Thoughtful Ways To Commemorate Your Little One’s Baptism

Thoughtful Ways To Commemorate Your Little One's Baptism

There’s nothing more exciting to Christian parents than for their children to profess their beliefs and get baptized. Last year was a slow year for baptisms due to COVID-19, but you can expect church attendance and baptisms to spike as things return to normal.

Continue reading to get some tips that will help you commemorate your child’s baptism with style and grace.

Treat them to VBS this summer

Summertime is when kids all over the United States get to unwind and relax from the rigors of school life. However, for some kids, the learning doesn’t stop when they get out of school for summer vacation.

Vacation bible school has been a pillar of churches in the U.S. for decades, and it’s as popular as ever with kids today. Sending your child to VBS is a great way to foster a love for learning and reading the Bible and knowing Jesus, while reinforcing the Christian values you’ve instilled in them.

If your church doesn’t already have a VBS, maybe it’s time for you—yes you—to do something about it. Cokesbury is one of the leading church suppliers in the U.S., and they have everything you need to make VBS educational and enjoyable. Cokesbury VBS supplies come with learning plans, fun themes, and other tools that help kids learn the bible and tenets of their faith while having fun.

Gift them a penny stock

One of the best things you can do for your child at a young age is to teach them financial responsibility and the importance of saving and investing. As a person of faith, you know there’s no learning like hands-on learning.

If you want to give your child a gift while teaching them about the value of a buck, you should gift them a penny stock. A penny stock is a share of a small company that trades at a share price of $5 or less.

You can teach your child basic market principles and allow them to choose their own stock from a list of penny stocks. You should also do your own research to see which are the best penny stocks to buy now. Furthermore, you can explain to them how the NYSE and Nasdaq operate and how to watch the stock market.

Allowing your child to choose their own penny stock and teaching them about the stock market invites children to begin claiming financial responsibility for their own lives. Of course, you’re there to provide for your child, but teaching them financial literacy at a young age increases the chances that they’ll be financially responsible adults.

Explore their ministry interests

Often, children who get baptized when they’re young turn away from their faith as they approach adulthood. The best way to create a long-term appreciation for God’s love and grace is to allow them to discover what area of ministry interests them.

One thing to remember about children is that they love to participate. Your child may love going to church now, but you can keep that enthusiasm alive by encouraging them to get involved in church. Whether it’s playing the drums, singing in the choir, or serving with the ushers, your child’s involvement is essential to their continued interest in their faith.

When a child gets baptized, it’s a momentous occasion and a milestone worthy of commemoration. Celebrating this occasion with your child is a great way to encourage their continued growth. Throwing a party, taking them to their favorite restaurant, or vacation bible school are all great ways to celebrate the occasion. Furthermore, encouraging them to discover their place in ministry and gifting them a penny stock are ways to foster responsibility and self-esteem as well as promote their personal growth.

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