Things to consider when finding the right used car for your small business

From meeting clients to delivering goods, finding the right used car for your small business can not only help your finances, but can help your business grow. It’s estimated that it costs upwards of £22,746 for an SME to survive its first year. With that in mind, we have got some tips to help ensure that making one of the biggest initial investments in your business doesn’t end up being a costly one. And if you’re looking for the best accessories for your car, simply click here.


If you’re one of the 3.5 million sole traders in the UK, then it’s likely that your cashflow doesn’t yet have a large budget for a brand new vehicle, so a used car could be the perfect investment. What many people don’t know, is that in the same way you can purchase a new car with financing, you too can purchase a used car with financing options too. This is ideal for small businesses as it allows payments to be in sync with the monthly revenue that comes into the business and avoids having to pay one lump sum that may put your business’s cashflow in jeopardy.


The first impression you give about your business is essential. It demonstrates to customers and clients that you’re professional and your product or service is worth investing in. It also helps give people an idea about your business venture.

Thinking about the image you want to portray will have an impact on the vehicle you choose. For example, if you’re setting up as an accountant or solicitor then a smart saloon car demonstrates sophistication. Whereas if you’re starting up in a trade, a sportscar would be highly impractical and will give the impression to potential customers that you don’t really know what you’re doing. Whatever the model you want, you may get it from United Auto Sales used car dealers.

You should also think about the type of journey’s you’ll be making. If it will be largely city driving a smaller car that can fit into tighter spots might be more useful. For longer journeys where motorway driving is involved a car that’s comfy and economical to drive should be considered. And if you’re new role will see a lot of off-road or countryside journeys, then a 4×4 might be the best style to choose.


Similar to the style you choose; the colour of the car you buywill have an impact on public perception and is very important. A classic black gloss or a darker grey paint job will add to the professional look. Similarly, a gleaming white car will impress. However, it’s important that the exterior (and interior) of your car is kept clean as it demonstrates you take pride in your business and will therefore take care of your customers and clients.


Before making the leap and buying the first second-hand car you see, you should think about the length and the number of journeys you’ll be taking. Cars with higher mileage will depreciate in value faster. But, if you’ll only need your car for infrequent and short journeys, this shouldn’t matter too much. However, if you plan on driving long distance opting for a car with relatively low mileage will be your best option.

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