Tools for a Copywriter


Whether you are working in a digital marketing firm, or building your own business, crafting a good copy is one of the best skills you need. This is because good content has always been, is still, and will remain the “KING” in digital marketing. A good copy will not only tell your readers how they can play and enjoy icecasino, but it can also increase your engagement rate by up to 113 per cent.

As much as crafting a good copy involves a hand full of steps to cover such as – research, drafting, reviewing, optimizing, and more, it’s also not something you can do without. Just like they say, an artisan is as great as his tools. The same is true for professional copywriters, as well as nearly every other business. Whatever niche you work in, having the correct tools can help you produce top-notch copy for your business. 

Since we know that finding the right tools for the job is not easy, we’ve already researched and taken away the heavy lifting for you. So, here are 6 of the best copywriting tools you can start using right away to make your copy stand out.

Grammarly Plus

Grammarly Premium checks your content for plagiarism, readability, conciseness, and other factors to ensure that you don’t end up with content that isn’t your own. In the platform itself, you could improve your writing because you get immediate feedback on how well you’re doing.


Using CopyScape, a free web-based tool, you can check a single webpage to see if it includes any content that has already been published elsewhere on the internet. Checking plain text instead of an already-published page for plagiarism is an option copywriters may also want to consider.

Without a thesaurus at hand, no copywriter is complete. This thesaurus website, which is the most detailed on the web, is frequently visited by copywriters as they work on each piece of copy. is an excellent resource for finding synonyms or antonyms. Copywriting relies heavily on word choice, both to communicate successfully and to generate an emotional reaction.

WordCounter is an excellent resource for quickly and easily determining the number of characters and words in a document. For example, it will reveal how many followers you have on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. In addition to that, you’ll want to double-check your spelling and grammar.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Using Sharethrough’s free headline analyzer is one of the best we’ve come across online. It’s simple to use and provides clear instructions for further improvement. With an algorithm that takes into consideration over 300 criteria, you’ll also get a score for how your headline draws attention and entices readers.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor provides immediate input on the accuracy, accessibility, comprehensiveness, as well as readability of your writing. Using a colour system that you’ll quickly master, the app flags faults and identifies possibilities for you to repair errors or improve your material with a more concise sentence.


Amongst the hundreds, if not, thousands of tools in the market, these are the most comprehensive. Using these tools, you may learn about your competitors’ ad copywriting strategies and product positioning, create persuasive, legible, and error-free text, test your headline quality, and make improvements to your headline quality based on expert advice. You can also learn how to use rhyming phrases to enhance the emotional effect of your advertising content and increase customer interaction.

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