Tips for Choosing the Best Online Casino


Which non GamStop casino should I play at? This is one of the questions we ask ourselves when faced with the multitude of casinos not on GamStop offering a variety of offers, often with a fairly aggressive advertising campaign. Indeed, around the world, there are now more than 1000 gambling sites with some in the lot that do not have the slightest credibility. Faced with this “mishmash”, it is essential to have little tips in order to make good choices and increase your chances of winning.

In this guide, we will give you top tips for choosing the best casinos other than GamStop. As more casinos are launched every month you should follow an independent and reliable review platform that introduces you to the latest casinos not on GamStop.

The Main Criteria for Choosing a Non GamStop Casino

Although players have different tastes in bonuses and games, there are some factors that players cannot disagree on which separate trusted casinos from black sheep. Therefore, we advise you to take the following things into consideration and immediately disregard any casino that lacks any of them.

The Non GamStop Casino Reputation

Although licensing is a critical factor in judging a casino’s security, what other players say is also important for judging a casino’s reliability. For example, every year the British Gambling Commission withdraws its licenses from incompetent operators. Before the license was withdrawn, these casinos were being promoted as “trustworthy licensed sites” while the players community was saying something else about these sites. Therefore, it is always important to listen to what the players have to say about the casino.

The reputation of the casino is quite a determining factor especially for players who are interested in making big winnings. You can verify this factor for yourself by checking out the trusted review sites and browsing the independent forums as well. Always make sure that you take the time and read as many reviews as possible to get to the right destination and choose the right casino. This will help you understand the opinions and reviews of the players and choose the most reliable site on the Internet.

The Non GamStop Casino License

In order to make sure that the online casino on which you want to play is not a scam, it is essential to check that it has an operating license. Very often, at the bottom of online casino sites, the casino license is indicated. When you click on the licensing commission logo, you should be taken to the page that includes the casino license number, date of issue, renewal date, and other important data.

Non GamStop Casino Security

On a non GamStop casino, you will record certain information and make many transactions (deposit and withdrawal). It is therefore important to ensure that the online casino site complies with the security rules in this area.

Clearly, non GamStop casinos must have HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), which is a security protocol used on the web. This protocol is easily recognized by the presence of a green padlock. Secure online casinos not on GamStop also avoid collecting a lot of “unnecessary” customer information.

A Well-stocked Games Selection

What makes a good casino is also the variety of games it offers players. So, whatever your preferences, you’re lucky to have some for your account.


The most serious online casinos are those that offer many bonuses to players to allow them to increase their chances of winning, but also to retain them. Thus, in addition to the welcome bonus, free spins or free spins can be offered to players.


One of the most prominent criteria that review sites often overlook is Affordability. It is possible to see a large selection of casinos that offer free games, but that does not mean that you will be able to play all the games available for free. Similarly, you can find a casino that offers its players a huge amount of bonuses, but this does not mean that you will be able to use these bonuses to bet on all the games that the casino offers. You will always have to deposit some money into your account. Furthermore, betting on games is subject to minimum/max limits that cannot be exceeded. Therefore, you should choose a casino that offers you games with bet limits that are suitable for your deposit and budget.

Payment Methods

The best non GamStop casino is the one that adapts to the realities or preferences of the player. A casino that wants to be serious must therefore not offer a single payment method, but several.

Among the most used payment methods we can mention: bank transfers, payments by check, bank cards such as Mastercard, VISA … A new means of payment, crypto currencies offers many advantages to players.

The Mobile Version

As of March 2020, 87% of people in the UK were smartphone owners. These statistics prove that mobile devices are the most widely used devices today. Therefore, the worthy non GamStop casino must have a mobile version that is as elegant as it is intuitive to make navigation easy.

Customer Service

Quality, responsive and always available customer service is a determining factor in choosing an online casino. Do not hesitate to inquire about customer service before making your final choice.

Non GamStop Casinos Review Portals: the Simplest Solution

Comparing all non GamStop casinos is complicated. However, you can consult specialized agencies: online casino comparators.

The latter make sure to try the offers of online casinos, to try out the services and to get reviews and rankings. Using a comparator allows you not only to save time, but to have the assurance of directing you to an online casino that will not disappoint you.

Beyond simple reviews and rankings, online casino comparators are also excellent guides that give you many tips to increase your chances of winning and to know which casino is cult or not.

We do not forget, however, that excessive gambling involves risks and that if you need help, devices are available.

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