Top Tips for Uplifting Your Businessman Look

Businessman Look

Dressing well in the business world is vital, if you want to be taken seriously. Sure, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t agree, but there are exceptions to every rule. The one you’ll want to follow is the rule that says a serious businessman needs to own a suit for the office and another for formal events, to begin with. As your career advances and influence becomes stronger, so should your dress-up game. Check out the top tips for uplifting your businessman look to be the boss like you know you deserve to be.

Suit up

A suit and tie combo is the epitome of a true boss-man. Even if you’re still not in the position to boss other employees around, a suit is a must for your wardrobe. Start from a classic navy blue or light grey that is perfect for any occasion, be it a business meeting, corporate event or business interview. With time, update the wardrobe to own one suit in each of the classic colours – black, dark grey, light grey, sand beige, and navy blue.

Regular grooming is a must

A businessman knows that appearances mean everything in the business world. Therefore, always keep your hair and beard neatly groomed. A regular hair cut alongside regular beard trimming will contribute to your polished, professional look. Comb your hair regularly and make sure your beard looks sleek, as well, with regular styling by using beard balm by Jericho. Keep a beard kit with a beard wash ready for your weekly grooming ritual when you’ll check for any bushy spots or too long hair that needs cutting.

Dress for the occasion

Dress for the occasion

While going into the office concerns trousers, dress shirts and blazers as a must, going on a business trip will leave room for less formal attire. Let’s say you have a weekend trip away where you’ll spend some time at a meeting but have time for yourself and activities you enjoy. Keep the wardrobe formal for the meeting, but bring men’s terry cloth polo shirts for occasions outside the business environment. Whether you’ll be golfing or mingling with colleagues, a nice polo shirt and a pair of trousers is all you need to look your best. Grab a pair of moccasins instead of dress shoes, or swap your brogues for loafers when the setting is less formal than at the office.

Stick with classic colours

Men’s fashion has evolved enormously over the years, but the business setting still requires a dose of seriousness where classic colours prevail. So, no matter how much you love that fuchsia shirt, it will not be appropriate for your video conference call with your partners in Asia, for instance. Classic white and light blue are always a yes. A black dress shirt needs its place in your wardrobe alongside navy blue. Brown and black brogues or Oxford shoes will go well with your business look featuring a shirt, a blazer, and a pair of trousers.

Accessorize smartly

Accessorize smartly

How’s your relationship with accessories? Every businessman needs a tie to go with the rest of the attire. While shirts require serious colours, you can allow yourself to go wild with a colourful tie. It will break the classic look and add interest to your outfit. A belt to match your shoes is inevitable for an uplifted business look. Invest in a quality timepiece too, so you don’t have to rely on your phone when you need to know what time it is. Whether you’re more of a classic man that prefers analogue watches, or you’re a real modern-day fella who’d rely on a smartwatch, the choices are endless. A round watch or a square one, silver or gold, silicone or mesh band, as long as it matches the rest of your style, it will look dashing. Don’t forget to look for a classy briefcase to hold all your folders and gadgets that go with you to work.

Looking sharp in the office and in front of your business associates won’t be easy, but it will be manageable. As long as you follow our tips, you’ll be the best-dressed entrepreneur at your firm. Remember the basics and invest in essential pieces that will match quickly and easily for the ultimate business look every boss-man deserves.

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