These 5 Best Blog Posts Formats Will Generate More Users For Your SaaS Company

Blog Posts Formats

Generating more users on your SaaS blog depends on the type of blog post you publish. There are several blog post formats. However, only a few can get you the desired result – generating traffic, growing an email list, and converting users.

How-to guides, checklists, thought-leadership pieces, evergreen resources, and comparison posts are different blog posts format. Prioritizing these formats in your content and regularly rotating them can achieve the best results.

What Are The Best Blog Posts Formats For Saas Companies?

In this section, we discuss the best blog posts formats as recommended by top SaaS SEO experts.

1. How-to Guides

Because problems come up day-to-day in activities, people are constantly seeking solutions. Capitalizing on this can be effective. You can create a series of how-to guides containing actionable solutions that address your target audience’s pain point.

As an example, assuming you sell an AI-powered writing tool, your target audience will be writers. Usually, writers face problems such as overcoming writer’s block, writing better headlines, developing good article ideas, and writing faster.

After identifying the problems, your how-to guide should outline actionable solutions that can help in overcoming these problems. Topics you can cover in your how-to guide include;

  • How to write a 500-word article in 30 minutes or less
  • How can you overcome writer’s block
  • How do you write catchy headlines, especially for beginners

2. Checklists

Generally, people want to carry out tasks effectively in a shorter time. Considering this, you can highlight regular tasks that your target audience carries out and create a checklist that can improve their work rate. Doing this is an excellent way of providing value for your target audience through content.

Checklists are well sought-after resources, making them rank higher in search engines and driving organic traffic to your website. Checklists are ideal for generating leads, just like content upgrades. Consequently, you can create a downloadable version of a checklist as an opt-in incentive.

Some examples of checklists you can add to your SaaS blogs include;

  • A 36-point checklist that helps with writing fully optimized content
  • SEO checklist: 29 things to do for every website

3. Long-Form Evergreen Resources

Long-form blog posts rank better on google. Unlike shorter posts, long-form resources discuss a topic extensively and also provide answers to readers’ questions. You can create your long-form posts around evergreen topics because they never go out of date. In addition, this type of blog post increases traffic to your SaaS blog and helps generate leads.

Furthermore, long-form evergreen posts are suitable for the top of your marketing funnel because it improves your site awareness through search. Also, similar to the other type of blog post formats, you can adapt long-form evergreen resources to different points on the funnel.

When creating long-form evergreen content, the first step is to create a topic that will generate results and remain significant after a few years. After creating the topic, the next step is to write it.

A long-form blog post should be fluff-free, SEO-friendly, and easy to understand. Putting all this into consideration can be quite challenging. Fortunately, you can outsource the post to blog writing agencies that understand your audience, goals, and business.

Some examples of long-form evergreen topics for SaaS blogs include;

  • Is ghostwriting lucrative? How can you become one
  • A step by step guide for effective email marketing

4. Thought-Leadership Pieces

You can improve your SaaS company brand and product awareness by writing thought-leadership posts. Thought-leadership posts are ideal for the top of the marketing funnel because prospective customers are still trying to figure out the problem that needs solving and their available options. The thought-leadership post format can build connections with people, generate leads, and convert into sales as the users move down the funnel.

It is important to note that thought-leadership posts can be in various forms. The post could be an in-depth post about a new trend in the industry, a prediction about future changes, or a post discussing controversial topics in your industry.

Some examples of thought-leadership posts for SaaS blogs include;

  • The best SEO strategy in 2021
  • BuzzSumo Research: analyzing 100 Mil headlines and what we learned

5. Comparison Posts

This blog format helps potential buyers make decisions. Comparison posts usually compare two or more similar products, evaluating their features, similarities, and differences. The comparison can be based on a specific angle to suit certain users.

Comparison posts are suitable mid-funnel of a marketing strategy because users are researching their options at this point. The goal of this blog format is to convert leads. Therefore, comparison posts should highlight critical solutions that your product offers compared to the competition.

Comparison posts for SaaS blogs can be;

  • Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp: Which is better for your eCommerce Business?

To Wrap Things Up

Incorporating these blog post formats in your SaaS blog can improve organic traffic, lead generation, and conversion. It is best to create a strategy that is helpful in regularly publishing the various blog post formats discussed in this post.

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