Tips for Selling Your Drone


You decided to sell your drone. There are many places in person and online where you can sell old electronics and drones, but before you sell your drone, here are a few things to do beforehand.

Flight Time

Learning the flight time and including it in the product description gives the potential buyer an idea of how often the drone has been used, and it gives them an estimate of its actual condition. The flight time plays into its price; if a drone has a lower amount of flight time, it will be worth more.

Battery Cycles

For each battery the drone has, the number of battery cycles the drone has been through is visible. This gives both the buyer and seller an estimate of the time the drone has been airborne. Within the drone app, you can see how many times each battery has been charged. Keep track of this information because the buyer will want to see it.

Clean the Drone

Drones are flown outside, so they are generally fairly dirty or scratched up. With a damp cloth and gentle dish soap, the outside of the drone can be cleaned. The cloth should be lightly dampened so that no water enters the electronic components. Immediately dry the area afterward with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the drone before selling tells the buyer that it has been well cared for.

Delete Images

If your drone has internal storage, you’ll need to connect it to a computer to access it. From there, you can either transfer the files over and then delete them from the drone or completely delete them. This not only clears up space for the new owner but it protects your privacy.

SD Card

After backing up any personal data and recording the flight details, you need to reset the SD card if it is being sold along with the drone. This ensures that none of your personal information is being shared with the new owner; make sure you are keeping a record of the flight details, so it can be included in the item description of the drone when you sell it.

Delete from Registration

According to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration and other governing bodies, all drones must be registered; when selling your drone, you’ll need to remove the drone from your registration.

By deregistering the drone, you’ll avoid any trouble associated with the drone if the new owner makes mistakes and flies it in restricted airspace.

Include Quality Images

Before selling the drone, you need to take quality images and videos of the aircraft. When selling, these images and videos show the potential buyer that the drone is in perfect working condition and that you are not scamming them. Taking a simple image of the drone itself isn’t enough; there are several areas of the drone that you need to include images of.


Include images of the body of the drone, including the section underneath where the camera lens and sensors are. These images will reveal any scratches or markings the drone may have on its underbelly, as well as show the impact of anywhere and tear.


The propeller and the motor bodies should have close-up images included. This will reveal any dust or debris that is in the motor or propellers so that either the seller can clean them out or it can be revealed to the buyer. If the propellers seem too worn or damaged, you can purchase a new set for the buyer.


The arms of the drone are where any damage can commonly occur. Each arm of the drone should be photographed, so the potential buyer can see that there are no fatal issues or cracks with each arm.

Remote Control

The remote control of the drone is the only access the user has to the aircraft when it is in use. Because of this, images need to be included of the drone to ensure that it is not only in good condition but that it works. It may also be beneficial to include a video of the seller using the drone and the remote to show that it indeed works.


If you are selling any accessories, like batteries, cables, or other add-ons for the model you have, include images of these as well.

From here, you’ll have to decide how you want to sell your drone. There are online marketplaces where you can post it, as well as buyback sites that will purchase it at the price the site sets.

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