The Ultimate Bitcoin Trading Course: Master the Art of Crypto Trading

bitcoin trading course

Bitcoin has had a remarkable turnover since its popularity in digital trading. Market capitalization-wise, Bitcoin is currently the most lucrative digital currency. Tremendous growth is associated with trading in Bitcoin across Blockchain, and mastering this can only lead to incredible profits. 

Novin Academy is a leading online platform offering specialized courses to become a global cryptocurrency expert. They provide training through industry experts in crypto trading to facilitate microscanning in a digital sphere. Utilizing advanced algorithms like Fibonacci, they help individuals understand details like retracements, stop loss, etc. 

They offer a Bitcoin trading course that concentrates on different techniques and in-depth strategies to run profit-generating Bitcoin trades online. We have created a comprehensive article below to gain further insight into what they offer.

In-Depth Crypto Currency Trading Course Through Novin Academy

It offers an introduction to Cryptocurrency course, which covers the following areas.

Bars with Support and Resistance Levels 

Within this area, locating reasonable prices and timed transactions can be done through bars. Reversal Bar, Exhaustion Bar, Two-Bar Reversal, and many other patterns are covered in this section. The moving average (MA) of the price is also studied here.

By taking out a new value at regular intervals as a reference, this MA can be calculated for Bitcoin trading. The investors can choose their time limit from 20 minutes to 30 weeks. Day traders and long-term investors can learn from this technique and use it hassle-free.

Trading signals are also generated within this when the bitcoin prices rise over their MAs.

Stochastic Oscillator

This is an indicator of market movement that compares an asset’s current closing cost to its value over a period of time. 

Mastering this and adjusting the period of an asset’s price evaluation can reduce the analyzer’s vulnerability to market fluctuations. It varies, and traders can learn how to regulate to minimize the risk of loss.

Divergence and Convergence Trends

Another aspect of Bitcoin trading included in this course is divergence and convergence, which are factors that function against one another. Investors can get in-depth knowledge about how these elaborate the linear connection between investment prices and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

When an asset’s indicator and price move in the opposite direction, it points towards divergence. In contrast, convergence represents both moving towards each other. Traders can gain an understanding that divergence is more appropriate, as it gives them an entry point into Bitcoin trading.

Geometric Fractal Indicator 

Common price patterns are complex to understand if not indicated carefully. Identifying price turning moments can be predicted using this indicator. In bull and bear markets, regarding Bitcoin, these are effective tools.

In the bull market, the asset price rises as this market holds. The bear market may indicate that the asset price may drop. In this section, trader experts also assist investors in understanding when they can enter the market before an indicator forms.

Scalp Trading 

Turning profit through Bitcoin resale is another technique Novin Academy’s Crypto Trading courses teach. This makes use of market price fluctuations. With minor profit, day traders can benefit from this approach.

Through live feed and direct access, traders can resale their Bitcoin assets when they observe the slightest change in the current values. This academy helps establish successful stock scalpers through this strategy.

Crypto Cycle 

Cyclic patterns are also a part of this course, and they help individuals understand price variations that occur at regular intervals. This elaborates that the average cycle duration exceeds the seasonal average length.

With case studies regarding risk management, Fibonacci implementation, and Tech Analysis, Novin Academy works to generate market cryptocurrency experts.

Concluding Note

Cryptocurrency is the most prevalent form of digital trading asset. Bitcoin takes the front seat as the digital landscape’s leading trading currency. Novin Academy helps you learn all the minor and major details, along with tips and strategies to master crypto trading.

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