Things To Consider While Choosing A Co-Working Space

co-working space

The coworking market is presently valued at roughly £15.75 billion (US$20 billion), reflecting the growing demand for shared offices and coworking spaces. 

A coworking center is a home to 62% of millennials, according to the Gensler US Workplace Survey. In a survey, 71% of employees claim to feel more creative, and 68% claim to be able to concentrate better when working in a coworking space.

Companies seeking flexibility are showing a greater interest in the available spaces, and some operators are beginning to open additional sites.

But what are the things you should think about while selecting a location? 

In this article, we’ll share eight important elements to help you determine the best Remote Workspace to fulfill all your needs.

Things You Must Consider

First, let us discuss the three most important factors that create the base of your coworking space decision—


Your decision-making process should unquestionably consider the location of any coworking space. For example, if you work mostly from home, your top priority should be picking a place that is convenient for you. 

Rush-hour commutes are frequently cited as the main justification for choosing coworking facilities. However, client and team communication will be important if you are a team player.

It’s convenient to pop into the office on the weekend for an hour or two of work when you have a workstation near your house. Your ideal location must have YES for the following questions:

  • Are the nearby roads good and accessible?
  • Is it close to your residential address? 
  • Can you avail of public transport like a bus or subway?
  • Parking, is it free?
  • Will the weather (such as rain, snow, or scorching summer days) make the stroll manageable?


To entice and keep members, coworking companies provide a variety of features. The most frequent amenities offered are WiFi internet access and meeting rooms. 

Access to showers, health rooms for nursing moms, and a fully stocked sound studio can be important factors for several employees. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the facilities offered while looking for office space. 

All of the essential facilities that one would expect from a workplace should be included in the coworking space—

  • Maintenance.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Printer.
  • Security systems.
  • Lockers.
  • Heating and cooling systems. 
  • Power backup.
  • Cafeteria. 

Depending on what you need to work and feel comfortable, fully equipped workplaces cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. So spend some time upfront weighing your alternatives, and be ready to act accordingly if required.

You could prioritize the most essential options, or you might want to get the greatest value for your money.


Budgetary restrictions might be a problem when you first start. However, with reasonable costs and value-added services for the amount paid, coworking spaces meet this requirement. 

The fact that maintenance, IT support, power backup, air conditioning, and furniture are already accessible reduces the cost and setup time significantly. 

Several coworking facilities provide inexpensive daily, weekly, and even monthly passes. However, private offices are more expensive than dedicated workstations, which are more expensive.

Modern structures in more upscale neighborhoods will have to charge more than older ones in less exclusive areas. 

A third-story office with a rooftop view will be less expensive than a 16th-floor office with a stunning river view. 

The window’s size and location must be considered, along with the quality of the view. For example, a floor-to-ceiling window that completely encloses the outside wall is worth more than one that only does so on one-third of the wall.

Now let us learn some of the secondary factors you can consider when selecting an ideal coworking space. These factors will depend on your industry type and personal preferences—

Internet Speed

If you relocate your job to a location with a robust and dependable internet connection, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Although most coworking places guarantee fast internet, it always helps to double-check. 

It makes no difference if you solely use the internet for Facebook and email or upload large files to the cloud. However, having quick internet connectivity would be beneficial to you.


It’s critical to consider a coworking space’s flexibility concerning time and potential expansions while searching for one. 

While many workplaces remain available for users around the clock, others stop running basic amenities like the restaurant and front desk after regular business hours.


Coworking spaces provide excellent chances for successful networking and collaborative work. Other areas have considerable communal talk and are too hot or chilly for comfortable work. 

It’s important to review the list of other renters using the property. Then, choose a coworking space with experts from different job specializations.


Private offices, moveable walls that may isolate you from others, and noise-canceling headphones are all available in some places. 

You may always ask about a private office if the commotion is too distracting. However, a coworking space is a fantastic setting for successful networking and teamwork.

Find Your Space Now!

You can operate autonomously in a setting with an established culture and shared ideals in a coworking space. 

We have provided you with a comprehensive list of factors to help you decide which space you must select. Look for hidden costs and ask questions before moving your work to one of these coworking office spaces.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.