Tips on Growing a Career in the Legal Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis sales are hitting record highs in the US. It makes sense for an entrepreneur to ask how to get into the marijuana industry.

There’s a growing demand for edibles, concentrates, paraphernalia, topicals, vlogs, master classes, and cannabis seeds for sale. It’s the perfect time for individuals and companies to tap into the new market, so why not hop on the bandwagon?

Read on to discover ways to enter this field and thrive within it.

Get Educated

Learning how to get into the legal weed business requires prior research. Keep up with the laws, standards, regulations, trends, and marijuana technologies to ensure your pursuit is viable.

On the Legalities

Legalization made merchants wonder how to get into the weed industry, but it’s not as simple as renting space and setting up shop. Bureaucracy is a tedious but vital part of 420 career building.

Weed is still federally illegal, so your options depend on your residence. Look up state laws on cannabis businesses to check which credentials and licenses you need.

Find authorized courses in your desired field and acquire certificates. Having the proper papers can help you with applications down the line.

On Your Field

Besides managing your legal status, investigate the expertise needed for your desired career.

For instance, growers should master cannabis seed germination, training techniques, and curing practices. Budtenders require strain and dosing knowledge to do their job right.

Keep your learning general before choosing a position. Your employer will show you the ropes after onboarding—tutorials, courses, and books act as an overview of your professional future.

Choose a Niche

Next up, it’s time to choose a specific occupation. Cannabis is a large field with many moving parts, giving an entry to people with a wide range of previous professional experiences.

Broadly, we can divide the industry into two categories:

  • Plant-touching—this sphere involves professionals who handle the marijuana plant. Its tasks include growing, processing, distribution, and sales.
  • Ancillary—companies to support the actual plant-touching aspect. This section involves data platforms, sale systems, digital marketing, and payment processing.

Both categories are incredibly diverse. Countless skills sell, from whipping up a batch of edibles to extracting cannabinoids or blogging about cultivars. Even teaching people how to get into the weed business is a tremendous professional opportunity.

Start Temporary

How to get a job in the pot industry? Apply to work in an existing company. Since cannabis is a new market, most employers don’t expect prior experience; getting some lets you outshine your competition.

Temporary jobs get your foot in the door and establish invaluable business connections. Plus, good performance can act as a springboard into a permanent career.

These positions also let you explore the various subfields of weed and discover what you like best. Low-qualification options with excellent prospects include:

  • Budtending—work with customers and learn the basics of running a dispensary.
  • Marketing—operate a shop or service and learn what it takes to win over shoppers.
  • Trimming—handle the mature weed plant and use this as an entry point for solo cultivation.
  • Deliveries—manage vendors and shipping and discover the best practices of a retail operation.
  • Warehouse work—tackle packaging and products and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of cannabis manufacturers.

While gaining skills at these temporary jobs, you get the opportunity to tackle another element of your endeavor.

Build a Network

You have the job, but how to get into the cannabis industry in broader terms? It’s once again about utilizing existing businesses and their connections.

Networking is a valuable practice for higher-ups in any industry. It’s especially worthwhile for a field like cannabis, one full of enthusiasts, activists, and advocates.

Nearly every state that legalized marijuana features local events, conventions, and meetups for industry professionals. Visit one, introduce yourself, ask people about their experiences, and discuss your ambitions—or even pitch a new company.

Gather contact information and send follow-up emails when you go home. Establishing connections may get you invited to future events or even interviews for job positions.

Plan Long Term

Once you’re past the issue of how to get into the marijuana industry, the next step is to ensure career growth. Two options emerge here—either climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own company.

The former is more straightforward. You remain a valuable employee, expand your knowledge, take up more responsibilities, and pad your resume.

The latter is complex but very common nowadays, turning your weed business into sustainable long-term employment.

Your Own Dispensary?

How to get involved in the weed industry as an independent player? 

Starting a business involves analyzing your market, finding potential audiences, and producing items that cater to them. It can be anything—baking pot brownies for a local cannabis cafe, writing descriptions for a weed breeding magnate, or growing buds for sale.

After you nail down the product or service, consider the following factors:

  • Area of operation—local or state-level advertisement and sales?
  • Target audience—men or women, younger or older, professional or casual?
  • Price points—high-end, budget-friendly, or in-between? 
  • Sales model—online or in-person? Business to consumer or business to business?

These questions form a business plan for the peak of a legal cannabis career—your shop.

Key Takeaways

Entering the marijuana market is a step-by-step game towards something super-profitable. The industry is still somewhat unstable, so remember the following tips:

  • Stay in touch with the state and federal legalities
  • Become a specialist in an industry subsection
  • Build experience and connections over time
  • Make a clear plan if striking out on your own

Now that you know how to get a weed job, why not start your journey towards a thriving career? Meanwhile, buy seeds to grow cannabis at home and hone your skills.

About the Author

authorJennifer Gallagher – an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances. LinkedIn

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