The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining European Golden Visa Residency

As an investor, your life mainly revolves around conducting and expanding business in the easiest manner possible and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. This can easily be achieved by owning a European residency card also known as  Golden Visa which offers you the right to relocate and settle in a new country, freely open companies and bank accounts, and travel without any restrictions to all twenty six Schengen countries, as well as in some cases the possibility of providing you and your family with an alternative citizenship and powerful second passport which allows visa-free travel to more than one hundred and eighty destinations around the world.

Bluemina Citizenship & Residency, a leader in the MENA region in dual citizenship and permanent residency by investment since 1997, offers the best and most successful Golden Visa programmes like Portugal and Greece, as well as many other European Residence through investment programmes such as Malta and Cyprus.

Portugal, a beautiful coastal European country, offers non-European investors and wealthy families the opportunity to obtain a Portuguese Golden Visa within six months through commercial real estate investment, and with a minimum requirement of visiting the country seven days a year or fourteen days every two years. Alongside global mobility, Portugal golden visa programme provides a safe haven to individuals and a stable country to live, work, study and receive healthcare in. Investors can include spouse and family under the same application without making an additional investment, which means all family members will access high quality of life and receive the benefits of being European residents.

2021 witnessed an increase in the demand of obtaining European residencies and Golden visas with many success stories of Arab investors and high net worth individuals who chose Bluemina as their government-approved agent when applying.

Greece on the other hand offers one of the most demanded Residency by investment programmes to get a European Golden Visa within six months through real estate and property investment. Greece Golden Visa provides investors and high-net-worth individuals a number of benefits, such as visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen area, opportunity to reside in Greece as well as the ability to apply for Greek citizenship and second passport after seven years of residence.

Investors can also opt to apply to receive their European permanent residency card within eight months through Malta or join Cyprus’s fast track programme which can be completed within three months only.

2021 witnessed an increase in the demand of obtaining European residencies and Golden visas with many success stories of Arab investors and high net worth individuals who chose Bluemina as their government-approved agent when applying. Omar for example, is the head of a family of five who lives in Abu Dhabi, invested in Portugal permanent residency programme only to get it within six months, and now he and his family are enjoying all the benefits offered.

Applying to one of the Golden Visa and Residency by Investment Programmes offered by Bluemina can provide investors and wealthy families with access to world-class healthcare and education services as well as freedom, peace of mind and a sense of security. This is all in addition to many other benefits like living or working in the country, as well as travelling freely to all Schengen states. All of this opens windows of opportunity to learn and discover European culture and new languages.

Through these programmes the chance to invest and own property in Europe also becomes available and serves as a second home for many; it is also an ideal alternative to any uncertainty and unstable political and economic nuances in the region as Golden Visa holders can decide whether they want to permanently reside in Europe or just visit whenever they please.

Needless to say that in addition to the above, some of the most popular and demanded programmes at Bluemina, are the alternative citizenship by investment Caribbean programmes such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and others, which provide investors with a powerful Commonwealth passport and citizenship-by-descent. Moreover, Bluemina offers the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and Canada Start-Up Investor as well as USA EB-5 programme and many more.

You can visit Bluemina Citizenship & Residency by Investment regional offices located in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, or check out their virtual office experience to apply for any of these programmes to expand your business or retire comfortably in your country of choice.

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