is available for those borrowers who might need a high-performance calculation tool.

Touch RPN Calculator

This is another top financial emulator application based on HP 12c RPN system. This calculator is also available for all iOS or Android users. Even though TouchRPN Calculator is an emulator application based on the HP 12c principle, it also has the HP 12c limitation. You have the choice to use the app as a scientific or financial calculator.

BigHorn Loan Calculator

With this handy and practical financial calculator, you can easily track your loan payments. This is a fast and reliable way to find out about the status of the loan. The BigHornLoan app is ideal for those working in the financial sector such as accountants and real estate agents, or those seeking a tool that delivers quick settlement results. You can create PDF versions of repayment charts. This app also has an exchange feature that allows you to send redemption schedules by email to your colleagues or clients. You can also sync your files with iCloud to ensure they are backed up.

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator

Before you apply for a loan, you will want to make sure you are getting a good deal and that payments are affordable. The Loan Calculator app helps you find out how much a loan will cost over time and what your monthly payment will be. This is ideal for car loans, making a large credit card purchase, and even large loans such as a mortgage. The app checks how much time and money you can save if you manage to also make additional annual or even monthly payments. All your loan calculations can be saved so that you can return them at any time.

Zillow Mortgages

Zillow Mortgages is a great option to get the full picture before choosing the right loan calculator. The Zillow Mortgages calculator will help you determine what exactly you may afford and then break down your mortgage. Thus, you can see what the monthly payments will be.

In the monthly calculation, you can view taxes, interest, mortgage insurance, and principal. To make this application useful, it offers real-time personalized mortgage rates based on your current location. There is also a bet history tool to get a clear idea of ​​what they have been doing overtime.

Debt Free – Pay Off Your Debt

Having no debt may seem like a pipe dream. But with a budget and hard work, it can become a reality. The Debt-Free app gives borrowers the ability to first organize all of their debt and then start tracking it as you can pay and keep track of what you paid off. 

Calculators are included to help you calculate the payments you need to make in order to get out of debt. The percentage payment progress bar acts as a great motivator. There is a notice about the due date so that you don’t forget the payment. You can check charts and reports on your progress and outstanding debt and even research different payment strategies.

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