Tips That May Improve Your Academic Performance

Tips for Academic Performance

Sometimes your academic load might be too much to handle. And this is ok, all students are struggling sometimes. But You may use these tips to get through the rough time and reach new heights. 

Write A Modern Diary!

Journaling can help you study more purposefully and focused while also being happier and more content with yourself. However, you have to be strategic and break away from the classic diary style. You can use the modern journaling approach, which is based on the two basic principles of “critical analysis of the last day” and “motivation for the new day”. In this way, you can create a positive mood every day and bring new momentum to your student life.

First step: Starting today, write a journal for a week by answering the following five questions: “How did today go?”, “What was good?”, “What can I do better?”, “What am I grateful for?” and “What do I want to achieve tomorrow?”

Expand Your Horizons!

Was your last year characterized by entrenched structures and far too much everyday life? Then allow yourself a few targeted escapes in the new year and broaden your horizons. But not as an alibi with any superimposed quick-fix campaigns, but specifically look for nice alternatives that are good for you and suit your personality. Maybe it’s enough to read a new book from a genre that is rather unusual for you every now and then.

Sort Your Thoughts!

your head is full Every day you have to think of 1,000 things and absorb countless new impressions. The problem with this is: This information overload blocks you; your thoughts do not come to rest and destroy your concentration. It is therefore important that you regularly tidy up and get clarity.

First step: write down your thoughts. Put everything that’s running through your head on paper and create a clear structure. Start collecting wildly and later arrange the individual points into rough categories. This frees you from mental interference and outsources your thoughts without the risk of forgetting them later.

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Get Up Half An Hour Earlier!

If you do NOT belong to the early riser group, you can use the turn of the year to herald a symbolic new beginning of your getting up habits. Don’t take on too much, just try to get up a few minutes earlier every day – but no more than half an hour earlier than usual. In this “additional” time you can either read something, have breakfast in peace, or do something else you enjoy. Once you get used to the new times, you can move on to activities like exercise or a little study session.

First step: Set your alarm clock 30 minutes ahead tomorrow and get up a little earlier than usual. Set a small reward so that getting up early is worthwhile for you.

Find A Job As A Student Assistant!

With an assistant job, you have the opportunity to get a taste of research and find out whether scientific work suits you. You can also gain practical experience and network with academic staff at your university. If you want to earn some extra money in the new year, a job as a student assistant is just the right thing for you.

First step: Check out your university’s job market today and apply via email to at least three institutes or higher education institutions. If there are no vacancies, apply proactively.

Find a Job

Let Yourself Be Less Stressed!

During your studies, there will always be phases in which you are under pressure and stressed – that’s just part of it. But you can learn how to deal with this stress, how to use it, and how to reduce it again. This not only helps you with your studies but also in the long term for the rest of your life.

First step: Recall a situation in which you were completely stressed. How did you manage the stress back then? What action could you take the next time you’re under a lot of pressure?

Declare War On Procrastination!

If there’s one problem that every student in the world struggles with, it’s procrastination. Postponing important tasks. Procrastination is completely natural and not a big problem in itself. It is an endogenous protective mechanism that wants to protect you from unpleasant tasks. Unfortunately, it is often these unpleasant tasks that help you advance in your studies and in life. And that’s why you have to face these situations, overcome yourself and just go for it.

Step One: Procrastination is an unobtrusive, gradual process. That’s why you first have to get a feel for it and find out when and why you’re most likely to procrastinate important things. Create your personal list of causes and stick a reminder on your desk with the question “Why aren’t you studying right now?”.

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