The Top Cash Registers to Use for Small Businesses in 2022


The finest cash registers are easy to set up, moderately priced, and provide the functionality your company needs to function. 

After all, a needlessly complex system might make checkout difficult for both you and your consumers.

Standard electronic cash registers frequently function just fine for brick-and-mortar companies that merely need to accept payments. 

However, if you need more company administration tools, think about a point-of-sale (POS) system with register features. Here are some of the top cash registers for small companies.

Square POS

The Register from Square is the epitome of what we love about POS systems. It boasts a sleek style that is similar to the iPad’s, a large touchscreen, and an adjustable mount that is substantial and reminds one of Apple’s iMac desktop PCs.

In these days of social distance, it even offers an optional customer-facing card reader and display that connects smoothly to the rear of the mount or may be positioned further away on a tabletop.

Square will provide you with an almost unmatched range of features. Cash and gift cards can be accepted in addition to credit, debit, contactless, and chip payments. 

Even within Square’s software, you can generate and send invoices. Even if your internet connection disappears, Square features an offline option allowing you to continue taking payments. 

If it so happened that you do not have the funds to buy a cash register, you can afford to take 1 hour loans online and in a short time use this money with the new cash register. Read the terms of the loan carefully to pay it off on time.

Sharp XE-A207

The Sharp XE-A207 is jam-packed with beneficial features that are uncommon in other devices at a comparable price point. 

Up to 25 clerks’ identifying information may be stored in the register, which is perfect for managing a busy bar with plenty of personnel. The 2,500 PLU storage should be more than adequate to hold all of your barcoded items.

The Sharp XE-A207 features outstanding support for credit card readers and is best-in-class for bars. 

Additionally, there is a handy QuickBooks Pro connection option to make accounting simple for you, although Sharp doesn’t offer any expert assistance for configuring it. Cash registers also help the government fight against illegal money laundering. 

Therefore, whose device will work not only for you but also for the benefit of society? There is no better choice if you feel comfortable with internet troubleshooting (there is a wealth of assistance information accessible).

Clover Station Duo WiFi

Two displays are included in the Clover Station Duo WiFi, one for consumers to use and one with a credit card reader embedded in it. 

The touchscreen is used for entry. In addition, there are add-ons, all linked to the Clover POS software, including a barcode scanner and cash drawer.

You may handle orders and inventory, as well as staff and clients, using the Clover Station Duo WiFi and the original software. A restaurant or retail establishment may be easily managed using the system’s capabilities. 

The default receipt type is a digital one, but you can get extras like a kitchen display system and a receipt printer separately. You may perform simple reports using Clover to assist you to decide what products and salespeople are most successful as well as the final day’s results. 

If we look at the graph compiled in 2018 for the Forum on Tax Administration, we will see that the number of installed cash registers is steadily increasing. 

This suggests that they are an indispensable element in business.


PCR-T280 Casio

The PCR-T280 Casio electronic cash register offers an excellent range of sales capabilities for around $100 if all you need is a primary cash register to process payments wherever you sell. 

Additionally, it is portable because of its 11-pound weight. This little Casio cash register, accessible on Amazon and through the majority of office and retail supply firms, has a reputation for delivering dependable performance for both small stores and temporary market vendors.

Its functions include adding products, calculating sales, adding taxes, processing and recording cash and check payments, printing receipts, keeping track of user logins, and printing daily sales totals. 

This cash register is a simple device. The Casio PCR-T280 is the portable, small cash register you need to accomplish this. 

Sam4s ER-180u

The Korean electronics company Sam4s split from Samsung in 2003. As a result of some venerable manufacturers giving up on the ECR market, Sam4s is swiftly overtaking the competition on a worldwide scale. 

It asserts that 15% of the global cash register market is supported by the goods it sells in 70 different nations. 

Users may rest assured that customer service and replacement components will be offered for a very long time.

Sam4s’ entry-level economic register is the ER-180u. To serve the tiniest stores, this little register is simplified. Since the 180u lacks any connections for an integrated card reader, it functions best for cash-only transactions. 

It is particularly ideal for small companies with a limited crew because there are just 10 supported cashier profiles. 


Lightspeed provides cloud-based solutions for the retail and hospitality industries if you’re having trouble picking the correct cash register for your small business. 

The latter option offers delivery and dine-in services with a top POS system.

You have a choice of an iPad or a desktop hardware kit, and both packages come with a printer for receipts, a cash drawer, and a scanner.

Due to its simple UI and simplified functionality, the restaurant POS system is renowned for its usability. The program is expandable as well, allowing it to expand along with your company. 

Along with the Lightspeed community and informative video lessons, Lightspeed’s exceptional support staff is also accessible 24/7 to provide a helping hand.


The POS system at Toast makes it simple to alter menus, keep tabs on tables, divide checks, add tips, and implement discounts. 

You may also manage several locations, handle online orders, and track staff sales.

The Toast, a tap-to-pay device, a router, and built-in software are all included in the starter kit. Hardware upgrades are possible, such as the inclusion of a cash drawer, a kitchen display screen, and an order printer.

Toast has a free plan that may be used with one or two terminals, but this registration bundle is only accessible with a $69 per month software package.


You should carefully examine your demands and spending limit when selecting a cash register for a small retail store. 

It’s possible to get away with employing a basic till or cash register if your firm is very tiny.

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