This is How you Disrupt an Industry


In our tech-forward era, where nearly everyone owns a pocket-sized supercomputer, all it takes to disrupt an industry is a vision. You don’t need to own a factory or be an industrialist to make a huge impact on the world. 

However, many people are trying to be the one who transforms a sector and forever changes how people within it operate. If you want to beat the competition, it helps to look at a few successful examples.

Let’s check out how disruptors like Nobul’s Regan McGee have disrupted industries across North America.

Agents Compete for You

A few years ago, Regan McGee decided to build a platform to level the playing field in real estate, so agents and buyers and sellers could interact on even terms. As McGee has pointed out, real estate transaction fees represent more than 1% of the GDP of the entire US economy!

McGee’s prop-tech platform Nobul is the world’s first open digital marketplace where you can find verified reviews from people who have actually used the agents. After you define your budget and what type of property you’re looking to buy, agents compete against each other to get your business based on price and service offerings. In short, they compete on their track record.

If you walk into a real estate agency, realtors are unlikely to simply offer you additional services or even cashback. Nobul puts the power back into the hands of the consumer. When agents offer buyers incentives like additional services or even cashback, you know an industry has been disrupted.

Keep Security and Privacy Intact

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that the tech world highly values people’s personal data and information. Marketers and companies want to know about the consumers they’re selling to so they can increase personalization and target them with ads effectively. However, that should be their problem, not yours.

Disruption means disrupting an industry, not people’s dinner while they field calls from marketers who somehow acquired their phone numbers. Changing how people buy, sell, and even think about goods and services is the goal.

The leading apps and tech platforms value security and user privacy.

Be the Difference-Maker: No Half-Measures

Sometimes, companies or businesses can get lost in the transition. They don’t read the changing times quickly enough and only adopt half-measures.

For example, Airbnb and Expedia disrupted the hotel industry. However, some hotels advertise on Expedia. Be like Expedia if you want to be a disruptor, rather than hitch your wagon to the leader doing all the actual disruption. 

Put another way, either you are the centre of the disruption, or you’re in a crowd of entities trying to benefit from it second-hand.

If there was a universal solution to disrupting industries, everyone would do it! Take a critical look at your industry and the people in it, and find the nerve and the funding to carve out your space. If you do this and keep the above tips in mind, you’ll put your own stamp on your sector and spawn imitators galore.

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